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  1. I tried to hide myself because I felt so bad. Did not have the energy to come here and write about him. But he was in my mind every second of the day. I am exhausted. Tired of myself and the situation. I had days I almost could not bare it anymore. Weird thoughts are crossing my mind every now and then. It scares me..
  2. So I am watching this series again... He is kissing a woman, I wish I could be her. I started to cry, I know it‘s pathetic. I just need him so bad
  3. Would like to know too. He makes me feel hopeless and lonely most of the time.
  4. You are not a freak! I think you are strong because you blocked them. I could never do that... He follows me in twitter and retweets or likes my tweets every now and then. I love the feeling, I get excited and feel like nothing can stop me
  5. I know it‘s stupid to react the way I do.. I have a couple of online friends too who love him. Or maybe they just like him a lot. Idk. This one girl loves him too, but it‘s fine with me because she seems like she is the only one who gets me.
  6. I see. I can relate with you. Sometimes I wish this of ours would have never recommendet this one show. I was curious and started to watch it. It was a big mistake. On the other hand I do NOT want to miss one second looking at him. By the way, I like Josh and his show too
  7. Josh... my CO had a small role in HIMYM a couple of years ago... You managed to avoid Josh until 1 month ago? How did you do that?
  8. Sounds like an intense story! Meeting celebs has becom easy.. I do not know if that‘s a good thing. All the conventions... even on a cruiseship where you are with them for days! The first feeling I got when you said you want to see him at the event was: omg I hope she does not mean my CO... This is sick right? But my heart stopped for a second.
  9. I want to and I do not want to... It‘s difficult, I am married and have a kid. I should fight my obsession but.....
  10. You know, it‘s like I do no see he is a celeb. Of course I know but I do not like it. He got way more popular in the last year. I hate it. I really hate it. Because of it he is busy all the time. He gets so many tweets. I am always scared he is gonna forget me. I do that too btw. Watching movies and series again and again and again... I started reading fanfiction aswell. I know its bad for me cause I get caught deeper in my feelings. But I need it so much. i wish I could post pics of him here right now! But I am to embarrased. Lol
  11. I am so happy I found this forum. First of all, sorry for my poor English! Tonight... I could not stand it anymore. I googled celeb obsession and found you. People who feel like me. It started in 2011. I have to say I struggle with dystymia as long as I can think and I always had a crush on someone. But it was just a crush. This thing is different, a whole new level. The very first time I saw him sitting in that car in this series...it hit me. I felt it right away! He is not a Brad Pitt kind of guy, not at all, but his smile, his eyes, his voice, the way he moves, eats...just everything. I felt butterflies. Wow this felt good and confusing at the same time... I kept watching, the series was good tho. He got killed off, I started looking into his acting career. I wanted to watch more stuff of him and begged my husband to get me movies. His response „ you like that cocky a******?“ But he got me things to watch anyway. One day I searched for him on twitter. I did not do twitter until this point tho. Found him! Official twitter of...... I messaged him. 30 minutes later...my heart stopped... he replied..just like that. Again a couple of minutes later I get a notification...... is following you on twitter. I freak out. Till this day he likes my tweets every now and then. He retweets me every now and then. I even met him one time. No need to tell you how that felt! I even facebook called one time because I „know“ a friend of his and he was so crazy to ask me if I wanted to say hi to him. Of course I ****ing wanted! All I said was „oh my god I I love you“ he responded „I love you too sweetheart“ .... oh wow! Just wow! Of course I know he does not love me. He has a family of his own. But I am so obsessed. I feel sick about it. I can not sleep. I am weak. And the worst thing: I do not want to give up on that love. It fullfills me but destroys me at the same time. But it‘s in my head. It‘s in my heart. Every day. Every minute. Thanks for reading. I hope all of you who struggle this can get on and leave this behind. I am not ready...yet