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  1. Am in pain and that means my mental health is bad today send help
  2. My sister is in jail again go figure I think at this point she use's for a place to sleep idk drugs can make you do crazy stuff On a happy note things are about to change for the better however a roommate is making problems for everyone I live 3 people it’s a lot but it works tomorrow is Friday am happy about that oh right roommate whatever bad word you want to call her is taking her sweet time doing it whatever it will give us time to find a roommate if we can ugh
  3. So am like always beyond tired lately went from sleeping enough to live to sleeping way to much oh well it’s better then being awake
  4. Am sorry hope it doesn’t happen and also if it does it not so bad
  5. Well I been on these meds for a few days at a higher dose I have high hopes for it I think it’s gonna work out for the best
  6. Yea I look for my phone while am doing stuff on it
  7. Well no and I understand but am here to tell you you deserve to be happy I don’t know if I answered that right but you get my point right
  8. So I am stupid I thought I lost money at the store but it was in my pocket
  9. Want to hear my funny of the day going to tell you anyways I am getting a lot of gray hair already some might not think it’s funny but I sure do
  10. Yea I been taking it for awhile I also forgot about my anxiety med
  11. I take Haloperidol and Seroquel and lamictal and something for side effects I don’t know what it’s called
  12. I feel extremely like am on to much meds but needed right now ugh nap time yea right lol
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