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  1. Well hello df friends 🙃 how are you all doing I hope ur okay am not well haven’t got to see the kids yet but going to talk to the ex Friday to plan or I don’t know depression is kinda bad so is anxiety but it’s I think could be wrong but I think it’s my paranoia it’s still getting bad but I guess it’s getting better can’t say a lot about that 😢
  2. Well there getting the 🔥 under control people are going back to there houses it’s crazy scary but there doing there best but it don’t seem to be good enough if that makes sense mom the eather hand my dad is in the house sick and having a heart cath in the morning so hopefully that goes good ill tell yea it’s never ending
  3. Thanks doing okay the 🔥 we started by people 🔥😡🔥😡🔥😔😔😔 so fair am still at home so am lucky sisters house burned down but she’s okay mom hade to evacuate so she’s staying with me her cat is hate life at the moment hade to miss a appointment with my therapist but I got my meds so that’s good
  4. I miss my grandma so much but yet agin she’s not here for this **** that’s happening right know
  5. Am where there are 🔥
  6. The place I live in is having a very hard time 😢
  7. Sigh am stupid don’t forget crazy
  8. Sigh hade my doctors appointment today went well I already knew everything she said but a few things to think about not going to talk about it till I figure our what’s going to happen post more later
  9. I don’t know when I see my doctor agin I play games and music and talk to a friend though out tha day thanks for talking to me sorry you haven’t been doing well i am just at the point where I would do it if you know what I mean just got to try hard to move past this I just feel like a lost puppy
  10. Having bad thoughts and overwhelmed by life the hole kid and med changes my anxiety and depression are so bad I don’t see the point
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