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  1. Does he ever talk to you about your feelings or how you feel or what you want to do? It's nice to want to give him your attention but not so much if he isn't more considerate towards you though.
  2. Thanks for the responses and welcomes 🙂 I'm sorry that you have also had your share of struggles in life. I can only hope that the changes coming to the US will make Healthcare much more affordable within the next few years. I have a hard time thinking of any small goals to try to achieve. I'll also likely be living on my own within several years once my parents retire and move which terrifies me. I don't know the first thing about living on my own or even affording it.
  3. I've been suffering from chronic depression since I was 15-16, I'm 28 now and it hasn't gotten much better. It's not an everyday thing but it always sneaks up on me every now and then; feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, self-loathing, fear of never being loved etc. I live with my family and work a barely above min wage job. I'm very sensitive and have issues with coping with rejection, I've never had many friends in my life and have always felt like a loner for the most part. At first it wasn't quite that way, but from middle school-high school onward I definitely was. I have no friends now outside of people I met online now. These feelings have always been there but I think it got worse after a rejection from someone I had a huge crush on at work. I tried online dating after that fell apart and I had no luck on there either. Over the last few years, all of these feelings soon started to turn into fits of pessimism, anger, resentment etc. All of my peers from school are married, bought a house, went to college and ended up with a good job etc, while I have next to nothing. It's gotten worse since now I'm close to 30; at 30 with little life experience and no relationship experience as well makes for a highly undesirable person. I can't afford therapy and I tried medication for a little bit but it did me no good. I've always been introverted and have a hard time forming lasting friendships that lead to anything. I've become weary and untrusting of others. I've had a difficult time forming new friendships online as well, I'm hoping this will be a more rewarding experience since this is a community that would understand and not judge my feelings, especially my negative ones. Thanks. Nice to meet everyone! I have a hard time really typing my feelings out without going into tangents or ranting so I tried my best here.
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