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  1. Hello Burg, I take Wellbutrin SR 150 x 2 and Synthroid. Synthroid at 6 am. Wellbutrin at 8:30 am and again at 8:30 pm. Does not interfere with sleep.
  2. One thing I have done, is to take my time when starting a new medication. If I wasn't sure, I would wait until I had an inclination to want to increase the dose. And I would email or call my doctor when I was ready. I used to get all worked up about having to make a decision at my appointment. I started Wellbutrin last summer and had a good response to it. It was like finding the missing link. It was added to Paxil 20mg that I had been on for 6 months. I also had night sweats on Paxil alone, and they went away when I started taking the Wellbutrin. My PCP started me out slowly. From 100sr to 150sr to 200sr. Around 6 weeks on each dose. When I got to 5 weeks on the 200sr dose, I couldn't decide if I needed to increase. It was a new medication and it didn't work like I expected it to, yet I was having a positive response to it. Since I wasn't 100% at that time, I took a guess and opted to go to the 300sr (150 x 2). And I did okay on that dose. There's no harm in saying to your doctor that you are not sure, and would it be okay to give her a call when you are ready. Knowing I could do that, it took all the pressure off. I guess if you knew how long it took for Wellbutrin to work, then that could help you decide by how your are currently feeling. And then discussing this with your doctor can help you to know what to do.
  3. Not a caretaker, but I was where your wife is at. It won't last forever. She will get better. It's a lot of trial and error with the medications and finding one or two that works for her.
  4. Interesting. It's as if I wrote this. I can completely relate. I read a lot of Wellbutrin reviews and remember one girl said that she felt better by 8 weeks in her experience and it got better and better after 8 weeks. I think your journal will hit home with many that read it. Thanks again for posting your experience.
  5. I always feel that there is a cause and effect when making any changes to medications. Thus, I would expect some reaction to lowering your Klonopin dose.
  6. Sounds like she was adding the Wellbutrin as a way of tweaking the Lexapro. I have heard that Wellbutrin is not good for bulimia. When that didn't work, she tried the other two medications. Since you are at the highest dose of the Lexapro, it made sense to augment with the Wellbutrin to see if that helped first. Unfortunately we have to go through these experiments to see what is going to work! So then perhaps the next step would be changing Lexapro out for a different SSRI. These are just my thoughts based off of my experiences, not anything educated.
  7. Good question. I was wondering the same thing myself. I take Paxil 20mg. and added Wellbutrin because I was soo tired. Don't know if raising the Paxil would have taken care of that. But I opted to add the Wellbutrin.....starting with 100sr mg. for several weeks, then 150sr (six weeks) to 200 sr (5 weeks) then to 300 (150sr x 2). I still struggle with the tiredness. So far, the addition of Wellbutrin/bupropion helped with nervousness, edginess, and the ability to handle stress like a normal person. It basically helped to normalize me. The Paxil took care of the anxiety and maybe some depression, but I felt I was still missing "something". I am just a muzzy mess on SSRIs alone. I was on the 300 sr for 4 months when I started to get bad headaches and painful joints. I reduced it to 250 and that took care of the symptoms. Then to 200 for 8 weeks. During the 8 weeks I tried to reinstate the 300 dose a couple times. I was not good on the 200 dose, and finally after 6-8 weeks was able to go back to the 300 dose with no problems. TMI probably, but maybe someone can benefit from my experience. I am under the care of a psychiatrist. I hope someone can answer your question because I would also like to know how much the one influences the other. I should ask my doctor that next week at my appointment. My suggestion to you would be to increase the Wellbutrin slowly like I did. We really don't know how much of a dose we really need. Being on Paxil, I have not found Wellbutrin to be all that activating like it is known to be.
  8. Hello Para_life, how are things going?
  9. It could be that the 300 mg was too much too soon. Start low and go slow can be a good thing when adjusting to new medications. Are you feeling relief from the lowered dosage of Wellbutrin?
  10. The positive response I have to bupropion is that overall it normalizes me. I can handle stress like a normal person. Improved cognition, can think better. Breathing is more relaxed. Calms edgy nerves and restlessness. Better sleep. Keeping in mind I am also taking Paxil 20mg. which only took care of the anxiety, yet turns me into a muzzy mess. I'm still fighting the heavy tiredness from being on Paxil. One side effect of Bupropion is constipation and that is a positive for me because the Paxil causes the opposite. (Perhaps I can lower the Paxil dose at some point.) I have to say, I can relate to what you said about knowing there was something wrong but you didn't know what. Around 2006/07, my family heard me say those exact words quite often. And in 2015 when I presented to a new doctor with extreme anxiety and agitation, I also told them I don't know what this is! That was the beginning of antidepressants/ssris. I was diagnosed with depression w/anxiety. Also GAD. And tobacco use disorder- a fancy name for 'I smoke cigarettes'.
  11. I like the SR because you can adjust dose easier than on the XL. Especially when first starting the Wellbutrin, you can increase in smaller increments like 100 to 150 to 200, etc. Once your dose is established and you see it working, then it may be more convenient to go to the XL. Those are just my thoughts.
  12. I had that grouchy effect on the third day of an increase in Wellbutrin. Felt like crying too. It didn't last long. Let us know how you do.
  13. Nojoy, sounds like your body is reacting to the change in Prozac dose and the addition of Wellbutrin.
  14. Brunom, I don't think the medication works that way, as far as continually giving you that effect by taking it a few times a week. Even if it did, I doubt that it would be healthy for your brain.
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