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  1. Physically and emotionally hurting Might be a new med I was put on not to long ago got a migraine again
  2. I don’t have that migraine anymore but my head is hurting again
  3. I feel like I just got out of the hospital a few days ago weak tired sore I wasn’t in the hospital but hades a bad migraine for a long time
  4. Promise it was bad hearing things that wasn’t really there tell around 5 but am sure the coffee I hade before bed didn’t help
  5. Having a bad night I’ll tell more later
  6. Well I am know addicted to caffeine lol but I quit smoking
  7. I feel better as in my headache is gone but my back hurts still but not as bad a bit depressed today my son just turns 11 in the 9th and didn’t get to talk to him anxious to
  8. I still can’t do anything also a bit depressed and anxious
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