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  1. I think people don’t understand when I say I want to go home means
  2. Oh okay am trying to get off of ativan and I feel like am going crazy but I just got to see the doctor today did some med changes to help with it
  3. Did you have any problems when you quit taking them
  4. Hey @sober4lifeI have a question for you because you might now the answer but Frist I need to know if you ever taken meds for anxiety
  5. Thank you its hard to explain how I feel because it changes so fast
  6. Not good depression has come back like you wouldn’t believe well not all the time but yea
  7. Hi am not depressed but my mood changes so fast one minute and angry then really upset the anxious then frustrated and then a mix of hate myself and feel guilty it’s been crazy
  8. Am doing a Ativan taper and am having a hard time
  9. Hi everyone am doing well I guess it looks like I won’t have to move
  10. I don’t know am kinda hoping I don’t have to I like it here
  11. Hi everyone whats up?? What’s new going on?? am okay okay actually doing very well however might have to move although it looks like it may not happen so wish me luck I kinda need it
  12. I feel good and today’s my birthday am 36
  13. Well am okay but yet not doing okay I know that don’t makes sense my depression is good my anxiety isn’t okay got a lot going on right now
  14. I have been there and it can honestly get better I been there for awhile but doing much better so honestly it does get better
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