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  1. Hi MarkinDark, I cannot remember the last time I said no to work or home activities. I never want to let people down, but I think you are right I have a little burnout from college and grad school, dealing with a disabled child, working 6 days a week and keeping home life together. I have some “Me Time” in between working to get my hair and nails done but those almost are essential to my work because I sometimes have to do public appearances and meetings with high ups in community and photo ops. Will work on finding a therapist, I found one that was good last year but my insurance doesn’t cover her and she is $150 an hour and I make “too much” for sliding scale, but at same time I can’t afford $150 per session, in the state I’m in I really need a therapist once a week for awhile. Thank you for your insight! It has helped!
  2. Monofone, Sounds like me and you have a lot in common minus the husband. I am a single mom of 5 year old work 6 days a week and have only 2 close friends one that lives out of state and one friend that loses contact with me for years at a tine and somehow we reunite like nothing has happen. You are not alone and I’m new here and learning I’m not alone in my feelings, although I’m physically alone.
  3. I’m new here and stumbled upon this forum and glad I did. I wonder this everyday. I am successful, why am I still battling depression? I am educated with 3 degrees, 2 professional certifications, a good job, a sweet 5 year old, an award winner for my job/organization, family that for most part love me, people think I’m kind and sweet, I’m a homeowner and fairly healthy. Why do I feel alone constantly and depressed most days? This depression constantly haunts me!!! I always try to say well I’m depressed because I’m alone and don’t have a mate. Or I’m depressed from my past demons or because I don’t have but 2 close friends (that I barely see or talk to because I work 6 days a week and take care of a 5 year old alone). Or I’m depressed because my child had a birth injury that turned our lives upside down for first few years of her life. Or because the relationships I had never fullly loved me back? But in reality all of these things cannot be the full reason for my depression. Why can’t my successes erase this depression that constantly have a hold on me? Please tell me: Do exercise really help? How can I be around people if I constantly work to support myself and daughter as single parent? How do I build more relationships when I don’t know where to start or how to find the time for extra activities? And do these avenues help?
  4. SheWrites, I totally know how you feel!!! I really do. I’m depressed but not suicidal. But every where I turn I’m not depressed enough to get the help I need. I have very few friends, I’m a single mom, work 6 days a week and find it hard to motivate myself to do all I need to in one day. I do most things because I physically cannot stay in bed with a 5 year old. I feel alone constantly and constantly looking for ways not to feel or be alone but I always wind up alone. Im like you I have health insurance but don’t cover counselor and can’t afford $150 an hour in my area. With us being in same situation, let’s try to just get through one night. And in morning we can find strength to get through that morning.
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