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  1. It is good that he is taking time to work on bettering himself. That is so important for someone to do and is a very big and mature step. The time he is taking can also give you some time to figure out what is best for you and your relationship. Just make sure that the both of you are ready to be in a relationship again. Everything will fall into place! I hope everything works out.
  2. I am sorry you are going through this! It is very difficult to go through the transition from high school to college. The best thing for you to do is try your very best! If you try your very best, you will know that you put your all in to something that is important to you! It makes me feel so much better about school when I know I am doing my best. There are sometimes where I do not want to do it but I have to remind myself that I am going to college to further my knowledge and education and that always reassures me. I hope everything gets better!
  3. Hello! I am sorry you are going through this. Self confidence is a difficult thing to start feeling and it often takes people a while to be confident in themselves. I struggle with being self conscious and what I have learned to do is look in the mirror and tell my self that I am awesome the way I am. Eventually, this helped me see my true beauty and be comfortable in my own skin. That is SO important in someone's life. I hope everything gets better!
  4. I am so sorry you are going through this. Anxiety is a very difficult thing to deal with. Have you thought about seeking professional help? Professional help can be such a good thing for people with anxiety because they can help you get to the root of the problem or help you find ways to cope with what you are going through. I hope everything gets better!
  5. It is great that you quit smoking and drinking! That is a huge step in your recovery process! Have you tried joining any groups with people that are going through something similar to you? I have heard that helps a lot of people in your situation. Also, have you tried looking for a job or mending your relationship with your parents? Both of those can help the process as well. I hope everything goes well!
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