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  1. Hello gcac. Been wondering how those treatments went. Patiently waiting to hear about it. Did it have any temporary effects even though not doing a full treatment? A couple of questions I hope you don't mind me asking... it's all out of curiosity. First, you had mentioned early on when starting the ketamine treatments that you lowered the Wellbutrin to 150 mg. How did that go? Second, you mentioned that the Wellbutrin took care of the brain swelling feeling. Was there an explanation to that? Was there actual brain swelling/inflammation? And what would cause that?? And then how did the Wellbutrin help that issue? What components/workings of Wellbutrin aided in making that symptom go away? Several years ago, when one of my kids was in sports, I read an article about head concussion and symptoms to watch out for. This was before I was started on any SSRI treatment, but was having issues at that time. As I read about the symptoms of concussion, I thought, THATS what I have. That is what my head feels like all the time. Now, I know that brain swelling is what causes the symptoms of a concussion. So, this is why I asked about your mention of brain swelling. It's obviously not a concussion that caused it. Your summary of a year's worth of Wellbutrin is quite positive. I've been inspired by your one step at a time improvements and continued work to progress.
  2. Thank you, KatrinaSurvivor for the pep talk. I've been taking the SR for the past 1 1/2 yrs. so I know how it works. My body is used to it. I even take my second dose at bedtime with the Paxil. And I can still sleep. Maybe I'll give the XL a try though, but if it doesn't work out, I will demand to be switched. I do have a good primary doctor. May as well have him take over my medications. He talks to me and informs me. Why pay extra for a specialist that doesn't talk to me. I appreciate what you had to say. Thank you.
  3. Thanks for the update. I will say that since I switched from Solco generic to Sandoz that I am doing much better, with no side effects. I almost thought it wasn't working because I wasn't having any side effects! My Pdoc just changed my bupropion to XL from sr. Did not give me a reason, did not ask me how I felt about it. I've been questioning his competence this past year, since changing over to him from my primary doctor. He doesn't say much, offers no guidance. My follow-up appointments take about 5 minutes. I am still not optimized. Do psychiatrists go through 8 plus years of schooling just to spend 5 minutes with their patients who are pretty much dependent on them? I was hoping to get a little more out of a psychiatrist than I would a primary care doctor, but it is not happening. I feel a rant coming, lol: A lot of advice on the forums have been to go to a psychiatrist rather than a primary doctor for treatment. Well, at least in my neck of the woods, I find that the "specialists" are somewhat arrogant. Which does not help the patient at all. What they say goes? I don't think so. That's a scary feeling when you are dependent on them for treatment. And they are not listening to you, nor offering guidance, or asking questions. I had an endocrinologist like that too. Okay I'm done....ranting. Anyone have tips on finding the right psychiatrist? Like, can I ask for a consultation first before signing up with them?
  4. Hello Katrinasurvivor, just checking in to see if you have any news on the Mylan bupropion. I recently read that Pfizer is taking over Mylan with it's Upjohn division. Have you heard that? This could be the reason for the interruption in the manufacturing of bupropion. It would be nice if they start making it again. Have you started the Mylan xl yet? If so, how is it going?
  5. Gcac, wondering if you've considered ADHD/ ADD? Is that a possibility or has it been ruled out? I remember you saying that you thought you had dementia, meaning you most likely had or have executive function difficulties. But it's also a symptom of depression. What are your thoughts on that? Is it ADD or depression? Both of these conditions affect executive function in the brain.
  6. Interesting. I agree about reading research studies. I agree with what you said here. We need to be discerning when considering the studies' findings. I'm going to try to find the actual saffron strands to use in cooking or making tea. And also looking into growing them, since I'm a gardener. I have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning, ever since I started taking ssris. The bupropion hasn't helped with that either. But I think I just need a med adjustment. Anyway, the saffron is relatively safe, and I'd like to get some to try.
  7. I wonder if Mylan is making any form of bupropion. Not sounding like it.. I definitely understand the trepidation in trying the XL. Although I have more trust in the name brand than a generic. It might be a little different than the SR, but at least it's name brand. And I agree it's a good idea to start it when you're stable on a dose. Thanks for the info on saffron. If I could only take a pill and feel better......Oh that's right, I am taking pills. Will check out the saffron and be careful about it. I know there are some alternate treatments out there, but doctors say they aren't proven.
  8. I think the 100 dose is a starting point and also to see how you respond to it.
  9. Irish63, I feel your frustration and sorry that you are having such a tough time. There are so many factors involved. There's a book I found interesting that might answer your question. It is "Renew" by Julie Winter. It helps me navigate through some of this.
  10. I just called Mylan to ask if they were making the 150sr or 100sr and they said no. They stopped making them. I asked them who they gave their recipe to. lol. They said no one, they just stopped making it. Which led me to believe, the recipe is out there, but it's the quality of ingredients used in these generics that makes them bad and not work right. I spent a whole year on Solco bupropion 300sr. I had joint swelling and pain in joints, stuffy nose, stuffy breathing, constant congestion, coughing, sneezing, couldn't breathe, had sleep issues big time, bad dreams, ate sugar and chocolate all day long. Felt like I was going to die at certain points in the day. That's not normal! It sounds like a drug allergy to me. I finally quit taking it altogether and those symptoms all went away. Three weeks later, with no bupropion in my system I gradually became more fatigued and foggy headed, slow brain. So I had to start it up again, using some old Mylan 100sr that I had. The Mylan works like it's supposed to and I am feeling normal on it. Sleeping normal. I have a few days left of the Mylan. KatrinaSurvivor, I understand how you feel. As it stands right now I'm getting ticked off because of these inferior products/ingredients being made out there. And wondering where the FDA is in all of this.
  11. How interesting this must be for you. I've just read up on ketamine treatments and it sounds amazing. Who would think that something used for anesthesia would turn into such a promising treatment for depression. Very neat.
  12. I've been on Bupropion 300 mg. for a year now. I don't consciously feel the effects of it, as my body has adjusted and it must be doing it's thing. Also taking Paroxetine (35 mg. now). Mentally, I do fine. Physically, I sometimes feel dragged out or weighted down from the paroxetine. Some sleep issues from the medications.....fall asleep fine, but seems like I can't get into a relaxed sleep most nights. So that agitates me. And contributes to my GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) disorder. For the most part, I function okay unless tired from poor quality sleep. I do crave sugar a lot which is not normal for me. I always ate healthy foods. A whole bag of Brach's chocolate covered almonds for lunch one day. A couple handfuls of candy corns after a healthy lunch. Walmart was selling bags of them for .25 cents each after Halloween was over. Cherry malts about 3 nights a week after dinner. It's an everyday thing. I'm trying to turn this trend around, but seems to happen when taking ssri's, of which I have no choice. Glad you brought this thread up JD4010.
  13. Could you explain this more? For example: I have gone off Fluoxetine (Prozac) and Citalopram, mainly because of side effects, and just didn't feel like myself on those medications. About 3 months off Prozac and 6-8 weeks off Citalopram, the anxiety came crashing through and there was a doom and gloom depression with it. I had no control of that. It was scary. Was on prozac 10 months and citalopram 6 months. I'm now thinking that I was not on the SSRIs long enough to correct my brain chemistry. And thus, I easily unraveled without the support of the medication. Plus, those particular medications were not an effective treatment for me. Before going on any antidepressant, I struggled with nervousness, low energy, cognition issues, over-reaction to allergies. I thought it was thyroid related. The physical and cognitive symptoms did not strike me as depression. It was more nervous system issues with anxiety and feeling like crap. I even told my current doctor that I do not have a depressive personality. I have a good family life, married with four kids. No drugs, except cigarettes. No alcohol abuse. (I can't drink while taking this medication, which makes me want to drink.) Therefore, I concluded that it had to be mainly biological, that there was something fundamentally wrong with my brain. My doctor would sort of snicker when I said that. (He had a definite positive affect on me.) I would tell by his reaction to my comments that there was more to the psychological aspect than I was attributing to it. (If only I could find a psychologist as smart as him.) In talking this out, I can definitely see now that it is likely the dysfunction that contributed; in the way I handle stress, emotions, relationships- and those are definitely environmental, originating in the formative years. GAD for sure. Your commentary has helped sort this out as I don't normally focus on what could possibly be wrong with me. Although I'm always wondering! It's hard for me to see. That is where therapy comes in, I suppose. It can help us see those things and how to correct some of it, perhaps get us on the right track and to work on keeping us there. (I just hope I didn't pass too much dysfunction on to my kids.) Again, I thank you for this incredible journaling of your experience. I hope it will help others who read it and point them in the right direction. Thank you for sharing your progress and honest insights.
  14. Just read your second paragraph of month #5. The rewiring of the brain does make sense and that it could be wired in the wrong way. I can see that. Like a well worn path of dysfunction. My sister takes an ssri and is allergic to gluten. My brother is a functioning alcoholic, so he self-medicates. I bet some of my issue could be environmental (how I grew up). And strongly genetic.
  15. Hello gcac, Thank you for your response to my question. I can certainly relate to your description of brain fog, memory hindrance and the spacial coordination issue. It's hard to know what to add to your regimen that would help pull it all together for you. Any input from your doctor? My first thought would be the addition of another medication like an ssri. Another thought I have is that it seems less about depression and more about nervous system/brain function. Are you affected by stress at all? Like, do your symptoms worsen with stress? And also wondering about sleep. Do you feel refreshed upon wakening? I think you mentioned that your sleep is good. I guess I'm trying to figure out this whole depression thing. I was diagnosed with depression with anxiety and GAD. But I will complain mostly about the physical and nervous system symptoms than I will depression. It seems to me that I really don't have control over it and that it is a brain issue rather than a psychological cause. But it remains a mystery so far.
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