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  1. I am now almost 7 weeks on Celexa 20 mg. At 4 weeks I went to my doctor and asked for an increase to 30 mg. Although I had been feeling better sometimes, I felt I was generally feeling worse. She told me to add Welbutrin SR 100 mg to the Celexa instead of the increase to 30 mg. I did not start taking it until yesterday because I was afraid it would increase my anxiety. I decided to wait until after Christmas to start as I didn't want to have a panic attack at family gatherings. I don't feel anything so far but Ativan helps if I need it. To encourage myself I keep looking for people with positive reviews. I just read someone who said she felt great after 9 weeks on Celexa 20mg. Hang in there!
  2. I have been just over 3 weeks on 20mg. Have some waves of calm positive feeling and some waves of anxiety. I do believe it is working a bit. I want to continue as I read that sometimes it takes 4-6 weeks.
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