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  1. Chicken Tikka Masala and Saag Paneer.
  2. A man dressed in his Sunday church outfit secured my attention while I was walking. He asked if I knew where he could buy some scratcher lottery tickets. I didn't but I checked my phone to see if there might be any place nearby. We walked for a few blocks and had a pleasant chat before he had to get back into church. Before he left, he introduced himself to me and said with some sincerity he hoped we'd meet again at some point in life - or maybe the afterlife. I told him I felt the same. It may sound corny (well, alright it IS corny) that ordinary, pleasant moments like these between strangers bolster my hopes for humankind.
  3. 5.5 miles walking today. I still haven't fixed the painful callouses on my poor feet. I need to contact my GP to get a referral to podiatry and I'm anxious about doing that for reasons I can't even conjure.
  4. It's wonderful that you found this fair and that your family joined you there. Sounds like a fun day for everyone and you made it happen. Good job!
  5. גשר צר מאוד (A Very Narrow Bridge) - Deborah Jacobson All the world is a very narrow bridge; the important thing is not to be afraid
  6. I do it all the time, the context changes sometimes but it's always a form of roleplay. Teacher/mentor, best friend, love. Like @JessiesMomI'm processing and learning from myself. I get into trouble when I idealize this dialog, seeking to use it as a template for how I think my interactions with actual people ought to play out. Real people are not what I imagine them to be. My interpersonal relations improved when I stopped expecting me from other people.
  7. In healthy relationships, people give each other s p a c e. ❌ text 🗨️ wait an hour then text again ❌ get upset I won't share my daily schedule ❌ get upset I don't want you to join me in every activity ❌ ask if I'm jealous you went on a date ❌ ask if I was afraid that you might drama-bomb the support group We have a lot to discuss when I see her tomorrow, regarding bulldozing of boundaries and what it means to be a partner vs. a hostage. Attraction and desire will cloud the mind, I got to stay mindful. Within me there are emotions equally as strong to draw upon - anger, fear, disgust - if I'm about to turn into a lump of jelly squirming on a spoon, begging to be slurped.
  8. First time acting as facilitator/moderator of the mental health support group I attend, it went well. Got positive feedback. 18 people showed up which ain't bad for a Saturday afternoon. I'd been recruited for this role by other facilitators, trained and mentored, encouraged by group members and even had an experienced moderator at my side - and still, I was very distressed and nervous. My peers told me I have nothing to be anxious about, they were confident of my abilities. But as many of you know, I have an anxiety disorder so reason and sense don't enter into the frame. My anxiety was chewing on this all wretched week. The stigma-siblings of shame, guilt and embarrassment held court in my head every night. I'm so relieved the first time is behind me.
  9. Spent the day beading with a friend. I made a bracelet of green aventurine stones (a kind of quartz) with a brass filigree box charm and magnetic clasp. My friend made a double-strand seed bead necklace. I've seldom worn jewelry. I always felt awkward, possibly because a style didn't feel truly me but imagining and assembling my own is different somehow.
  10. Yes you got it! Even if you make just a single cut you would be joining two holes into one. Sorry for hurting your think-meats and I hope nobody spent the day cutting up all their nets in service of this. In every set of twins, one was an unplanned pregnancy.
  11. Slept, which I greatly needed. Then so much laundry to wash. Laundromats make me anxious for some reason so I listened to some podcasts while drinking a coconut water to improve the waiting. After I got home I started to get very anxious, worried then upset about a person in my life so I walked to a neighborhood shop for some tea and a slice of blueberry coffee cake. The counterpeson was singing a Michael Jackson song, that cheered me up a bit. But then she mentioned the documentary about him and that brought me down. The whole day, my mood was up and down like that.
  12. While hiking a trail in the woods, I observed how people I encountered seem nicer than in other environments. More eager to offer help, initiate and make conversation. At very least smile and greet me whilst passing by. Except if they're jogging or riding mountain bikes, then they sort of just zoom by. I wonder if it's the natural surroundings that foster that kindness and connection or if people who choose to spend time walking in the woods are just a little kinder than others?
  13. It's been said that if you cut a hole in a net, you end up with less holes. 🤔
  14. Hi and welcome @Sharlene I'm glad you found us! I'm sorry to hear you're struggling to find some relief from Bipolar symptoms and it sounds like you're a little isolated. A peer support community like DF can help you cope in a number of ways. It can be a place where you express how you're feeling inside and expect to be heard, to find understanding, compassionate and thoughtful replies from others - we're all living with some particular mental health condition. It's a place where people understand mental illness because we have lived experience with it. The community can provide a distraction when you need to get out of your head for a little while. And you will have a chance to connect with and help others who are struggling. Thanks for introducing yourself and feel free to share some more about your struggles and progress you make. You're thoughts are welcome if you want to join conversations in existing threads or start your own. I hope you find some relief from depression and anxiety symptoms, I'm also trying to manage those.
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