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  1. @sober4life, I’m still here to support you in whatever you need. I know the loss of your mother has been tough on you. Just remember there are people here for you, even in your darkest times. You will see her again, I promise.
  2. I ordered a crap ton of stuff these past couple of weeks— quite a few being gifts for family. Really looking forward to their arrival
  3. I’m eating tamales for the first time— they don’t taste too bad
  4. How broke I’m going to be these next couple of months. With Black Friday and Christmas near each other, I’m not sure how much I’ll have left in my account
  5. Tired. Today is my first day off in over two weeks. Nothing important occurred yesterday, other than the dispute between my family on how we’re doing Christmas this year (which is never settled without some issue). Had to go into work and didn’t get off till midnight. Pretty relieved to be able to sleep in finally
  6. Overrated Disney movies like Frozen and Toy Story that have meaningless sequels Any romance movies/shows. I find them pretty dumb majority of the time Movies based on true, tragic events. Like ‘The Zookeeper’s Wife’ for example. It wasn’t a bad movie at all. I just hated it because of how severely depressing it was to watch and know those events ACTUALLY happened. A strong impact, though I don’t think I’d bring myself to watch it again
  7. Enjoying the 14 inches of snow outside :D Impressively, the 4-wheeler managed to get stuck yesterday
  8. There’s this kitten that stumbled upon my backyard the other night. Fed her, gave her water, and a towel. It was such a pleasure to see that she had stopped by again today It gives me something to look forward to; to see if she’ll stop by again when I get home
  9. MaepleSyrup

    Such a blur

    It’s honestly amazing how fast this year has passed. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that I’ve been here for over a year. A lot has changed and yet the same things still weigh me down here and there. Progress is still meant to made, but even then I struggle to accomplish that sometimes. I’ve been feeling so lonely lately. Not like the need to be in a relationship with someone, but a close friend to spend time with outside of here. A friend that I could buy gifts for and go on shopping sprees with. To stay up all night with and have fun. A mutual bond with someone. I don’t know. I guess the main reason why I came here was because I was alone. Or lonely, rather. The feeling is still there when I leave this community but I’ve been doing a lot better since my first post. I guess I finally came to a realization that I want to mean something to someone. Not just by a daughter or a sister, but rather a good friend. A best friend even. In the real world, I want to matter to at least one person. Just a shame it’s so hard to connect with people.
  10. People. I want to let go of people. I want to let go of my doubts, anxieties, stress, and worries. Maybe. Just maybe that can happen soon
  11. Are you moving someplace new? Or starting anew in general? I truly do wish you nothing but the best :)
  12. Yknow, that’s what I hate too. You’re lonely but you can’t just reach out and expect someone to ‘get you.’ Opening up is so tough. Thankfully, I’ve been doing a lot better in terms of my depression. But man, finding a person outside of here to connect to is almost impossible at this rate
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