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  1. I feel good and today’s my birthday am 36
  2. Well am okay but yet not doing okay I know that don’t makes sense my depression is good my anxiety isn’t okay got a lot going on right now
  3. I have been there and it can honestly get better I been there for awhile but doing much better so honestly it does get better
  4. Not a lot know this about me but I was homeless once and I was a hot mess got lucky my grandma let me come down and stayed with her it’s very scary I hope things work out for you sorry for sounding stupid
  5. Hey i feel great the happiest I have been in a long time it does get better just saying
  6. I have pain that the cbd don’t help with
  7. It’s okay I been taking cbd oil to help the pain and it works even helps anxiety so yay how have you been doing
  8. Hey df am okay tired but what’s new in pain but have been for awhile
  9. Hey am doing good more med changes in a lot of pain useing cbd oil and it helps go back to the doctor on the 7th and hopefully she can help figure out why am hurting
  10. I know it’s early for me but am awake and just wanted to say hey how are you am in pain nothing is helping so dang it
  11. Am doing better on my new med so not perfect still have bad thoughts but there not to bad I can handle them so there’s that
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