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  1. So here is a little of the story my sister is pregnant and homeless she hade a job but she hade every excuse not to go she keep ending up in the hospital for mental health reasons turns out she was useing it for a place to stay from what she told me last time she got herself kicked out of where she was staying she goes well I could go to the hospital in blank and I said well what are they going to do for you and she goes well it’s a place to sleep for the weekend shes been useing the family for money and so on we’re not going to put up with it much anymore she keeps asking for money from me and I keep telling her no and today she asked if I could pay her phone bill and she don’t even have one she has one of those free phones so it’s like this my uncle called her and told her to leave me the beep alone and she called me anyways I didn’t answer but it’s I have a headache and my neck hurts so my question is how do I stop her from using me I gave her like 300 dollars already witch I feel stupid for giving her and she’s gotten a lot of money from eather family members and it’s like this she was useing drugs before she was pregnant and for awhile after she stoped everything but smoking when she lived with family so am scard she’s going to start useing again that poor baby did nothing wrong to deserve this I know smoking while pregnant is disgusting for baby they have proof of this and it’s just like she only cares about herself she even threatened to hurt her self and it’s just out of control if you took the time to read my hole venting rant or whatever you want to call it thanks and any and all advice would be appreciated hope ur gaveling or hade a good day
  2. It’s been going on for awhile know trying medication changes but still working on that it hasn’t been easy but it’s going to be worth it at the end I hope
  3. I just need the depression to stop sorry have a migraine
  4. That’s the thing I don’t know thank for asking
  5. I need help but no one can help me am stuck and depressed and wanting to not be here anymore
  6. I feel better when I have caffeine in general but it don’t help anxiety
  7. Yea am thinking about ending once and all but I keep telling myself I can’t so there’s that but the it’s so strong that I feel like I can’t fight it much longer
  8. Day three is depressed thinking about ending it all but I can’t so there’s that I hate depression still kinda mad one good thing got my girls gift so I should be getting that out in the mail Monday on her birthday I thought she was coming down Sunday but they can’t so there’s that anyone ever wonder If there depression would take there life because I feel that way today I need answers like what happens when you pass would people be at ur funeral would anyone be sad because I also feel like people would be happy
  9. Sigh been busy feeling good one day to feeling bad the next two day depression and anxiety is no joke been struggling with bad thoughts the last two days good news I got my girl Kyla’s birthday gift on the way should be here tomorrow but looking like she’s not coming the day before her birthday so I’ll have to mail it to her
  10. sorry sober it’s just hot today 115 it’s like 112 right know
  11. Feeling miserable it got up to 115 ish here today in the lovely state of Oregon
  12. Doing a bit better not as tired started takeing it only at night
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