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  1. My problem seems to have resolved itself, at least for now. I’ve been quite regular for the past couple of weeks. I’m not sure why, since I’m not doing anything different, but at least it’s one less thing to worry about.
  2. Practiced piano. Went grocery shopping. More piano practice. Took a short nap. Reheated some bean soup for dinner. Trying to decide whether to find something to watch on TV or listen to music.
  3. I haven’t eaten Triscuits in a long time. Will add them to my grocery list.
  4. Went to the post office to mail my best childhood friend a birthday gift. Ate brunch with my husband at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. Filled out paperwork for an upcoming trip to New York. Practiced piano. Tried to take a nap, but never really quite fell asleep. Ate an early dinner with my husband at one of our favorite steakhouses. Foodwise, it’s been a good day. I’m trying to get over a cold and I think I’m finally making some progress. At least the nose blowing and sneezing frequency is decreasing.
  5. Chopin, I just stopped taking it. . I didn't wait for a doctor's 'permission', it's my life. 

    The research I did online was enough.  I thought maybe I could find some other drug that would address the constipation, but then maybe that will have other side effects.  I guess the lesson I learned is I can't depend on a drug to change my perceptions of reality or how I think or behave.  I just have to do it myself.

    - John


    1. Floor2017



    2. Floor2017


      The warmth of the water cause your bowl to contract and the bowl movement come

      out.  I actually had a patient to have a bowl movement in my hand from a really warm towel. 

  6. Yes. To be honest, I wasn’t actually “watching” it. My husband was watching it, and it was basically background noise to me. I did look up occasionally if it sounded like something interesting was happening.
  7. Drat. I have been taking Wellbutrin 150 XL since October and it’s been great for my depression. But the constipation has gotten so bad I am nearly ready to go back to my doctor and tell him I want to get off of it. This is the only AD I’ve ever taken. I think my depression was situational and the situation that caused it has pretty much resolved (recovery from bad accident) so I feel confident, or at least hopeful, that the depression won’t return if I quit taking Wellbutrin. I’m having a routine colonoscopy on Friday, so I will be “cleaning out” on Thursday. If I have any issues with that, or if the constipation returns after my colonoscopy, I will definitely set an appointment with my doctor about it. I’ve gotten to the point where I am taking Miralax once or twice a day, drinking lots of water, etc, but nothing helps. I’m not even feeling the urge to “go” anymore. God only knows what’s lurking down there—LOL. I’m sorry others are having this problem, but I’m relieved to see that I am not alone. ChopinLover
  8. Hi roonie, I just started taking Wellbutrin XL 150 in early October. It took me around three weeks to start adjusting to it, and about four weeks to start feeling really good. I remember going out to a movie with friends during the second week and feeling so out-of-it, I just wanted to get up and go home. But when I finally started feeling good, I knew Wellbutrin was going to work for me. So I would definitely give it a little more time before throwing in the towel. Good luck and let us know how it goes! ChopinLover
  9. I am also on Wellbutrin XL 150 alone, since Oct. 2. I feel great and don’t anticipate increasing the dose. ChopinLover
  10. This has not been a very good year for me, with my awful accident in March and spending so much time and energy trying to get better physically, only to be sidelined again by depression. But I am very thankful for the friends who saw me through this hellish time and are still with me. And I am especially thankful that I am finishing the year strong and happy. I know I am lucky that everything didn’t turn out much, much worse for me. ChopinLover
  11. Hi Brian! I’ve also been taking generic Wellbutrin XL 150, since October 2. This is my first experience taking antidepressants, so I don’t have the depth and breadth of experience that some others might have. However, I can tell you what my experience has been. For the first week, I felt a little strange and spaced-out, especially for the first 5 or 6 hours after my dose. Later in the afternoon I felt a little better, but still kind of out of it. By the second week, the spaced-out feeling subsided, but I still didn’t feel great. I could tell I was a little more energetic than before, in the sense that I would get up off the couch and actually do household chores, but other than that, I didn’t feel too good. I remember that on approximately day 12, I went to a movie with girlfriends, but fidgeted and looked at my watch the whole time, wanting to leave and go back home. By the end of the third week, I started seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. For the first time since my depression set in, I actually started believing I was going to get better. By the time I had been taking it for 4 weeks, I was feeling pretty much like my old self again (hallelujah!). Now that it has been a little over two months, I am doing everything I was doing before and truly enjoying my life. It should be noted that I am retired, so I had the luxury of not being obligated to go to work or get out and do things I didn’t want to do (which was pretty much everything) while I was getting accustomed to the medication. I realize I was pretty lucky to start feeling good so early in the process. However, I was prepared to hang in there a few more weeks, so long as I didn’t feel absolutely miserable. Regarding side effects, I haven’t experienced the hot/cold thing. I was a little constipated early on, and still have to be careful to drink enough water. Also, my insomnia seems a little worse, but I’ve always been prone to spells of insomnia, so I’m not certain that it’s related to the Wellbutrin. I wish you luck and hope you are soon as happy as I am with this great medication. Let us know how it goes! ChopinLover
  12. Wrapped some Christmas presents and worked on a knitting project that will be a Christmas present when it is finished.
  13. Hello, Thistle! You will find a lot of support here. I love your name. ChopinLover
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