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  1. I can relate man. I can speak to the career, though I'm likely throwing it away with my recent behavior. I can also speak to the working out. Did you take pictures when you started? You look in the mirror every day, you may not realize the changes you've made. That being said, not everyone will or can look like a chiseled super hero, it's not in their genetics. It's not in mine, that's for sure. You don't have to look like that to reap the benefits though. What motivates me is weekly progress in the amount of weight. Record every lift you do. Every time you do the same lift, try to get just five more pounds, or maybe one more rep. Some weeks you won't be able to, but over time, your lifts will improve. I love, love sticking prs(personal records). Busting my previous bests is what motivates me. After nearly six months of doing this, I'm actually starting to look OK naked too. But my motivation isn't immediate gratification, it's working hard for that extra five pounds. The aesthetics will come, or they won't, who cares? Career. You're a young man. 28 or 29 by your birth year. Don't sweat it. I didn't get my first "real job" until I was 30. You're gaining life experience, it will help, trust me. Find what you like doing and do it. What are your hobbies? Turn what you love doing into a career. I'm American, and can't really speak to the Serbian economy, but the internet is great. Can you somehow meld the internet and a passionate hobby? Do what you love, the money will come. I'll close with; If you're anything like most people, you enjoy what you're good at. That gives you an advantage. People are willing to pay for quality. Use the internet to do what you're good at and what you enjoy. Relationships, I don't know man. I'm a loner, I need to work on it. Cheers
  2. I'm depressed. I must be, I can't even motivate myself to shave most days. When not working, I sit in my empty apartment and stare at a computer screen. I'm doing it now, high. Always been a heavy drinker. I made a bad decision a couple of months ago and started doing coke. Now I sit around my apartment, telling myself I won't do it again. Once I'm a six pack deep, I cave and get some. I must be self medicating. Other than depression, I don't believe I have anything wrong with me. Ironically, I've turned my nose at anti-depressants. I always felt I didn't need drugs, though never saw the irony of buying a six pack. Now, here I am 5 in the ****ing morning and I have to be at work in five hours, ****ing high. I guess I'm reaching out, I don't really have friends, and certainly not friends I would ever let know how bad things have gotten. What have other visitors here done to get over this? I'm going to take some anti-depressants, I've decided. This lifestyle will **** me, and frankly isn't really worth living. I'm not suicidal, but I know life can be better. Help.
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