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  1. Am okay it’s been a long day not hurting as bad as I was yesterday so that’s good I don’t know how more of this not feeling good and hurting I can take
  2. Well am having a good birthday my back is hurting VERY bad though
  3. I feel like I have the flu but I know I don’t 😩 but I don’t feel sad so I guess I’ll take it
  4. Don’t be sorry am just sorry you having a hard time keep posting 🙂 I keep bitching about not feeling good and oh I hurt it’s like damn go on meds or shut up already so I understand how you feel
  5. Having a really bad pain day but am fine kinda happy stressed thought getting ready to move
  6. Tired hurting but kinda happy with a bit of anxiety
  7. I heard Lyrica helps a lot so I hope it works I forget the name for it to although I probably never did know to be honest yea I take ibuprofen to does help a little unfortunate for me I still end up hurting really bad but am a big baby I for the most part just deal with it probably not good but I don’t have a choice at least I feel like I don’t am glad you have a good doctor I do to but haven’t talked to her much about my pain am stubborn and tell her I’ll just deal with it because we’ll i don’t know am default am am going to change my depression meds around so I can take samething to help with my pain am at the point I can’t handle it for know it well pass and I we’ll probably stop it agin then regret it 🙄 sorry for going on and on not a lot of people understand how bad I hurt at times you probably get that to
  8. Am so sorry you have it to hope you have samething that helps with your pain I need to go back to the doctor witch stinks because they think am after pain meds agin 🙄 although I know we would almost take anything to help with the pain right thanks for making me not feel so alone
  9. I hate doctors they don’t understand they think your just after pain meds it’s like just make they pain go away even a little but they don’t understand that 😏 at least same one understands thanks
  10. My fibromyalgia is making me hurt very bad
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