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  1. I hate being ignored. Makes me feel like I was wasting someone’s time to begin with and makes me withdraw from the bond/conversation even more. If it’s not being talked over or pushed aside in a face to face group conversation, it’s especially worse over text when I know someone is actively avoiding me for whatever reason, and see them active in other places via media. Then again, that’s one of the many reasons why mostly people in general annoy me🙃
  2. I love my pets and music. I not only love, but miss attending music events. I love feeling alive on those nights.
  3. For once, it’s gloomy and rainy. The perfect kind of weather after such hot days these past few weeks
  4. Hello @crewneck! So glad to see you reaching out 🙂 Im so sorry to hear this. I know how it feels, seeing everyone move on or go up higher in their position while you remain below. While I’m doing much better now, some things that really helped was not being so hard on myself and putting my thoughts into other things and not keep them bottled in. Journaling has really helped with this, especially if you’re struggling with your thoughts and can’t seem to vent to someone or take them out on something. Crafts really help keeping my mind busy. New hobbies and picking up on new skills might help keep those thoughts at bay. As for future, I at least have a long term plan sorted out. Something I want to do, and I’ll reach there when I reach there. Remember you are still young and you have time left to find your career path or what you want to do. Maybe start out with what you enjoy doing. Do you like crafts? Working with animals? Do you like dogs? Or do you have a history of assisting the elderly? Id say start with that and see what appears most appealing/fitting to you, and something you’d still see yourself enjoying or at least not mind doing 5-10 years from now. I really hope this helps. Please never hesitate to reach out or update us here in the forums 🙂
  5. The protestors that want freedom and to lift up quarantine. People who deny this pandemic and claim it as a hoax. I get people don’t have jobs and it’s tough being at home all the time, but if you want this gone, then don’t go out of your way with groups of people and potentially spread it to your friends and family in the process. It’s truly not worth it.
  6. Been relying a lot on workout videos this year, even before quarantine. I seem to be eating much better, which is a start. Ten pounds down so far, but still quite a bit left to go
  7. Why do bees have sticky hair? They use honey combs😅
  8. The Polar Express. One of my most favorite Christmas movies. I watched it three times in a row XD
  9. Finally wrapping gifts. Work has bombarded my schedule, so I haven’t had the chance to do so. But I’ve been looking forward to it :D
  10. Sometimes holidays with my family are a drag, mainly because there’s always some form of dispute or someone has to be the grinch of it all. Though I plan to embrace what I can since it’s the first year I can afford a gift for everyone
  11. God, I can’t stand kids. It’s fine if they’re with their parents or whatever, but sometimes the parents just won’t. Shut. Their. Child. Up.😒
  12. Best of luck on your surgery and recovery my friend. And thank you so much :)
  13. Music event tickets. A lot of the artists I want to see never come to my state. But when they do, they take the stress out of my life for a night I really wish I had more opportunities for raves
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