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  1. Hi Peachesandbrowni, I just have to comment because I can relate to all that you're saying. My first SSRI was Prozac and couldn't tolerate it. Second SSRI was Citalopram and that was bad for me too. I am now on Paxil, which works much better without the bad reaction that I had with Prozac and Citalopram. I have added Wellbutrin to the Paxil which had a stabilizing effect. I still do experience tiredness, especially after a bad night of sleep, but that goes with the territory of brain pills I guess. I have never done the gene testing either, but wouldn't mind doing it. I just found it interesting that you reacted the same to Prozac and citalopram as I did. And we're both on Paxil. Must be the gene factor.
  2. Hi Lee lee, I've been reading your story. How did you do on the prozac? It's been awhile.
  3. Wondering if you might try the sr version of bupropion? I believe I read you are taking the ir.
  4. Yes, I have to say that it has not helped me stay awake either. And I’m still tired and brain fogged. If I can figure out how to edit, I will remove what I said in my previous post about Wellbutrin taking care of the tiredness. It is still an improvement over just taking an ssri alone. Again, I have thyroid issues and that could be a reason for brain fog or tiredness. My TSH is elevated right now. Probably because I gained a good 15 lbs since taking Paxil, which may call for a higher dose of Synthroid.
  5. Hi, just thinking that some of the weird feelings could be from discontinuing the Zoloft. When I came off Citalopram, it was a good 3 months that I felt an underlying weirdness. I’m on Paxil now which is causing major tiredness. Started Wellbutrin/bupropion last summer and it has helped with the tiredness and given me more stamina and ability to focus and handle stress that the ssri didn’t do for me. (I also have thyroid problems). Anyway, it sounds to me like the Wellbutrin is doing something for you and perhaps adding back an Ssri might balance you out. Also, give it another month or so. It’s supposed to get even better as time goes on. Are you taking name brand Wellbutrin or a generic? I just mentioned on another post about some bad side effects I was getting on a generic bupropion by Dr Reddy. Switched to Mylan generic and doing much better- no side effects.
  6. I have been taking bupropion 150 sr by Dr. Reddy twice a day for the past 4 months. My doctor slowly worked me up to this dose. Started with 100 sr, then 150 sr, to 200 sr, and finally 150 sr x2 daily. Each different dose was a different generic. Since it is the first time on bupropion for me, I really didn’t know how I was supposed to feel. The bupropion is working really well for me. However, since taking the dr reddy generic (4 months) I’ve had side effects that just never went away. And I struggled with them every day. Strong dizziness, headache, extreme fatigue, bad sleep, like I was awake all night, and very painful muscles and joints. I’m also on Paxil. I suspected the bupropion was causing these symptoms. So first I went from 150 twice a day to taking 150 dr reddy in the morning and 100 at night. The 100 dose was leftover from when I was starting out and it is the Solco brand. This knocked the symptoms down quite well but after 4 days I started feeling blah, so I went back up to the 150x2 of Dr Reddy brand. Symptoms came back strongly, yet I did feel better and less blah. Ok, so I know the 300 dose is what I needed and my symptoms were not from it being too strong a dose. Next thing I tried was a different generic ..150 sr by Mylan. This Mylan was also leftover from last summer. Bingo! After a day or two, all those bad symptoms went away. I feel more stable on the Mylan with zero side effects. Called CVS and requested Mylan. I am told they discontinued the 150sr. 😣 And that is where I’m at now. I was offered Teva or Solco. I will try the Solco first. Another thing I thought would be to do 200 sr in morning and 100sr at night as the pharmacist said Mylan still makes those 2 doses and also the 300xl. Will discuss this with my doctor next week at appointment. Anyone have trouble with the Dr. Reddy generic?
  7. Chickenmama, The ssri paxil I'm taking is really sedating and takes care of the anxiety but makes me tired, groggy, unmotivated. So, the doctor added the wellbutrin and it's helping me focus better and not sleep all the time. So the addition of wellbutrin was ok because I had no anxiety when I started it. I had a good response and no side effects. I was on paxil 6 months before adding the wellbutrin. Wellbutrin targets norepinephrine and dopamine. Ssri's target seritonin.
  8. Hi, I've been on Paxil for almost a year. Makes me want to eat a lot. Like a head hungry kind of thing. Not my stomach telling me I'm hungry. I'm about 8 lbs. over my normal weight. Recently though, my doctor started me on wellbutrin which seems to be curbing my appetite pretty well. I've only been on it a couple months as I am increasing the dosage slowly.
  9. I get that restlessness in my legs from the ssris. Walking around does help. My doctor recently added wellbutrin and that seemed to take care of the afternoon edginess, restlessness and tiredness.
  10. crashtst, I can relate. I get the same thing, the same reaction when starting a medication, feeling worse, the mind being frozen or rigid, etc.- just as you described. I will complain mostly about the cognitive symptoms. How are you doing now?
  11. I have a poor sense of smell also when taking AD's. And my nose is stuffy, especially left side. Interesting what you say about the left prefrontal cortex.
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