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  1. Never stop looking for a good doctor who listens to you. If it makes you feel better, there are a lot of us who have gone through crappy doctors before finding a good one. Don’t give up.
  2. Yes, continue posting. We are all here for you and for each other. I know I have found a sense of family among you all. For the longest time I felt like a freak. There is always hope. Recently I have been trying to pray more to God and pray often throughout the day when anxiety strikes. It has been helping me tremendously. Chin up. Set boundaries at work. Keep working on your business. You are going to be great.
  3. Ugh that’s terrible to hear about the insurance. I’m sorry. But yeah therapy etc can add up. I also seek out my church and the pastors there whenever I’m down. If not church, do you have some kind of circle of friends or someone you can talk to?
  4. It’s okay. I get it. I actually remember being this way as a child and sometimes I have moments now in my adult life too. Like for the longest time I wanted an alien invasion or some major war. Some calamity. I think I was trying to offset my bland, dull, boring depressed life. I get it. Don’t worry. Have you talked to a psychiatrist or therapist about how you are feeling?
  5. Hmm. Very interesting way of looking at things. Lol. I don’t think you were cheated. I’m on day 9 of stopping Effexor cold turkey and I seriously thought I was dying. You might not have had any withdrawl symptoms because you tappered off. Effexor used to work for me but after a few months, it because a horrible drug. I was always sweating, gained weight, felt the need for caffeine so bad that I would chug unhealthy amounts of coffee everyday, made me binge eat!!!, fatigue, horrible dreams, IBS blew up and it made me suicidal like crazy. Which is why i cut it cold turkey. I have had enough. I just think the Effexor stopped working for you. Remember all of our body chemistry is very different. We all react differently. The withdrawl is awful. You don’t want it. Trust me.
  6. MakeThePainGoAway

    Sadness that is masked but never gone

    Omg that brought tears to my eyes because that’s so true!! I took a screenshot of it and I’m going to read it everytime I get discouraged. Thank you so much Oscar. I am so grateful. You have no idea.
  7. Hey you. I’m doing okay. I quit one of my meds ( Effexor) cold turkey 9 days ago and I have been dealing with the withdrawls. Day 9 and I’m still bed ridden. lol. It’s been rough physically but mentally I’m starting to feel like my old self. Don’t quit anything cold turkey tho. I’m just impatient and had reached my breaking point. I haven’t really found anything to help me with finding a balance wanting to be so alone. I noticed I am all smiles and laughter when I’m with my crew working on the plane. But I quickly feel mentally drained. You know they say an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. I’m trying to fill my alone time with activities. I was just looking up some art projects to do. I have been reading your posts everyday though. Use the starting your own business as fuel to motivate you. I think that’s the best route for you. Also, it seems like you really need to set boundaries with your wife’s family. This is why they say never to work with family I guess. Things get informal and people get walked all over. I’m proud of you for the times you did speak up tho. Don’t let people mistake your kindness and patience as weakness! Do what makes you happy and don’t worry about what other people think. It’s so much easier said than done. It took me almost 15 years to learn this because I always felt like I was being an inconvenience. But screw that, you have feelings too. Keep going at it. I think it would really help you if you could take 30 minutes for yourself alone everyday, away from everyone and just go for a walk. Don’t listen to music or anything but listen to your body and your mind and I think it will help you greatly. The physical aspect of it will also help in feeling better!
  8. MakeThePainGoAway

    Sadness that is masked but never gone

    Yes, please share your knowledge.
  9. MakeThePainGoAway

    Sadness that is masked but never gone

    Ha! Gynos never want to take PMDD seriously. It’s so annoying.
  10. This is day 8 of going cold turkey (don’t yell at me for going cold turkey lol). I feel awful. Better than the day before but still awful. Nausea, brain zaps, painful chills etc etc. this is my second time going cold turkey and I don’t remember the first time being so awful. anyone have similar experiences?
  11. MakeThePainGoAway

    Sadness that is masked but never gone

    Oscar, I’m extremely visual when it comes to learning and you have no idea how much the cave image helps me. I’m going to try to picture myself at the entrance or exit next time a wave of depression hits me. Thank you.
  12. MakeThePainGoAway

    Brain fog and exhaustion

    SeahorseSubmarine, how are you feeling now? Can you update us? I just quit my Effexor cold turkey about a week ago because I was experiencing the same things you mentioned plus some more side effects. Took me a while but i figured out that it’s because of the Effexor. I was always yawning 24/7 and had this awful craving for coffee to be more alert but it only increased my anxiety. I couldn’t sleep, constant pigged out (I think my brain was trying to offset the fatigue by eating), weight gain, AWFUL brain fog, slow reaction to everything etc etc. I can’t afford that because I’m in school full time double major and work full time as a flight attendant. I’m always on the move and having fatigue and brain fog is a huge no go. I do not recommend going cold turkey but I’m stubborn and although this past week has been hell from the withdrawal symptoms, I feel a lot of mental clarity. My psychiatrist is great but when it came to how I felt on Effexor, she kept dismissing me or trying to increase the dose. Or suggested exercise. I lift, and even that didn’t help! Hope you are doing better. Please update us if you can!
  13. MakeThePainGoAway

    Sadness that is masked but never gone

    Me for as long as I have remembered even as a child. Mostly I have become a loner now even though my job involves tons of people everyday (I’m a flight attendant). I long for silence so I can just sit down and cry myself to sleep or just cry. It’s hard living this way because it’s so exhausting but here I am, somehow still alive day after day.
  14. Just quit cold turkey for the second time in my life and it’s day 7. This past week has been hell but I’m hanging in there. I’m just really struggling with the nausea now. Benadryl is God sent for the nausea. I take one and mostly sleep during the day. Had to take this week off work. Couldn’t get any school work done either ugh. But it’s all worth this pain in the end. I already feel like my old self is coming back. Effexor XR was great when first starting out but it completely changed my personality this time around. This drug helps but the long term side effects are scary.