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  1. I want June and July to be here. These last couple of weeks have dragged with work and I want the music events and hiking trips to arrive already
  2. Happy Mother's Day everyone! I hope you all have a good day today-- For those of you who are celebrating it this year with your mothers, I hope you both have a wonderful day! If you're not celebrating it, I wish you a grand day to yourself. Take the day off and spend it however you please. I hope you all take it easy today... I'm wishing y'all the best!
  3. Aw, thank you! Sober, I hope you have a relaxing day tomorrow. I remember reading a previous post of yours mentioning Mother's Day, and I worry for you a lot. So please take the day to yourself and rest. I know it'll be hard, but please take it easy tomorrow. Many hugs for you! I wish you the best!
  4. We're having some cute kitten events at the our shelter within the next few weeks, so that'll be fun! But with me fostering other animals and my current work schedule, I unfortunately can't adopt one XD
  5. I feel pretty lazy today. I've been in bed all day with nothing but electronics. I have to be up and ready soon. I'm honestly looking forward to picking up a new pet for my mother tomorrow- a cute little blue parakeet. She always wanted one
  6. I'm feeling alright- today was not so bad honestly. I'm tired but I need to get things arranged for our next shelter fundraiser next month. I guess it's time to stock up on the coffee tonight? XD
  7. I gifted one of my retiring coworkers with some bracelets I bought for them. The charm on it made it a thoughtful gift and they nearly cried- was the biggest highlight of my day
  8. You have nothing to worry about, Mark. You've done your part- if you don't feel strong enough or you're not ready to see her, then just wait till later. There's nothing wrong with that, considering what you've been through. Give yourself time. Like you said; her needs are already being met. She's not going anywhere
  9. It was cloudy and sunny throughout the day- warm with a nice breeze. I hear we're supposed to have 5 days of rain and snow in a row after tomorrow. I truly look forward to it though XD
  10. I was able to spend some time with my family today. Had a wonderful lunch with them
  11. I am so sorry you are suffering and feeling down. You've been through a lot. I will say that I am not at all religious or hold any following to any religion. Hell, even when I was, I don't think I noticed a big difference between now and then. I've seen some folks question him on the forums too. Though I know some prayers were answered as well from others. I used to question him too when I was religious, so I know where you're coming from Perhaps we have to learn the lessons or, like you say, work for it. Or maybe it's the devil's work. Though I know that feeling of always being in the wrong really sucks, and I'm sorry that's how you feel You are not a selfish person. Nobody is perfect. I know our mistakes can drag us down too. But don't let it pull you down too much. Sometimes lessons do help us learn- yes, they may push us down only for us to get back up, but we can grow stronger from that. It's a rough time right now in life, but it'll pay off in the end. Sometimes it takes a long time but you can't give in to this pain. Make sure you put time and value into yourself. I sure hope things lighten up for you. I'm sorry you're in a tight spot right now but I wish the best for you. Just don't be too hard on yourself because it'll only make things worse
  12. Hello @morrowal! Big warm welcome to our wonderful forum family I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing lonliness. You are definately not alone, because I and many others know what it's like to experience these things. I understand that feeling of being lonely. I'm happy you reached out to us- there's always someone to talk to here. Are there community events that take place in your area? Maybe some fundraising events at some of your local animal shelters? Keep an eye out- those would be some great opportunities to make new friends or to just get out and socialize a bit. That really is a shame to hear that majority of your family are moving away or moving on. I know it can really hurt. Have you tried reaching out to your children or other relatives on how you feel or that you would like to plan some time together? I'm sure they'd understand, or at least keep it in mind. Have you tried being honest with your sister? By telling her you would like to hang out with just her? I could tell you both were close, but it might make her see how left out you feel. I sure hope things lighten up for you. Again, welcome! I hope you have a wonderful experience here. Reach out and keep us posted- perhaps you'll make some online friends here too!
  13. Hello @Charlee! Warm welcome to the forums! I am happy to see that you have reached out to us for help- here we will provide as much help and support that we can give. I hope your experience here goes wonderfully I'm sorry to hear that you have been struggling. Depression and anxiety don't mix well, I can agree. Have you found different alternatives/activities aside from your bed and Netflix to help relieve stress/anxiety? I could suggest journaling to help get all your thoughts on paper. A few others would be active and creative hobbies- such as jogging, walking, drawing, or writing. Is it possible for you to carry a pocket produc for your anxiety? Such as a stress ball or fidget spinner? I can greatly relate to you. My depression has definitely lightened up since I've been here, but my anxiety can really act up badly at times. You're not alone on not being able to go to a therapist or medications, as I and many others can't do that too. But we got this, alright? Again, warm welcome Keep us posted, and I hope you feel at home here with our forum family! Wishing you the best!
  14. I am so sorry you experience this kind of thing. I can relate to you too, because it was also an issue for me a little while back. I really overwhelmed myself with work and plans for the events that were going to take place in the summer. Eventually, I kind of found a way to get over it. So even when I do work plans, I'll still allow myself to have that break. I know the feeling of being guilty because you are not being productive- but if you are already good in these fields and you have the majority, if not all, of your homework done then you deserve the weekend to yourself. That's what they are for, right? Don't pressure yourself too much. I'd say it wouldn't be a good break time if you were failing most of your classes and had numerous missing assignments with little to no responsibilities. But all in all, you need the break. Stress can really pile up in the long run. It's alright to have fun, just so long as it doesn't take away your own time to work. I hope this helps
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