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  1. I have a headache agin. 🤕😭😒 I always well not always but I get headaches often anymore
  2. Am sorry that happened and I hope there okay to
  3. A little stressed but hade a really good day so fair
  4. Today I have a headache from stress I want be able to see my kids for awhile so. That hurts
  5. Hey wish i hade same good advice to give you but I totally understand my ex mother in law was so bad so mental fights she started because of course she’s right and I could never do things right sure it was so bad she never let me cook eather and if she did there be a fight about how she let me cook what a bitch we also hade two kids together so at the point I couldn’t leave the kids but I also loved my ex but am so happy am not with him anymore but I we’ll also always love him sorry your going through this wish I could help because I understand how bad it could best wishes Teresa
  6. Today just sucks well my sister is homeless because my grandma isn’t letting her stay there long I know it’s not my problem and I shouldn’t let it bother me so much just sucks because I can’t help her I feel like I can’t help anyone not a very good feeling
  7. Actually she must have started a fight or samething like that she always gets kicked out of places like that
  8. Well still worried my sister got kicked out of a homeless shelter today witch sucks but she does have a place at grandmas she can stay worried about my son uncle and ant and know my sister what’s next 😞
  9. Worried about my son still tired of worrying about every little thing but it’s the way I am I need to just deal with it
  10. Today am doing pretty good worried about my son but I always worry
  11. I hade a dream where we (my mom) was the driver god then I got of the car then tryed to get trash from the side of the road but wouldn’t try hard enough to get it because I thought I couldn’t then looked back and the read got smaller and smaller couldn’t go back but couldn’t go forward ( I feel stuck but also like am not trying hard enough)
  12. Coffee with more coffee please 🙂
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