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  1. The Polar Express. One of my most favorite Christmas movies. I watched it three times in a row XD
  2. Finally wrapping gifts. Work has bombarded my schedule, so I haven’t had the chance to do so. But I’ve been looking forward to it :D
  3. Sometimes holidays with my family are a drag, mainly because there’s always some form of dispute or someone has to be the grinch of it all. Though I plan to embrace what I can since it’s the first year I can afford a gift for everyone
  4. Finally had the day off today. Went out to breakfast with family :)
  5. God, I can’t stand kids. It’s fine if they’re with their parents or whatever, but sometimes the parents just won’t. Shut. Their. Child. Up.😒
  6. Best of luck on your surgery and recovery my friend. And thank you so much :)
  7. Music event tickets. A lot of the artists I want to see never come to my state. But when they do, they take the stress out of my life for a night I really wish I had more opportunities for raves
  8. Oh god, my neighbors are the same way. She’s upset we didn’t welcome them into the neighborhood. Came knocking at our door like a maniac about it despite the fact they moved into the neighborhood over A YEAR AGO She has problems, I swear
  9. I’ve grown such a soft spot for cows. If anything, sometimes seeing them reminds me of how bad I feel that I’m not vegetarian. But I plan to go sometime within these next couple of years— I feel bad for eating meat
  10. Overwhelmed with work. But I’m hoping to get a new job next year. This time, it’ll revolve around just cats <3 Hopefully I’m there for a while
  11. Change. I hope this new year brings me something new. 2019 was rough
  12. @sober4life, I’m still here to support you in whatever you need. I know the loss of your mother has been tough on you. Just remember there are people here for you, even in your darkest times. You will see her again, I promise.
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