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  1. Hi everyone! How is it going? I'm feeling very down today. I coul not leave it and looked again to much at social media. My CO is very activ on social media and I can't resist for to long. But I know it is not good for me when I know what he is doing right now. It pulls me down. Also he talks more often about his wife. It is not good for me when I see them together. I hate it. I always think: if only I had been in the right place at the right time. I have that strong feeling inside of me that he would be mine then. I'm crazy, am I? @BlueStarr Yeah, I can totally understand you. I know to many about his personal life and it drives me crazy sometimes. I can't sleep sometimes about the fact that she lives with him since all these years!! But most of time I replace the fact that he is married. Otherwise I would not stand it. I wished he would not show so much in public.
  2. @BlueStarr Thank you so much for your reply! I truly appreciate it! I read a lot in the old closed CO Thread and it comforts me to know that I'm not alone with this problem. I wonder what has become of all the others who wrote in the closed Thread. My feelings vary very much from time to time. I love my CO really much but there is this hopeless feeling inside me to know that I will never be with him. It's a terrible feeling but I can't stop at the moment. I can't give my CO up because he means a lot to me. Even if I don't look at him anymore he is still in my thoughts and my heart 😕. It's interesting that you also feel a strong personal connection to your CO.
  3. Hello. In the last months I read from time to time the old Celebrity Obsession thread here in this forum and I was glad that I'm not alone with my problem. Now I decided to write here my story. So it happened to me also. I do not want to say who it is. I hope for understanding. All I can say is It hit me like a bomb. His face is what captivates me. Since then I'm always thinking of him and there is this strong feeling of attraction. I have already saved a few photos and videos of him on my laptop. I can not stop looking at him. I don't want to call it Celebrity Obsession in my case because I'm not a fan or so. I'm not thrilled with everything he does in his life. I'm critical with things he does. I watch his fans (and he has many fans and girls drool over him) who have pink red glasses on and are excited about everything he does. I'm not. I see him differently. His eyes which are not happy. It sounds crazy but I have a strong feeling of connection with him. Since he came in my life weird things happenend a few times. For example I told something and he postetd two days later in his social media in which he mentioned what I have told. I do not really believe in anything like that, but these things that happen make me feel insecure and I often think I'm crazy now. I also dreamed about him a few times and everytime I wake up I feel so much pain because the dream left me. He is very active in social media and I must avoid it. Worst of all this is the worry I'm having about him. It almost makes me crazy sometimes because I feel helpless. How can I worry about a person who doesn't know that I'm exist so much? I have never felt such a thing for a stranger. But the funny thing that I have that feeling he does not seem strange to me. That sounds crazy, right?
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