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  1. I'm not sure how to feel about my new job. No matter what section I'm in, I always get a text that something is wrong or I missed something. Anything else?
  2. I'd love to meet my favorite celebrities/music artists. The closest I've gotten to them was seeing them during their music events, but if I met them in person, I'd want to tell them thank you for being so awesome and I'd congratulate them on all their hard work and gettIng to where they are
  3. Had work a little bit later, so I managed to sleep in and just chill for some hours. Went to work and got off kinda late. Not bad for a Saturday :D
  4. I get the feeling. Trust me, I believe every word you're saying. Sometimes I don't ever want to leave the house and I'm quite guilty for going out to cafés. Hell, on cheat days I get a donut there as well. It's rare, but sometimes, even when it's not cheat day, I slip up At my old job, I went to Dunks every single day almost. Sometimes twice a day. I was at such a good weight and I gained 20+ pounds back from the stress drinking and eating. But hey, it's not impossible to lose that back, right?
  5. I saw that new Lion King movie. I don't know why a number of people don't like it- I actually enjoyed it! It was a beautiful movie. Definitely not as good or better than the original, but it was still a great film
  6. I've been doing quite well. Kind of disappointed because I've been trying really hard to lose weight this past summer, but I haven't seen any results unfortunately. Why is it so hard to lose weight? Definitely still trying to get to my goal though.
  7. Thank you. I completely agree with you too. Ever since I brought it up, I haven't spent a thought or two on it since. Still have not given into it-- the journey is going along well! I support you and your pathway. I also wish you the best on this journey :)
  8. I am sorry to hear this. What an awful way to lose a friend. I know the feeling- losing a close friendship is hard. It's like losing a piece of yourself or losing that source of happiness. This is not an easy situation and my heart goes out to you during this difficult time. I am sorry for your loss. She sounded wonderful- and hearing the situation with her SO irritates me to no point. I hope you achieve a friendship like that again. Sometimes, that's what we need. Keep yourself out there-- there's always more friendships to come around, so long as you look in the right place. Keep us posted. We're all here to support you. Feel free to drop a message to either me or any other forum members you're close to. I wish you the best
  9. Oh I agree-- that's one good way to put it. It's a tough thing to get out of, but we can definitely conquer it :)
  10. Thank you so much for that thorough explanation. It really does help me understand the overall image of this. And I greatly appreciate that :) And how kind of you to offer-- I'll certainly remember that. Thanks again, Sober. This thread has helped me more than you could imagine!
  11. Yes, what you said is true. I have never been able to fully put the situation into words myself, and it helps reading what you described it to be. @Epictetus @evalynn @sober4life I really appreciate the advice you all gave. I feel so much better just by reaching out to you all and reading your replies. I'm on a full day one right now so far. I'm eager to conquer it!
  12. I am so sorry to hear about what you have been going through. It sounds like a tough situation, and I know it's hard on you. Keep reaching out. Find positive outlets. Journaling might help you clear your mind as well. Get your thoughts down somewhere. It might help. As for your therapist, do you think he'll be more aware of things if you just admit to him that he's not helping? Perhaps he can switch to different solutions or techniques. That's what he's there for- just be honest. Please, hang in there. We're always here to help and listen. I wish you the best
  13. That makes a lot of sense. I appreciate the quick reply, Sober-- I'll plot some things down and think it through. Thank you so much :D
  14. It's been miserably hot these past few weeks. Just standing in the shade gets uncomfortable-- and we've been getting a crap ton of tornado warnings lately
  15. I wanted to ask for your guys' advice. Sometimes I struggle getting rid of bad habits or activities I do personally-- but I honestly want some help. What my bad habits are specifically, I will not share. Mainly because I can't bring myself to share them. But what has helped you guys overcome bad addictions or habits? What would you recommend to a friend who's in the same situation you used to be in? I'm kind of in a hole. And I'm trying to dig my way out. Wishing you all the best
  16. I really do love this. It makes sense too that happiness can take time and work. Hence why it'd all be paid off. Assistance can really make a difference in this. Thank you for sharing
  17. Yeah, I'm with you. The path is so common that it's visible it usually brings more problems than living single, yknow? No arguments or stressing, or having to deal with someone else's bs. So if you're old and still single, be proud of it actually-- is my advice. I mean, unless you do want a partner. I can relate to the whole relationship thing too. Even if I did care and actually did believe in love, I would really not be good dating material. I'm too distant and closed off for a partner. My trust issues are also pretty bad, so that would be in the mix If being single makes you happy, then stick with it. Don't let other folks tell you otherwise-- Im always open to chat about this subject if you need it. Though I hope things have been going well for you.
  18. Better. Can't help but notice my improvement since October last year. Sure, I'll have bad days here and there, but I'm feeling good actually! Looking into some more careers with cats for the future
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