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  1. Yea I know you should see my nick it’s ****ing huge my throat hurts😒😢🤷‍♀️
  2. Just test for this stupid virus that am pretty sure I don’t have 😔😡😢am kinda sick though 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️Bad times
  3. Well it’s been two years since I was hurt by a guy I did know and hurt myself
  4. Well am alive not well but not as bad eather
  5. Not sure am understanding what your saying
  6. I have a med that help me with my anxiety 😊
  7. Hello!!! i need to vent... i am sure how I should feel at this point. am a hot mess not sure how to handle this anymore!! I haven’t been this bad in awhile. a mix of this one being rape and not seeing my kids and over a year this has been so bad this last two weeks dreams flashbacks scared of everything no one understands the pain am going through I would love just to talk to same one who fully understands everything that hurts me but there isn’t anyone in this world ( that I have meet that is) am not going to lie it’s good I don’t live alone because honestly I would just give up it’s all to painful not seeing my kids then add the rape then missing my grandma and two friends how could any one person handle all this I feel like I shouldn’t have to but people would think am selfish so that’s not good might be helping at this point why can’t we just have them back why they have to leave I understand at the same time but my heart don’t understand am basically need same one that can say it be okay I understand ( and mean it) sorry just a little angry at the moment I mean like seriously why should we have to hurt like this I know it can get better and blah blah but am not kidding or just saying this but am definitely just dune like what’s the point am never going to be fully happy I can’t even find a place to live alone and shouldn’t at this point anyways but still am useless and stupid and stuck and a bad person and a bad mom and if you just took the time to read this and if you reply it be appropriated
  8. We changed meds so that might help went very well
  9. Well I talk to my doctor over the phone at five so in a hour and a half about I don’t know what she’s going to say am doing very bad so we shall see I’ll post later how it goes
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