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  1. I don’t agree am insane and crazy also
  2. Going to ignore my therapist tomorrow hahaha don’t of a beep is going to know am angry one way or another
  3. Very angry at my counselor that son of a **** got me trouble today 😡
  4. Just dune with life overwhelmed with things that feel like there not going to get better so what’s the point really thinking about saying **** it
  5. I put a lot of thought in just ending it all today 😒things are not getting better don’t get me wrong I know they can it just don’t feel like it’s worth the fight at the moment 😢
  6. In the mood to talk wish I could talk to my counselor today but can’t guess I gotta chuck it in the **** it bucket and move on
  7. I appreciate you just thought I would let you know
  8. Yea there not all bad I don’t think that’s what we need on here anyways just saying
  9. Yea I totally under what your saying I am personally at the point where I care to much about people on here 😢
  10. Could be the problem but honestly I don’t fully agree sorry just my opinion for whatever it worth personally don’t think it means much
  11. Just a thought does anyone else feel like this place that should be helping people is really bad for your mental health because I feel like it is and yet It’s hard to stay away I also feel like it was made where I couldn’t cane on for awhile I could be wrong I wish at times it was made where I couldn’t cane on but at the same time I don’t 🤔and I feel bad because I haven’t been doing good not really talking to people on here or saying positive things at all for awhile and I feel very bad about it but however I really do wish nothing but the best for everyone of you and hope your doing better them me right know but I think you are could be wrong I just hope I don’t make anyone mad for me saying this 😢😔
  12. Not okay but still breathing so that good at least
  13. Am just stressed my mental health isn’t so good right know 😔
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