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  1. Yes it does make sense it’s kinda how I feel when I talk about my grandma
  2. Oh I forgot I got help that I needed best friend for the win
  3. It’s okay it’s mostly my back but I have pain everywhere
  4. I got the help I needed best friend for the win am drunk
  5. Am not good am not kidding this is really bad I need help but I don’t want help
  6. I don’t want am doing but I don’t feel good I don’t even know what the hell am doing but it’s gonna end very bad am in pain no help and am tired not like sleep tired
  7. Sorry guys I was messed up when I posted what I did so am sorry
  8. Am serious am at the point to take my own life away
  9. Well I hate to say this I am useing alcohol and doing drugs to cope with the pain it’s is legal also nothing dangerous
  10. I totally understand what your saying doctors don’t do anything to help anymore
  11. They wouldn’t tell me anything really told me to google it and am not good at that when I don’t know much
  12. Still in pain but actually found out there’s a there a problem with my back doctor treating me really badly no help
  13. Sounds good I got chocolate and juice I can’t sleep because of pain
  14. Am in a lot of pain and no help I been handling this long enough I quit I can’t handle it anymore am tired
  15. Well two of my house mates have covid good new I did a test and I don’t have covid however I hurt soooo bad like am not kidding I can’t do anything and I think I have a cold witch am not complaining I would like have a cold over covid any day
  16. Well two people I live with have covid am fine am just angry because I hade a very appointment I needed to go to 😡
  17. F*** life serous when I say if I wanted I could end everything tomorrow am tired am depressed in pain in all the ways you could hurt am just dune with life I think it be a good thing if I went to bed and never wake up
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