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  1. I’m sorry you’ve had a crappy day. I totally understand the feeling of needing to express your hurt, anger, sadness w/o having the energy to explain why at that time. The energy just figuring out how to explain it all so it makes sense to others is exhausting all by itself. Sorry you felt free of an issue that threw another rope at you. It totally sucks when we are sandwiched with an issue that won’t let go. I hardly have the ability to deal with my day to day functioning. Anything extra is like a heavy brick on a already crumbling psyche. 😞 with warm regards- KS
  2. Hello! I’m a total newbie on this forum so bare with me. I’ve been using CBD oil for 6-8 months now. I buy it at my pharmacy and it has helped with my anxiety and physical effects of anxiety ie nausea, mood, inability to sleep. The drops taste horrid. And I’ve built a tolerance to the mg / doseage. Like anything else, it’s expensive as heck to buy and only works a short time. Also, I popped hot for THC in a drug test. It’s claimed that you don’t receive THC in these type oils.... oh but you do. Not sure of the specifics here as I’ve heard several explanations of why this happened in my experience. If one has employment with a zero tolerance policy, a pos Dt May cause lots of issues. A close friend of mine lost her job over testing positive for THC from the drops. Just food for thought (sadly) to keep in mind. Some pain clinics also will cut you loose with a pos THC test. Just an issue that hopefully will be resolved soon. I’m sure there are ways to see which “substance” caused the THC level. Soooo, with all this said... the “pot drops” are great if you can afford to buy them on the regular, you don’t build a tolerance easily and don’t have to worry about THC in your system. Whew, right? —warmest regards! KS 🙂
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