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  1. Alan.. I am so sorry you are dealing with this! I know the feeling!! I have been in Cymbalta for seven years. Went to pick up my refill in July for 90 days. Opened the bottle and told my husband it smelled funny. Long story -short. Severe headaches, constant terrible, horrible, rotting cigar smell, five er visits, seven different doctors.many shots of toridol, and Migraine cocktail. three sets of steroid /lidocaine injections in the back/bottom of my skull, one MRI, ONE Catscan. Finally convinced reumatologist to get new rx. Before going to Neurologist. I had to lower the dose to 60 instead of 90. Change to a different pharmacy (different manufacture) with pharmacy coupon paid 100.00 for one month. I opened the bottle, it smelled NORMAL! The headaches and terrible rotting cigar smell gradually disappeared!!! I seriously think there was mold in the prescription. I am allergic to mold so I’m very sensitive to it and can smell it when most people can’t. When I read a story like yours, I am so convinced that you are dealing with the same thing! Make a change. Different manufacture, pharmacy. You don’t have to live with it! please let me know how it goes!
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