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  1. I talked to her for a few minutes a couple weeks ago she’s really nice I don’t talk to her tell Tuesday I got a really good feeling about this
  2. Okay well first of I would try melatonin and then as of paralysis goes I make sure I can breath and try not to fight it makes it worse I just try to think am okay I can breath and everything will be okay I used to get so scared and fight it it would last longer it’s not easy but just figured it might help best wishes
  3. Hi can I say something that might be helpful with the sleep thing
  4. Hi am okay really angry don’t know why but okay finally talk to my therapist Tuesday
  5. Well am frustrated my mom is acting like a damn child and her excuse is she’s trying to find what to talk about she has more then one personality’s and she acting like little Annie
  6. Yea it can it will get better last night was better
  7. So on day two of new med and stopping one so fair having a very hard time sleeping
  8. Well am still awake i took 5 mgs of melatonin just took two more
  9. So it’s nice weather witch means am in pain sigh
  10. So I am not okay and not really sleeping
  11. Hi well **** my appointment got cancelled so I have to wait tell the next week sigh send help
  12. Am not okay really thoughts of not wanting to be alive
  13. So I already told you all that I called crisis I don’t know why I do but it’s hospital bad so apparently it might be my meds not working again any advice would be great like how do you cope with not so good feelings
  14. So I called crisis and I lied a little about how bad my thoughts are not sure why
  15. I wish I could say am a lot better today but am having a hard time gonna go for a walk later
  16. So am freaking out can’t do anything and I forgot my meds I take after dinner I mean I took them but still and it’s time for meds again ****
  17. Well am looking for a job am not okay waiting tell I talk to my new therapist
  18. I actually got a little sleep last night and I can’t go back to 10 mgs I don’t have any left i however read something last night that said it can make you go into it but since I actually got sleep I think am okay
  19. Just got on a higher dose of zyprexa that’s the only change I hade went from 10 mgs to 15 in the morning and 10 at night
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