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  1. Welcome I look forward to reading your posts also hope your doing good
  2. Sent my kids a package they got it today I sent my girl a Easter dress she loved it that makes my year just got to hold on to this feeling because I know am going to need it later today sent my son a game gift card hope it was the right one 🙂
  3. Forgot what I was going to write so I’ll just put up a smiley face 😊
  4. Devlinkyla

    Went to the park

    Wanted to share a picture I took at the park yesterday
  5. Really depressed today angry about it don’t want to be anywhere
  6. Not happy not sad normal this is a scary new thing to be in not use to this but my anxiety is still there a bit but eather then that I could get use to this
  7. Waiting for the picture to show
  8. It’s a nice day at the park [image of river bank in the spring] [image removed to decrease page load times]
  9. Just wanted to say welcome and hope you start to feel even just a bit better
  10. Am going to be 34 this year but I also don’t act like it
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