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  1. I could try I don’t think I could do it at first but I’ll try thank you
  2. I have so much to say but don’t know how to say it if that’s makes sense
  3. I don’t remember if I replied to this or not so yea I feel a bit better still have those strong feelings but I feel like I deal with it better today got to see my mom today and that was nice was really tired though I feel like am always tired but I know depression and my anxiety can make me tired at least today was okay didn’t feel sick today was having that problem for awhile so am happy about it wish I could talk to my therapist today but oh well I’ll talk to him soon enough
  4. Sorry your sinking as well mits just I don’t see the point not taking the ex to court that’s a big deal makes me sick
  5. It’s always nice not to feel alone thanks i hate myself I feel stupid ugly waste of space like s***
  6. Thanks I just feel stuck like things are not going to get better so why try I been thinking a lot of just ending it sorry but it’s true I can’t handle this right know
  7. Very tired very depressed very anxious feel alone just you know every single bad feeling you can have but I can handle it
  8. It’s just past stuff and more ptsd stuff to go with it
  9. I feel dead inside having a very hard time
  10. Got my glasses today it’s kinda nice to be able to see better
  11. Sorry your feeling like that it can be very difficult to deal with been feeling the same way just lost it’s a strange feeling today has been a okay day to I just want to be by myself and I can’t so there’s that that
  12. I have the same problem i have tears every night for what seems no reason I find that I don’t feel anything at all but I do find that I am thinking about the day when it happens not that anything bad happened just things that have happened in the past like my grandma we last her to cancer over a year ago I haven’t really cried about it just tears when I go to bed i am sorry you have that happen to it’s a bad feeling am sorry this isn’t helpful just know your not alone in this oh I was also told by someone in the past that I might be on to Mitch meds I don’t know if that’s true or not but it makes sense same meds are used to make you not feel anything at least that’s what I think
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