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  1. I totally get that! I've been yelled at for talking to patients too long. I see the patients first to get updates and history etc. And some patients you have something in common with or you bond or even become friends! But since doctors are pressured to see more and more patients and spend less time with them, I have to be out of the room before Dr is ready to come in. And it's hard sometimes to cut a conversation short or have to rush out when they really need someone to listen. Makes me appear rude and uncaring.
  2. That's wonderful you were able to take that step! Congratulations! That would be a wonderful job for you, wouldn't it? Income, stay at home, being productive and doing what you were trained to do. Good luck! As an old friend used to say, "crossing fingers, toes and nose hairs" for ya.
  3. That really sucks! I still find it hard to believe that in this day and age there is such a thing a racism and judging people for their sexuality. People can be so cruel. And for no reason. In my opinion, I think that most people have such a problem with LGBT people is because they picture what they do in bed. I truly believe that. But they certainly don't picture their parents or siblings or best friends in bed! When I was in the Army in the 80's, many people thought I was lesbian. And back then I knew next to nothing about it, was raised strict Catholic and should have shuddered in my combat boots! Even my assigned roommate was lesbian (and I do wish she would have put a sign on the door when she had her girlfriend over before I came back to the room since I had to walk by her bed to get to mine! LOL). But that never bothered me. Being a female in a combat battalion, I met lots of gay people and they were just PEOPLE! Even currently my niece is gay and lives with her girlfriend, both of whom I love. I live in Florida where the Pulse gay nightclub shooting was a year or two ago. So Ive worn a gay pride bracelet since then including at my job in a doctor's office. And I just recently found out that some of the patients just assume I'm gay. Which to ME is kinda funny, but I'm not being judged. Even my boss asked me once, in a very kindly way, if I had "switched sides"! LOL. I've just given up on men is all. Have had no luck and no longer trust my judgement, so I live alone with my dogs. But, ANYHOO! Its just so wrong that people are not only still so judgmental but mean and rude about it besides. I wish I had answers for you bellerose. I really do. It just breaks my heart that there are people in your situation. Try to stay strong!
  4. Is medical MJ legal in your state yet? It would probably help you so much. The MJ dispensaries can help you with different strains, differing amounts of THC for whichever problems you need to address. From what I understand, they usually make a compound of THC:CBD, again depending on your needs. And there are many formulations from edibles to vapes, etc. At least that is how it is here in FL. But the bad thing is it is cheaper to get it through friends because obviously, whether you have insurance or not, it won't pay for MedMJ. Everything is cash including the evaluation from the MJ MD. Which I think really sucks. Ahhh... we can dream...
  5. If I may ask, what is it about yourself that you need to hide? Obviously its not my business and if you aren't comfortable sharing, that's cool. If you feel like giving up because of boredom and hopelessness, what have you done in the past or want to do that isn't boring?
  6. Did you give your folks a timeline when you moved in? (or have you ever lived elsewhere?). If you did have a timeframe, have you exceeded it? I'm not being rude by any means, I swear, but I have to wonder about your parents. Since you are feeling so encroached upon in your parents house, I wonder how they are feeling and what they are thinking by having three extra people living in THEIR house! I wouldn't doubt if they wouldn't appreciate having their own house back to themselves. (Obviously I don't know your entire situation, I'm just thinking of this from my point of view if I was your folks. And yes, I'm selfish and really do not enjoy sharing my living space.).
  7. So sorry I have no advice and that you've received no responses. But after having been through TWO ( I totally get what you mean about picking the same kind of guy!) marriages with men who were irresponsible, alcoholics, drug addicts and either mentally or physically abusive. I have sworn off men. I'm too old (56) to go through that again. Both of them took so much money from me, ruined my credit score and left me alone. I totally do not trust my judgement. I'm better off alone. šŸŽµ "I don't know why you're messed up. I don't know why you're whole life is a chore. Just do me a favor. And check your baggage at the door!" šŸŽ¶
  8. I agree. I rarely need it now, but I used to take BuSpar for panic attacks. I still keep a bottle at work and one at home, but can't remember the last time I took one. But what a life saver! I can't/won't take benzos. They scare me. I take Valerian (and Robaxin and Neurontin) for sleep which certainly help. Thankfullly I need nothing for anxiety during the day. Even though I am an assistant in the medical field for 30 years, I must admit it all sucks. This is not why I've wanted to become a nurse all my life, working in a hospital kitchen while I was in high school to working in a nursing home right out of high school to joining the military for nursing school. I wanted to HELP PEOPLE. From doctors that don't care, to being labeled a "druggy" or crazy or a PITA, to dealing/fighting with pharmacies, having insurance deny you things that you really NEED, its just a business. Its no longer a calling or wanting to help people! Whew! Went on a rant there. Sorry about that. But try your hardest to get a doctor to listen and help. And keep trying!
  9. OH for sure. And I have thought about it. I work as a neurologist assistant/transcriptionist for the same Doc for the past 30 years. Im 56 now. He will probably be in practice for quite a few years as his son is in medical school now, a resident at Mayo clinic. Even if I did go back to school to be a nurse, my duties and responsibilities (and PAY!) wouldn't change and I am not gonna leave him now after all these years just to start somewhere new. I have chronic pain (and depression or I wouldn't be here), so I cant see starting a whole new job after my boss retires. I'll never be able to afford to retire anyway, so I'll be one of those people who drop dead on the job most likely. I appreciate your response though, thank you.
  10. Was thinking of you today while I was at work. I hope you feel a little bit better at least and had a good day! šŸ·
  11. Thats what I did. I wanted to be a nurse from the time I was 3 years old. Then in high school I brought home student loan and scholarship forms but my folks just said, as always, "oh, you'll figure it out". So I joined the army as a medic. Thought I was gonna go to nursing school but my recruiter screwed me and I pretty much ended up driving a 1/4 ton pick up truck and "camping" in the swamps of GA for three years. Oh, well. Something on my resume.
  12. I get it. I didn't either. Not only did I not fit in, but I knew anything I wanted to join cost money and I knew my parents would say we couldn't afford it, so why even bother to ask? I wish I could give you a big snuggly hug! Truly wish I could help. I can sympathize but I can't change things for you. But I would if I could.
  13. Wish I had more to share, but know that we are all with you tonite. Costochondritis sucks! Hard to even take a deep breath. Ooops, that was initially bad advice from me, huh? Do you have Aleve or Motrin? That helps with the inflammation somewhat. And also, use either a heating pad or an ice pack for 20 mins off and on. Preferably cold, but if heat feels better then use that. Never had costo but I have had all of my right ribs fractured and that lung punctured and breathing sucked. And forget about coughing, sneezing or laughing! You feel like you will never breathe again. It does take awhile though unfortunately. Happy, sleepy, relaxing, peaceful thoughts coming your way.
  14. Have you ever tried Valerian root? its over the counter where any store sells vitamins and supplements. It is to be taken for sleep. For me at least it has been very effective for decades. And I haven't needed to add more and more and more. It can also help with anxiety/panic, but be sure to stay home and don't drive at least until you know how it affects you. I used to have horrible panic attacks going through my first divorce, that was the only time I took it during the day. But my anxiety was so bad it didn't even make me tired, just calmed me. I cant take any kind of benzos so Ive always used OTC stuff and herbs, etc. There is a Sleepy Time Tea, I think its called Sleepy Time Plus, or Extra or something. Regular Sleepy Time is chamomile IIRC, but the Plus or Extra has Valerian in it as well. Not sure if you are a warm milk fan, but I used to make Sleepy Time Tea with milk and honey. Tasted good and really helped. Melatonin is good for sleep. I personally didn't like it but can't remember why, so I stick with Valerian. Its always helped with sleep. Not sure if Kava Kava or triptophan is still available OTC. Last I heard years ago, one or both were taken off the market, but I've never tried either so I don't know. They are supposed to be helpful for sleep as well. Just keep trying different things till you find something that helps. Best of luck. It sucks to be anxious during the day and then can't sleep at night. Thankfully I have a hot tub out on my back porch, which helps as well. But a warm bath with some soothing scents and calming music can help just as well. Sleep tight and sweet dreams~
  15. SLOOOW deep breaths. think happy thoughts. Light a candle and/or incense. Put on some relaxing music. Anyone available to give you a massage? Or have a soak in the tub? I wish you well. Its been years since I've had anxiety/panic but I remember it well.
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