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  1. Doing okay going to see my brother tonight 🙂
  2. Doing ok not going to see my family tomorrow so disappointed but am fine
  3. I could be better grandma has a cold and her cancer is growing fast thinking she might not make it to next year could be wrong she is a very strong women she was in pain a little over a week ago but thankfully she’s not in pain at the moment going up to her house in a few days I really need to go up there been saying I will but haven’t um don’t know how the kids or my ex is doing he’s kidneys are not well he has pkd witch means well I’ll tell more about that anther time the kids are feeling the stress from there dad being sick um not sure what’s going to happen with the kids if he dies bad to think of that but it could happen um yea I know I wouldn’t end up with the kids that’s for sure I need to fight for them but honestly know they probably would want to live with there grandma and grandma I know there mad at me and remembering bad things that happened before I left I don’t remember anything wish I could so I could at least know how to fix it but knowing might not help probably would just make me be harder on my self uhh yea bother is going to be here this week all the way from North Carolina he’s wife and kiddo are not going to be with him haven’t gotten to see my brother for almost 8 years so it’s gonna be nice but then agin I wish it wasn’t because grandmas sick but at least he’s going to see her uhh sister seems to be doing well talked to her the eather day but I could be wrong umm also don’t know how my dad is I miss him but also don’t really know him I know my step mom more then I know him but I should try to talk to him but I don’t so I guess I shouldn’t say anything really wishing I knew how my kids are doing and talk to them Christmas is going to be so hard this year that’s why I say it’s canceled this year so a lot going on this year hope next year is better but on a same what good note am going off one of my meds agin and am not having any problems I won’t be fully of it tell next year it’s a slow process but it’s going to happen if I don’t start to hear voices or see things wish me luck I could use it thank you for letting me vent on here I really appreciate it it and very glad I found df because you all really help me more then words could say so thank you al so much hope your all are doing better then me
  4. Thank you I needed that am just glad I have a place to vent kinda helps I appreciate all of you putting up with my bs
  5. In a bad mood want to get drunk and forget life
  6. Frozen my girl Kyla’s favorite movie
  7. Christmas is canceled because I said so just saying not doing to bad sent the kids a message today they said happy thanksgiving back 🙂 miss them more then anything in the world 😒
  8. Let’s just say she’s in the hospital on a hold
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