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  1. Thanks. I finally got my headset back and now I feel a lot better. I still have other issues though. After talking to the sound technician I feel that me and our crew just need to get to know eachother better.
  2. I can't seem to feel happy nearly as much as I used to. I am in a school play as a spotlight operator and the others don't seem to like me much. I am the only spotlight operator. There are people in lighting, and stage managers, and a sound operator. I am friends with the sound operator, but the others don't seem to like me at all. Maybe it's because I'm new, but they can't seem to respect me. I hate them for it and I wish they would show respect to me. They make me feel like dirt. They first started presumably talking about me behind my back, then started taking a more direct approach. We have headsets that we talk to each other on, and I guess I maybe was talking too much or something, but all of a sudden, they have not been givin me my headset. There are supposedly problems with the headsets but I think that's bullshit. They seem to have told our supervisor that they didn't want me to have a mic so I guess no mic for me now. I guess I really don't need one but I feel that I should confront them about it when others are in the room so that they can't be assholes or risk making themselves look bad. Should I follow through with it or not?
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