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  1. I've been an asocial since I was little kid. I was always excluded from friendship in primary and secondary school. I tie this to my poverty and my look. In high school, this situation started to show itself more. Since I'm an ugly loser, I can't talk with the girls, I'm talking about making an inverted sentence, I don't understand what I'm reading. At first I thought I was dyslexic, but I don't know if my condition is not exactly dyslexic. I hate being poor. Nothing I've wanted happened, not happening. If I come to the nosociety, most people think that asociality is a choice, but that's not true. Asocial people are divided into two; one of them is an asocial one, and the other is a birthplace. If the people in the first group make an effort, they can socialize again, but it is not possible to say the same for the second group. Asociality is definitely not a choice, it is born and cannot be recovered. Let us talk to anyone who claims otherwise. I can't see a real side of it. I've heard that nerdy people are more prone to suicide. Nonsense is not a choice but a disease. A disease that leads people to solitude, sometimes filled with grudge. It's a disease that imposes you a mask. I don't even know why I wrote these, and I'm being bullshit. I've never been satisfied with my situation. I'm thinking of suicide. Thank you for reading.
  2. "Life is not boring, you are poor." a friend of mine said. I hope thats enough.
  3. Because mankind is most despicable race in the world. I'm tired of living. I don't care about anyone, including my family. This restlessness must give its fruit.
  4. CEZA - Neyim Var ki feat. Sagopa K The highest level that Turkish rap can reach.
  5. at least you can do drugs. I´d probably ended up in jail
  6. Can you explain me how is this not my parents' fault? Stop coping, ugly father with probably ugly mother will make ugly children if you are ugly just don't reproduce. I think ugly people should be neutered. And I don't think I'm ever be able to find a job. Im ugly and my IQ is too low for this. So Im ugly and poor. I know you guys are gonna hate me for writing this, but I've got to get off my chest. I'm really sick of it. Confidence doesn't mean anything, only handsome and tall males are naturally confident, if I start being confident I would be seen as overcompensating jerk. Diet won't give you better face, it may make your skin looks slighty better but it doesn't really matter if you are ugly. Workout is the same, low body fat will make your bones looks more visible but you need those bones in the first place (I need surgery for forward growth) Clothes doesn't matter, handsome guy will look sexy in white tshirt and jeans hygiene and remember, looks are just another characteristic as someone not a single female gonna accept you if your face is ugly, we as species always look at the faces, good looking face are extremely important not just in romantic sphere but also with friends and how easy is to find a job and get promotion if your face is attractive. I say being intelligent has more advantages. Intelligence only made me more depressed, or maybe i'm just average (IQ wise) and my brain messing with me and force me to act that way - "i'm better than other people" while in reality i'm lowest of the low.
  7. Suicide is a brave and protest movement. So much that a strong desire to resist the will to live, which is the greatest instinct in human. The important thing is, do you have this desire? I thought and I realized something. Even if the person commits suicide, people around him trying to prevent him. I don't want anyone to die, but is it not conscience masturbation to prevent people from committing suicide without removing the conditions that cause suicide?
  8. https://youtu.be/1fh-oopsYJo 'Farazi & Kayra - Bir Günlük Öldürün Beni' on YouTube
  9. This is my most honest post on this forum. My name is Alperen and I'm 19 years old. I was born in Middle East Country. And I've been poor my whole life. I don't like my parents, because although they're poor they brought me into this world. I hate them so much because they can't afford anything. I've been suffering from crooked teeth for almost 10 years. I've never smiled in my life. I don't go outside because my teeth way too disgusting. People look at me when i laugh and they disgust from me. They call me fag.got, tranny and everything you can think of.. I have no health, no girlfriend, no friends, no cellphone.(yes i dont even have a cellphone!) My parents never liked me as well. I've never had good teeth. My teeth are crooked, disgusting, I have a big scar on my arm, I have nasal polyps in my nose, and most importantly I'm beardless. I don't even get a job. People don't even take me seriously. I don't wanna go into more detail. I think the only way to fix it is putting a bullet through my head. I'm tired of this bullshit. Being poor is one of the most disgusting experiences in the world. I hate it so much. I wanna ask again, why i'm more unlucky than most people? Please can someone explain me why? Why are people born in Europe or USA or Japan, or people who have everything inherently material, have better life and better rich parents than me? If there is a God, I hate him for making me suffer. I just can't take it anymore and I wanna stop the pain. I don't even feel myself anymore. I hope the whole world will be happy when I die.
  10. Start a new life in a new body or in a different form. But never knowing the body and past lives you died. I call this "The best definition of death"
  11. Being born in Turkey is something like choosing "hard" when you start a game. There is a chance that you will be blown up on a public transport vehicle without growing up, even in the mother's womb. Without knowing anything, someone can end your life just because you were not born in Norway. New hopes to fly to the airport, you can leave in the blood of someone's arm. No one is guilty. You're guilty. It's your fault, you were born here. If you're a woman, you're choosing "very hard." Without your own choice, you can be married to your uncle when you're ten years old. Or you may be involved in any foundation at that age, or you may be raped for walking on the road. State elders may say "women have jobs because they are looking for work." You can throw away your career dreams with your psychology. But no, you're a criminal. When you're a soldier, they're ditching you at 3:00 a.m. to protect a rogue seat. You die at 20. Your lover, you will leave your future dreams in a blind spot. They say, "For the homeland." They get in the car, and your mother stays. And with a big flag. Tell the woman not to worry, you chose it. You're the culprit. Not they. Anxiety of future causes the whites of hair at an early age. You did everything, completed your education with great hopes, but someone's cousin got what you wanted in front of you? They are normal. You read about six years and started looking for empty shops. The idea that engineering education gives you is to open a "playstation cafe". What a beautiful future he prepared for you. Of course, they're not guilty, "every university graduate will find a pedestal," they said, why, you did not listen. You're the culprit. You want to start a family, the "community" don't let you to decide. You can't marry who you want. Big problem if you get married. Even when you are dreaming about the future, you do account for the end of the month with the woman / man you die from happiness. For a week holiday, you have to work together for a period of 35 months. Don't complain, it's your fault. Unhappily spend 30 years seeing your dreams collapsed one by one and you retire. He refuses to initiate your retirement when he is on a world tour with the boat of the bosses you work for. You make an effort to get half your salary. The world tour is something you can laugh at, the years have taught you this. Just say "take my medicine." Drugs are hard enough. You expect to finish your time in this ****ing country in a corner. The only thing you can do is watch television in an apartment. And then they say, "he's dead." They think you were living before you die.
  12. Me too, I am feeling worse than usual. Days go on and on but nothing changes. I'm starting to believe I'm in the final stage. I'm going to **** myself.
  13. I feel like a building whose columns are intact, the floor is intact but the rest is ruined. If I clean the wreck and put the bricks, I'll be building but I'm so tired.
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