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  1. Well the zyprexa seems to be help so yea things seem to be getting better
  2. Well am a high dose of zyprexa now we will see how that goes
  3. Well it’s facts I lost touch with reality and going crazy and stuck not knowing what to do and thoughts of being dead
  4. Haven’t been in a good place hugs to everyone
  5. Am freaked out I might have told my therapist I love you what do I do now
  6. I hate my brain I was good half the day and now I was well let’s not go there anyways am very scared of my schizophrenia and bipolar and ahhhh
  7. That not dumb I watch YouTube videos that some one in my family posted just to hear her voice and I go to where she is now and talk to her
  8. So i need help am really thinking about hurting myself and very paranoid and also have a plan I don’t know what to do no one understands
  9. Still having a hard time but am still here do I guess that’s good even though it don’t seem okay to me
  10. Am not good I can tell something is wrong really bad depression and idk just something is wrong
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