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  1. hey Tim how are u? Please keep in touch with everyone, please let us know how your doing this week god bless,thinking of you
  2. hi y'all,thankyou for all wishes and love,last week was better my husband got a job only for a week and were doing ok.how are u caring?xx
  3. thankyou caring,hope ur ok,I'm crap today,trying to be positive but its really difficult x
  4. Hi Tim I'm so sorry for you right now. I know you can't see it yet but things will get better I promise you! My advice,go speak to your mum or dad or brother or sister or gran someone who loves you and you feel comfortable talking to.go tell them what uve told us you need people around you right now buddy. There's nothing wrong with you,your are perfect ,how brave are you to right this stuff down!u said your not good at anything, well I wouldn't have been able to put my feelings down the way u just did. Please speak to someone now or a teacher you trust then go from there.if that's fails were all here rooting for you so keep talking about it and getting it out of your system. Keep going buddy you're doing great,please let us know what's happening and how you're gonna deal with this stuff ok? Sending massive hugs to you, Tim the warrior! !!!!
  5. Thank you so much for letting me join this forum. It's really wonderful, I live in liverpool and I don't know how or why I picked this one but it did.god works in mysterious ways! So thankyou again,I feel like I'm home. Xx
  6. Hey floor, your very kind ,gosh I'm just flabbergasted the love on this forum is just wonderful. I know about God, he never ever let's me down,he's watching everything, I think he has a plan for me but I don't know what it is. Thank you so much for your heartfelt response, I made dinner this evening but told the kids I had already eaten as you do.god will provide when he's ready too.I think this is a test y know? Sorry for rambling on! Blessings love health and light to you and your lovely family xxxxx
  7. Hi caring thanks so much for your kind words, no I can't get any help but u use food banks but u can only use them three times a year.this website is keeping me going, big hugs to u allways here if u need to talk xxxxx
  8. Hi dwh You know firstly ur very brave to come on and talk about this.this the right forum for you.I've recently joined and I feel I've gained three new friends already.like u I don't have many friends but that's ok.regarding your situation is there someone higher u can speak to?this situation is downright odd.I think if it were me I would apply for another positiond else were.your obviously a highly intelligent person and academic. Slow down on any decisions for now.go day by day.I think the people your working with have very bigoted ideals .I also think you need to look at moving out of the school as your expertise would be more appreciated at another school.the dizziness is probably caused by a panic attack. You have lots of things to live for sweetie,please hang in there,if u need to talk we are all here for you.take a deep breath and do something you really enjoy doing or take a walk sometimes it clears you head.please keep us posted xxx
  9. Hi caring thanks so much for your kind words, no I can't get any help but u use food banks but u can only use them three times a year.this website is keeping me going, big hugs to u allways here if u need to talk xxxxx
  10. Hey nickI, How u doing?hi I'm beth from Liverpool. Doesn't register when people try to help sometimes hey? Just keep talking it out?how nice to have a brother to support u through ur tough time.if u need to talk,I'm listening, take care of yourself x
  11. Hi epic, ahh thankyou so much, I could cry right now,life's a bit right now,I hope ur doing ok?? I think I should of disguised my name!but that's me! Too open.thankyou so much for reaching out ,its wonderful, x
  12. Hey bey, thanks so much for your reply,yes it would mean a lot to me to have support as I don't feel I have any.thankyou for replying to me, it means a lot, I'm a very open person, I will read ur story if ok with u? Thanks again bey xx
  13. Hi everyone, I'm very new to this and have never posted on line before,well apart from twitter! I'm a 45 year old woman married to Chris for 11 years.I live in a small place in maghull in liverpool. Together we have a blended family of three children. The reason why I wanted to join is because I can't cope. Ten years ago I married Chris I love him so much .9 months later we Had our first girl together. Then everything went wrong.I developed sepsis and was in a coma for three weeks. Since then then we've struggled financially .due to sepsis I can't remember anything about any thing. I have a very difficult relationship with my parents and family. My parents love me but are too crital of me. I've now not seen them in three months as they hate my husband. One year ago Chris suffered two heart attacks. I've been through addiction for painkillers and sleeping tablets. Chris is no longer working and we might lose our house, it's mortgaged so we don't get help. We are also being chased by baliffs for non payment of concil tax for 2019. We have no food on a regular basis or electricity or gas to heat the house. The most thing that's upsetting me is I miss my parents and feel I can't go round there as they slag off my husband and will give a hard time when I go. I'm on anti depression ser tramline 10mg but it's not working. I'm also off subozone so that's hard too. I buy sleepingpills so I can sleep but I still can't sleep. At the moment we have 5.00 to last us till next week. Am not suicidal as I couldn't do that to my daughter or hubby or our boys. I just want someone to listen.thanks so much for taking the time to read this,and I hope everyone else on this site is doing ok.
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