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  1. Rock, in the 1950s by Bill Haley and Elvis Presley led by the names, led to the emergence of an entertainment-oriented approach is a kind of music. In addition, as a result of the economic, social and political developments in the 1960s and the effects of these developments on the cultural field, Rock has become the main music genre to help the masses to express their problems. In this sense, especially in the 1960s and 1970s, Rock music is regarded as a period in which political values and social rights are emphasized. A similar situation also applies to Turkey. Indeed original Anatolia emerged as a growing trend in the second half of the 1960s in Turkey Pop Rock line, the world has emerged as a kind of analogy to the approach adopted mediating raised with examples of social problems in general. In the 1980s, in parallel with the transformation of economic policies, the music of Rock changed and the political approach of the past period was replaced by individualistic tendencies. In this sense, the 1980s were the beginning of a new era in which rock music was isolated and disentangled from its essence. The impact of developments in the field of music during this period in Turkey after September 12, 1980 coup and was felt strongly than many other countries due to the incoming print layout. Despite these adversities experienced in dealing names in rock music world and also in Turkey after the 1980s have continued to works that reflect issues related to social rights. When Turkey made a special study in the 1980s, 1990s and seems to be different with the original line period of the 2000s in terms of social rights.
  2. I have the sadness of an orchestra who lost his chief.
  3. Unlike, one who doesn't have a friend is not a nerdy person. Although I can talk to people around me sometimes I can be in this situation because I believe that there is a serious problem of trust in myself. I can't be easy to talk to anyone while I can be incredibly friendly with everyone. This is all about the structure of human. And sometimes it doesn't make sense to talk to anyone about some things, and it doesn't have to tell everything to everyone, it's human. Friends, best friend, family, dear ones I think this is up somewhere. Human should think by themselves, should stay on their own. But in the meantime there is no point to exaggerate.
  4. Being happy is a common occurrence in people with life goals. Anyone who enters into an effort to become happier and happy is always an addict. How addicts of substance addiction in the absence of substance if the crisis of happiness addiction also shows the same symptoms in case of lack of happiness. capitalism has been suggesting that we all have to be happy for many years. The people like a drug dealer to the network is getting busy. Being happy is not a necessity. We don't always have to be happy. feelings of tranquility, calmness are also present in this world.
  5. This is not a cry for help, it is the sudden death of the person who takes the eye to the eye does not hear anyone's soul. Although the statistics come out very slutty, I have a data that I think is quite appropriate; the majority of women who attempted suicide, 75-80%. men with a rate of 80% as a result of suicide. This is not a race, of course. However, as everyone will see, because the market is in a state of disgrace, or because the market of ta looking like this men is popular, women are worried about attracting attention here, like the exposure race in Instagram. The man who cannot see the big difference between a rebellious tweet and a forensic report cannot commit suicide. Without laga luga, the men who questioned life die by suffering, which has already happened. If sartre did not commit suicide, he is in an effort to share his feelings. Instead of saying 'I'm sick of this life from my life, I'm sick of my life,' he wrote that he called us anger. As we read, we are even more curious. As we see that the horizon is still expanding at the point where we know everything, we are hugging the future tighter. how else can we explain why a human being who has realized that life is so pointless and divine justice is an imbecile idea to walk away from it?
  6. I'm a 19-year-old person. The education system in Turkey is very bad. I studied at a vocational school. There are all kinds of people in vocational high schools in Turkey. psychopaths, pervert, dealer, etc. You have no idea what kind of a vocational high school is, what kind of education can be given in a place where students work from 8 to 5 every day? The vocational high schools are taught between 12 hours per day. any teenager between 14-18 years old doesn't want to listen or listen to a 40-year-old uncle who tells a lethargy of database programming. How can a person who is able to follow the course with close concentration in 20 minutes of a 80-minute lesson, but how can he / she take a 12-hour course load every week? The families of the students do not have such problems because they do not have any problems like being an extremely uneducated and educated individual. Even if a little part of the students' engineering 'or' "heey" '', the majority of students in frustration, ''we don't have a future' 'accompanied by the sentence continues to the simit-ayran duo. All this bad environment and poor quality training conditions grow in anger and an ignorant youth. This is the real prison. I didn't want to write a cliché, but I can't stand it; The world's best education system is selected in Finland 4 courses in Germany 5 courses in Germany. For them 12 lessons per day is the purpose of our students to go out and not be a bum, an unsuccessful student. People do not have the right to improve themselves. That's why there are many psychological problems in the country. I'm not even talking about teachers who say we stand by and memorize notes.
  7. I saw a man in the cemetery, I thought he was praying first, and then I realized what he was saying. "you've been down before, you've been out of the House. I couldn't bring you what I did. then I said, "no more than three days of sin, no stubbornness."you didn't come home . it's been four days, MA'am."he was telling me in a bleak voice, looking at the tombstone as if he was standing in front of someone. most of them were more meaningful than poetry, most of them are more realistic than poetry. I thought about it until I got home, love crying, love crying, love dying, there were numbers with small roles in life. we're nothing.
  8. Life began in the molecular dimensions, filled the infinite oceans first. then he spread out to the nearest land by spreading out of the oceans. It wasn't unfamiliar with the earth; It did not stop and spread the whole land. The sky was beginning where the land ended. The first flying creatures had learned to glide through the air leaving them high and then fly. life could now travel in the direction it wanted on the sky. It didn't need a random swing of the wind like pollen. But it was not enough. It had to go beyond the sky. Life knew that it needed more than his muscle power. Itneeded a living thing to know and unravel the secrets of the whole planet and even the universe. And in the affairs of african man, for the first time, he stood on two feet among the tall grass and looked up at the stars, running for this task. Since human life has been planted for the first time in order to move beyond the stars and stars, so much time has never been for the universe. he had managed to look beyond the clouds and even closer to the stars. not enough. the stars and their rotating planets, and then the space, which is called the space, needs to be filled with life. Is it perhaps the purpose of man to spread life and fill life into the universe as the first living creature of tiny tiny molecules of life that fill the ocean that looks like an infinite magnitude billions of years ago? Who knows maybe our common ancestors can reach the shores of the ocean and come to the shores of space. We are sure that we have an alternative plan / plan of life. That's exactly what we're trying to do conscious or unconscious. disseminate life into the universe.
  9. The human brain is actually the product of a mechanism that works quite simply. the things that lead us to death; a sharpened edge of the knife is not a simple physical deep notch, which is the number of millimeters of a firearm or a thorn in our vein. The faces that are always hanged, every word avoided from being spoken, the inability to understand each other in any way and the extreme flow of modern life and the exhaustive exhaustion of everyone, all lead us to a slow but painful suicide. We are constantly buried in everyday life and we talk about empty things and we can't even realize we're dragging each other to the brink of suicide. Life itself is absurd and absurd when one considers it, while everyone drags one into this vortex. This phenomenon, which is called the instinct for life and manipulates everything in its own direction, becomes normalized in an instant. many individuals who cannot tolerate nonsense called normality, choose suicide. You're ******* me, you or I, when you don't say hello in the day, make a face, ignore it or ignore it. In fact, this so-called daily life in the case so bad that we do not even have a point to smell. each of us is ******* someone, in fact, we will continue to **** someone until we realize that there is no need for a knife. Suicide is a silent rebellion against the problems created by society. people, every day with a hope that someone's suicide causes someone's suicide. Remember the character of the constant minded mirko czentovic created by zweig, and his suicide, is it surprising or is it still?
  10. I'm one of the most unnecessary person in the world. I've been in this mood since elementary school. I've always been asocial and this has finished my life. I never went to outside except school, never studied. I can't get into the community. I have a reading comprehension problem yes I do not understand, do not understand. I think mental retardation or see a sentence I read it I can not make an inference about the sentence I read directly away from my mind. I'm not a smart person I flunked in high school (I started to think that I had mental retardation after this class thing) Now i finished high school but I know that I can't win the university because I'm an idiot, idiot. I can not bring. I don't even go into the girl thing anyway. I swear to God, There are no more unnecessary people in the world than me. Sooner or later I'll have finished high school in the conditions of Turkey known my disposal this life is not easy at all but when I think about of the minimum wage and that it puts the problem of lack of money. This makes me sick. I could have solved these problems immediately if I was rich. The world does not like the poor people, I believe that if I gather the courage before the military, I will commit suicide. I know that suicide is not an easy thing, but society doesn't give me another cure. I hate death, from my horrible life. It is a miracle that I will get better after that. I wish I hadn't been born. I wish i wasn't born, rather than spending 70 years as a nerdy loser.
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