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  1. Yup. And the dialog is quotable, Chrisjen Avasarala delivers such amazing and hillarious profanities.
  2. Bridgerton, a costume drama set in 1800s England. Also, Lupin, a French-made gentleman-robber crime drama. I can recommend both.
  3. Hi @Ljj71400 I have many regrets and I wrestle with self-forgiveness. What seems to help me with my struggle, for the moment, is to work on forgiving others. As I become more able to forgive others who have done me wrong, disappointed me and hurt me, my deeply held arguments for why I'm unforgivable seem to weaken. If I'm so special that I don't deserve the same forgiveness I give to others, there's a reason. I think that reason, for me, is that I don't want to let go of something (or accept something) because I need it to justify my present, past and future pain.
  4. I am terrible at opening and closing screw-top bottles of pills and such. I crack up at my own ineptitude. And the result of my clumsiness is uncannily consistent: the bottle cap spins into the air, I flail at it but miss. The top lands on the floor, bounces and rolls on its side out of the room and straight underneath the nearest piece of furniture. I ain't lying I can reproduce this act in any environment with no preparation no matter what the weather is like. It used to anger me but now, it's hillarious.
  5. Spent Saturday facilitating a support group meeting and nearly 30 folks attended. That's barely manageable yet felt good to hold space for powerful, genuine freakin vulnerable sharing. No BS. Much crying. As we don't discuss politics during group time, I volunteered to facilitate a smaller meeting afterwards of folks triggered by the riot at the capitol so we could process feelings with safe people. As you might expect this was exhausting but I think we gotta hold on to each other during times when it seems as if there's nothing solid to lean on. I ain't volunteering no more for nothin for at least a couple of weeks just take care of me.
  6. My bestie suggested I give Lucifer a watch so I am. It's formulaic, predictable. But easy to follow while playing games on my phone.
  7. Pizza never fails. Ya'll may abandon me and I may spend my remaining days naked and crying while frantically drawing pictures of chickens on the walls in crayon? But I'll always have pizza 🖍
  8. Agreed, very scary and I'm reading a lot more news now than I think is healthy for me at this point. I'll share with you all a perspective that offers me some meager comfort/a wry smile: I wonder if I'm less mentally ill in comparison to all those who behave like they done lost their minds. Put another way, I'm effed up but at least I know that I am, and that almost makes me sane here in 2021. Incredible.
  9. 7cups offers emotional support by providing volunteers who will chat with you for no charge. These are called Listeners and they're trained to not give advice, never judge or try to fix any problems. When they adhere to the policies and training, Listeners show empathy, encourage dialog and assist the help-seeker to consider a variety of options and find their own solutions. But people can't help being people. There are Listeners who seem to forget their training and recommend what they think is helpful to someone whom they know little to nothing about, and that can be harmful or hurtful. 7cups is not for life-threatening crises and the volunteers cannot and do not provide psychotherapy or crisis counseling. Most of the volunteers sincerely want to help and do their best to ask questions which encourage self-reflection. But the kind of help they provide might feel disappointing to anybody who's expecting free therapy or professional advice.
  10. Outraged. Exhausted. Angry. Then exhausted again. Disappointed and...yeah, it repeats. If I imagine we can staple the first week of 2021 to the last week of 2020, then perhaps I can reclaim an optimistic view.
  11. Thanks buddy, I seem to be getting over it. Seems a little ironic, picking up an ordinary stomach bug during a pandemic.
  12. Goodbye - Ulrich Schnauss Melodic electronic ambient music helping me regulate tension.
  13. So sick. Stomach bug or food poisoning, I can never tell the difference on account of symptom overlap. No fever but I finally barfed--which is a rarity as I'm kinda emetophobic. Sharing my pain with you all.
  14. "I know everything about you. You are an open book written for very dumb children." - Lila, Umbrella Academy
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