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  1. My girlfriend of 3 months broke up with me on New Year’s Day. It started out as an arguement in New Year’s Eve with me telling her to watch out for her best friend Haley, because her friend had been talking behind about my girlfriend to me, whom she hadn’t seen since the 8th grade, so I assumed she was getting the info from Haley. But then an arguement started in which she told me to stop trying to turn her against her friend and that I’m spreading my paranoia onto her. The next day I get a text in the morning with her stating that she wanted to take a break because she’s tired of being in a relationship, I managed to give her very good reasons as to why we shouldn’t, so she agreed. Well fast forward to the following Friday she breaks up with me, at first she said it was because she was tired of being in a relationship and then changed it to that my outlook on the world is too negative and that I should have trust in everyone I met and such, well I called her up, I was crying, which is a human thing to do and she then agreed to continue trying again, well later in that night out of her blue she started saying that I don’t care about her happyness, that I kept her emotionally hostage and that I manipulated her into staying in a relationship by crying when I called her up, we got into a little arguement in which I brought up something she had said because in the conversation she told me this “I think long and hard about my decisions, I say what I mean and o mean what I say”, and I had brought up what she said about me during the first month that we were dating, she had told her friend how annoying I was and that she doubt we’d last, and when I confronted her about it the first time she was sorry, but this time I called her a liar about the apology and that she meant what she said about, and at that point, she got really pissed, she called me up demanding and apology for calling her a liar, and for keeping her emotionally hostage. I didn’t apologize for a damn thing and when I didn’t she said “I hate you” and blocked me on everything. Now then, I used and app called text now to generate a few numbers so I can try to reason with her, but she kept on going and eventually I told her how much I regret meeting her and everything else. In December we went to a banquet, she invited 2 of her best friends and she treated me like a kid stuck at the kiddie table and got really mad when I was upset and got really made over a joke. I told her that I regret not breaking up with her that very night and she got even more upset and I don’t know why, she already broke up with me, she doesn’t care and now she’s wanting to take legal action cause I caused her emotional trauma, due to this breakup, I’ve been in bed for the past week, I had to leave work on several occasions when I was only 2 hours into my shift, I didn’t start eating until yesterday. Was I in the wrong? [images deleted for privacy concerns; please see member for images]
  2. Thanks you JessiesMom, and Atea, she had actually given me permission for it, I looked through hers she looked through mine, we both have each others finger print on each others phones
  3. So yesterday I had found a text that my girlfriend had sent to her friend, in the text her friend had said “well I things workout between you guys!” And she said that “well idk, he’s a sweetheart but his personality is really annoying sometimes, idk if we will last cause sometimes he just really irritates me but maybe I’ll het used to it” this was sent to the friend literally 7 days after I had called her up when she was going through some shit with her family, confessing to her how I really felt about her, her friend replied”well if you have to get used to something then maybe it wasn’t meant to be” and then she had replied ”nah, I don’t think I get mildly annoyed sometimes is a valid reason to dump him, it’s only been a month, I wanna give him a fair shot especially with how kind he’s been to me” now I confronted her about this last night, and she said that she forgot about it and broke down to crying, and we talked for a while and I still never got the real reason why she had said it, also that text was sent on the 27th of October and she had told me she lived me before then, and I told her that I loved her too, it’s now almost 3 months but that text is making me question whether of not she really does love me, cause I’m that text she didn’t say anything about having feelings for me, the conversation we did have last night though she was basically telling me how I’ve been keeping her afloat, I just don’t know if she does care or what? I just need some clarity from outside sources
  4. I was dating this girl, who is a teen activist, an apparent author and aspiring actrist(she's 18, I to am 18), and she had lied to me twice, one shortly after the first date, the second just recently. the first time was regarding her texting back, she had claimed that she isn't on her phone that much and that's why she doesn't text back until hours or days later, but anytime we are on a date or hanging out she was on her phone texting, the second time she had lied was when I asked her if she had been on a dating app that we had been on, she said no, which turned out to be a lie, and so I broke up with her for her dishonesty and she still claimed to have not been on there when I have proof, and during the breakup I had made a few post and on one of them she replied"You don't care about anybody but yourself, people show their true colors when their angry", and For the past few days ive been thinking that she is right I really don't, not even about myself, I feel myself giving up and struggling just to get out of bed and go to classes at my school, I've come to hate myself more and more each and every day, I'm starting to come to the conclusion that maybe he world would be better off without me in it, because Im starting to think that I am hollow and that all I'll ever do is cause pain because I don't care about anything. Its almost funny now that I think about it, how she said people show their true colors, cause I was up at her home for her birthday pary and the way she had treated me when all I was trying to do was help because she was upset over someone not doing what she asked them to do, I realized that shes selfish, and resorts to self harm when no one's giving her attention. but anyway I feel like I should give up, I'm starting to see that maybe all the people who had harmed or bullied me were right. I just don't know anymore
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