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  1. Billy this is a really great forum with really kind and understanding people. We understand your struggles. I hope you stick around and lean on others here. I myself struggle with depression, and pretty severe health anxiety and some PTSD. I have good and bad days and just stared back on a medication a few weeks ago. Regretting ever going off of it as it did be very well for several years. My husband and supports keep me a float and remind me I am getting better but it is nice to check in here with others who have been through or are experiencing similar situations to myself.
  2. That flat feeling generally goes away for most people. I get that feeling when starting up on Celexa too. A dulling in your anxiety is great! Most people have increased anxiety for the first few weeks when starting an Antidepressant. For me I start to notice those first few weeks I begin to cry less, I start to feel less brain fog and better ability to concentrate on a task. I start spending more time on hobbies that I enjoy. I start to feel a small amount of excitement for some things and a small amount of my creativity showing up. Eventually my old happy, creative, focused self fully comes back after 3 months. Give it 8 weeks before you give up unless you start to have unbearable side effects. By week 8 people are usually feeling most benefit and by 3 months things should feel pretty “normal”. Hang in there!!!
  3. Grounded can you share how you are doing now? And what dose you’re on?
  4. Hi does anyone only take 5mg or 10mg of citalopram??? I’m finding I’m much more sensitive to meds than I used to be and my pdoc and I are thinking I only need to be on 5-10mg. I’m nervous to up my dose as I get such bad side effects but the anxiety is taking a long time to get better it seems. Depression is much improved already. I’m currently on 5mg for the past 2 weeks, 2.5mg for 3 prior to that. Appreciate any input. Thanks.
  5. How are things now? Hoping you are continuing to do well.
  6. I'm sorry to hear it hasn't helped with your nerve pain as much as you had hoped. Have you tried going to a higher dosage? I did have a huge increase in appetite the first few weeks I was on Gabapentin. I was craving food like mad! But that was OK because I had lost my appetite completely and had lost a lot of weight due to insomnia/depression/anxiety cycle I couldn't get out of. So I was sort of excited to be eating and actually CRAVING certain foods. But now that I've been on it for more than a few weeks I don't seem to crave food or carbs like I did those first 2 weeks of the med and my appetite has normalized. whew! Also, something to seriously consider is Lion's Mane Mushroom. It's really beneficial for cognitive improvements, nerve pain, and MS. I highly recommend the brand Host Defense created by Paul Stamets (he's like a mushroom guru). Also, St John's Wort Oil works amazing on nerve pain. Apply the oil topically to the areas that are affected by nerve pain. It' works wonders. I've given it to several people of the horrific nerve pain that accompanies shingles (including myself) and they all say it works amazingly well. You can find it easily on Amazon or a lot of natural food stores carry it. Easiest brand to find is HerbPharm.
  7. Seems 600mg is working its magic for me. I'm sleeping so great most nights now. It's been amazing. What a change! I know there is a lot of negative reviews out there for Gabapentin but it has been so helpful for me. I'm grateful.
  8. Well I'm happy to report Gabapentin is working miracles for me!!! I'm finally sleeping 7-9 hours a night with 600mg of Gabapentin 1-2 hours prior to bedtime. It actually does help me fall asleep as it helps relax me and reduce anxiety which was the main thing keeping me awake. I also take 5mg of melatonin and have been experimenting (with my psychiatrists approval) taking 500mg of L-Tryptophan in the evenings. Holy crap I had forgotten how amazing it feels to get a good nights sleep as I hadn't had one in many months. The less I slept the worse my insomnia, anxiety and depression got and then the harder it was to sleep creating such an awful vicious cycle. Gabapentin for me stopped that pattern and is now helping my brain and body relearn how to sleep regularly at night. I also got an OURA ring that tracks my sleep and I'm not only sleeping through the night but I'm getting lots of deep and REM sleep. I listened to a podcast by Dr. Lindsey Berkson in which she prescribes Gabapentin to her patients who have tried numerous things for insomnia with no luck. She says that Gabapentin for 80% of people it retrains the brain to learn how to sleep. I'm glad I FINALLY found something that works for me. Now of course I know there are issues with being on Gabapentin as it can be difficult for a lot of people to taper off of it, but at this point I don't really give a crap because I'm sleeping! Hooray!
  9. Sorry to hear that!! I hope it gets better for you very quickly! Start ups are just awful!
  10. Ok do now doc wants me to go off med because of likely akathisia. I’ve been on it 22 days now and just reduced to 12.5mg today. Akathisia is a bit better but still uncomfortable. How slowly/quickly should I taper off of it to avoid other awful side effects??? Appreciate any thoughts or expertise!
  11. I know this is really old but wanted to bump the topic. Does anyone else take Kava Kava? Do you have good results? There is a lot of great information on the internet about the use of this herb for anxiety, stress relief and general relaxation. I have some friends who take it before bed to calm them down. Apparently you know you have good Kava if your lips and tongue go a bit numb and tingly when you first drink it. Just wondering other's experiences with this herb. Thanks!
  12. https://www.marieclaire.co.uk/news/celebrity-news/celebrities-speak-out-about-mental-health-12047
  13. I like it on cloudy days too. I feel my mood shifting with the weather. I guess I'm super sensitive like that, of course I'm an Highly Sensitive Person, that book describes me perfectly.
  14. Nope, sorry no breast tenderness issues. I do have estrogen dominence and I'm not sure if SSRIs increase or cause it. But I'm sure anythings likely. So many side effects from these kind of meds..... Sorry you are dealing with that I nope it gets better for you! "*hugs*
  15. You'll get through it! We are all here for you!
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