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  1. Laura123

    Daytime Restlessness on Zoloft

    Chickenmama, The ssri paxil I'm taking is really sedating and takes care of the anxiety but makes me tired, groggy, unmotivated. So, the doctor added the wellbutrin and it's helping me focus better and not sleep all the time. So the addition of wellbutrin was ok because I had no anxiety when I started it. I had a good response and no side effects. I was on paxil 6 months before adding the wellbutrin. Wellbutrin targets norepinephrine and dopamine. Ssri's target seritonin.
  2. Laura123

    Paxil - Are Other's Still Happy on It??

    Hi, I've been on Paxil for almost a year. Makes me want to eat a lot. Like a head hungry kind of thing. Not my stomach telling me I'm hungry. I'm about 8 lbs. over my normal weight. Recently though, my doctor started me on wellbutrin which seems to be curbing my appetite pretty well. I've only been on it a couple months as I am increasing the dosage slowly.
  3. Laura123

    Daytime Restlessness on Zoloft

    I get that restlessness in my legs from the ssris. Walking around does help. My doctor recently added wellbutrin and that seemed to take care of the afternoon edginess, restlessness and tiredness.
  4. crashtst, I can relate. I get the same thing, the same reaction when starting a medication, feeling worse, the mind being frozen or rigid, etc.- just as you described. I will complain mostly about the cognitive symptoms. How are you doing now?
  5. I have a poor sense of smell also when taking AD's. And my nose is stuffy, especially left side. Interesting what you say about the left prefrontal cortex.