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    Atra reacted to Nightjar in How do You Feel Right Now? #12   
    Well, I got around 6hours sleep last night. Not awful, not great. It'll do.... More complications going on here.... I can't really go into it...Let me just say that when I thought things couldn't get any worse.... They did 🤨
    Still don't know what's happening with my move but I should know more next week.... After Monday. I'm ready for it to be over one way or another... If it doesn't work out, it's back to the drawing board. 
    I'm out walking again today. Someone advised me to walk every day for a week as my stress levels have been so high... It's the best thing I could do, so I'm sticking with it.... I don't think I would have got those six hours sleep without my walk yesterday 🤔
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    Atra reacted to APFSDS in How do You Feel Right Now? #12   
    Had a really bad anger episode. Lots of C-words and various creative combinations.
    Tired, can't sleep... hopeless.
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    Atra reacted to Handon Frypan in How do You Feel Right Now? #12   
    I'll have my first dose on the 16th (I have to wait because I'm disabled). Should be interesting. Thinking i'm hearing it's the second shot that does people in, but it may depend on the type.
    Anyhow, doing relatively OK. Kind of cold. Also needing to redry a wash. 
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    Atra reacted to watalife in How do You Feel Right Now? #12   
    Insane in the membrane
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    Atra reacted to JD4010 in Trouble sleeping   
    Yes, I have insomnia. I found these videos on YouTube where they feature steady sounds, like rain or wind...my favorite is the sound of crew quarters on a starship. Very soothing. Or the fire in a fireplace while blizzard winds roar outside. All of these help me fall asleep faster.
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    Atra reacted to watalife in What do you want to let go of?   
    Saggy pants, bad hair and dirt in the home
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    Atra reacted to Nightjar in What do you want to let go of?   
    Charity shops here have finally opened again. Yay! 
    Got lots to take.... Mop n bucket, frying pan, bag full of odds n ends, 4 purple pillows.... Quite a big haul I think 💜
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    Atra got a reaction from JD4010 in Trouble sleeping   
    Insomnia is another condition I inherited. Sleep hygiene, practices that signal to my body and brain when it's time to rest help a little. Lately, watching videos of repetitive movements like cleaning or restoration seem to work well. 
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    Atra got a reaction from Nightjar in What do you want to let go of?   
    It's been said that nobody has ever shamed themselves into being a better or even a more content person.
    Still, I try because what I have done became a pattern and neurons that fire together wire together (until a new pattern is woven).
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    Atra reacted to monicott17 in What do you want to let go of?   
    Health anxiety...rearing its ugly head at this time. Also, have so much stuff (purses, clothing items, etc..) I don’t use, some have never been used. Really need to do something with it. And I also need to stop buying more stuff I don’t particularly need or want. Just because it is on sale doesn’t mean I need to buy it!
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    Atra reacted to Nightjar in What do you want to let go of?   
    Waiting. I've been waiting to move for years now.... Still waiting 🤦‍♀️
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    Atra reacted to Soarsie18 in What do you want to let go of?   
    I wish I could let go of the self hatred I have. I blame myself for every terrible thing that has happened, and I don’t know how to stop doing that, I don’t want to live in this victim mentality bs. Also I’d like to let go of my dreams, almost every dream is either really violent or is about people that are no longer here, some of them are even about getting too fat and being stuck, I wish I could let go of that because I know it’s silly
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    Atra reacted to Blue Giant in Trouble sleeping   
    I have the same problem, it's 3am before you know it. I sometimes listen to music with headphones and that helps clear my head. 
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    Atra reacted to Dq333 in Trouble sleeping   
    Do you have trouble sleeping? Any idea how should I stop thinking to sleep😐 
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    Atra reacted to sober4life in A-Z: Famous People/Characters #4   
    Wisconsin Badgers
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    Atra reacted to Lady Mozzer in The Song Game #7   
    I Guess That`s Why They Call It The Blues ~ Elton John
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    Atra reacted to jkd_sd in Epictetus' 'Keep it or sell it Game', Part 2   
    Sell -- I don't need any help looking silly.
    A nice assortment of after-Easter, leftover candy?
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    Atra reacted to Moongypsy575 in 20 years!!!!   
    I def agree these forums are amazing, when I first got sick and fell into my depression and mood swings in my early twenties I was terrified and alone , I don’t think I could have gotten through it without this site. Well I’m here if anyone would like a new friend!!!!!❤️❤️
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    Atra reacted to sober4life in 20 years!!!!   
    I've probably been here for 20 years too.  I came here in 2001 after getting my first apartment.  I'm sure as soon as the internet got turned on I was here.  I was in a scary place on my own right after being homeless.  I've made lots of friends here that have saved my life.  This is a place that would make Kurt Cobain proud when he sang the song come as you are because this is the only place I've ever found in my life that says be yourself whoever you are.  We love you for you.  It's making me cry typing this.
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    Atra reacted to JD4010 in 20 years!!!!   
    This is a great place, for sure. I've met some fantastic folks here and have become close friends with them.  I'm also still alive and no longer drinking. 
    Congratulations on the anniversary!
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    Atra reacted to Moongypsy575 in 20 years!!!!   
    I hate depression so much, I’m trying so hard to eat right & do some exercise everyday, but getting older makes things a lot harder. I just realized today I’ve been coming on this website for about 20 years now.....this was so helpful for me when I was first diagnosed with my disorders, I’m almost 46 and have been a member since my mid twenties.....anyways I’m just trying to interact with people again because my anxiety & depression is getting to a unbearable point again. It’s a never ending struggle.
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    Atra reacted to mmoose in I'm going through a hard time   
    "Things" get better. Sure. Sometimes.
    Sometimes Cancer just goes away.  Sometimes, tomorrow is magical.  Sometimes, addictions are just 'overcome'.
    Things may not get better either.  Past traumas are still in the past even if we are moving on.  Alzheimer's does not just go away.
    I just do not want to underestimate the active state of us trying to make things better, make ourselves better. Maybe not the panacea of 'happy', but maybe less miserable (or at least less miserable to those around us)  I want everyone here to think of active ways to get better.  Sure, not easy.  If we had an idea of where to start, we'd have started already.  But "things get better" is so frickin' passive to me.  Blind hope that is empty hope.  (sorry for the rant.  And yes, sometimes even empty hope is better than nothing.  Maybe 'depression' is us not being blind anymore? How's that for some philosophy after a little rant?)
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    Atra reacted to Ljj71400 in I'm going through a hard time   
    Thank you for replying. I really needed these words. I am still trying to pull through. I needed the reassurance. Even though things are hard, I'm sure things will get better eventually.
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    Atra reacted to Ljj71400 in I'm going through a hard time   
    Thank you for replying. I do realize that a lot of people suffer from overthinking. Sometimes it feels like I'm the only one. I am definitely thinking about going to therapy after I graduate (hopefully, keeping my fingers crossed). I am trying to take life one day at a time.
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    Atra reacted to mmoose in I'm going through a hard time   
    Ah, the-soon-to-be-college-grad days.  That last year can be rough and make one question (or over think) life choices with the transition impending.  Not uncommon for someone to start posting around here.
    You have made some mistakes?  So... you're human? Everyone makes mistakes.  You can either try better next time, try to make up for it or torture yourself and never move on.  Of course, there are various magnitudes of mistakes.
    Fading friendships?  How much time (and positive energy) have you invested in others recently?
    But positive words? Sure to graduate is good.  If classes are hard now, it's only for a little while longer.  Sure, it's easy for me to say "last push thru to graduation" as I'm not in those classes.  But I did have a couple of classes back in my day.  Sometimes you rock it and have fun. Sometimes you suffer thru.  One thing about depression, it teaches one to suffer.  I have more tolerance for suffering than most of the people I know.  Being able to suffer thru is an underrated skill.
    Also positive: you a) recognize that you could use some help and b) are reaching out.  It can be hard to find the right support, especially the first hundred times we try.  It can be easy to give up (or want to give up) 
    In 30 years when you are seeing your kids off in life after a succesful career (how ever you would like to measure that) and you look back, what would your future self tell you about now?  About suffering thru but still accomplishing?  What might you learn now that can be a useful tool for many years to come?
    We don't know the future.  But we do have control for many things.
    And if none of this makes sense, be glad that you don't have to listen to strangers across the internets!
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