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  1. Just did a search on “yoga” to find this post because I know, in past, I’ve felt better when I realize I AM THE UNIVERSE. I mean, this yoga philosophy, and that we are all One is generally a common philosophy, but I am not sure if it helps me with this sickness. I don’t know if my depression is because I feel separate from Higher Conscious, God, Universe, Allah, Whatchamacallit, but I wonder if I stick to my yoga practice, and stay present IN THE DEPRESSION, if I might sorta transcend it. But, that there is goal oriented to escape it. Curious if others who have Major Depressive Disorder also practice yoga? And, the self-love you took toward caring for your basic needs....sleep, a pillow, yoga, food, gentle-mindfulness, is so refreshing. I’m not necessarily inspired now to change or get rid of the depression, but to work with it. Let it be, give it rest and good food, breathing to connect to Consciousness, maybe even inviting it to show itself so I can dance a little with the Big Black Evil Blob. For now, I’ll remove myself from this screen and sip some tea with The intention to connect with Love, Safety, Warmth, Joy. Even with the dark pits of Hell gurgling in my cells. They need some loving too I suppose. Great post, helped.
  2. Oh when you mentioned going off of suboxone, that in itself can be devastating for mood. In fact, for me, I was on opiates for about 4 years, and while I used them just as prescribed, they actually cured my major depressive disorder, during that time. Except when it was time to go off of them. Now, the cure is gone And my dark depression that has found no relief from anything else is back along with pain. This made me realize my depression is definitely from having my opiate receptors out of whack. Probably endogenous opioid dysregulation. So, you have so much going on in life on top of a strong chemical issue that can make your mood. It’s so rough. I can’t get out of bed Because of low mood from depression that a simple opiate takes care of. You have opiate withdrawals PLUS situational stressors. Not having money and food and worrying about basic needs along with the loss of Mom and Dad is a lot on your plate You aren’t alone. Glad to read things are starting to look up
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