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  1. It’s amazing how you could fine for awhile then wake up one morning and not be okay for no reason 👎
  2. Yea they can always get better maybe not perfect but better is good enough I hope you start to feel better really soon
  3. It’s been really sad on here lately 😔and I feel bad about it because I feel like know that am doing okay and it’s all good but I want to make everyone happy and I can’t I don’t even know what to say life can be hard same times but hell I just don’t know sorry for saying this just wanted to let you all know why I haven’t really been doing much on here 😒
  4. I do but at the same time my heart hurts not sure if that makes sense
  5. I just thought I would tell everyone on here that I care about all of you just saying 🙂🙃🤪🤗
  6. Doing pretty good 🤪but at the same time I really miss my grandma 😞
  7. Made it through it okay still haven’t cryed thank you for being you
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