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  1. I think you should let him try dating other people. Im in a similar situation with my relationship and feelings. But I really think if he goes out a few times and sees what life is like without you, hell realize what he wants and that would be that. There is always hope for true love so don't give up but both of you should move on for a bit, explore your options, focus on your career and come back to it if you both still have that love in your hearts.
  2. Hey, this is the first time I've ever written on a forum and I'm hoping at least someone will talk or respond to me. Lately I've been feeling so worthless and alone. My backstory is that I moved from Canada to the US and dropped out of high school with my girlfriend. We both have had careers in the entertainment industry, but she is much more famous with millions of followers while I have a few hundred thousand. She makes hundreds of thousands of dollars while I struggle to make a grand a month. She tells me I don't have to worry about money that she can pay for everything and in exchange I help out with all the responsibility work because she's a bit of an airhead when It doesn't involve taking a selfie. I take all of her photos, clean up after all her and our garbage, I take care of our two dogs and everything else that needs to get done. Some people would think that this is a dream life to have a hot girlfriend, not worry about paying bills and doing whatever it is id like to do. But my life doesn't feel like my life. It feels like I follow her around everywhere, like everything is about her, whenever people come up to me they ask for her first "where is she". But this power struggle even though she says theres no power struggle with the money, I feel it because none of this wealth is even mine. Our relationship has become more platonic where she's not horny anymore and says I'm always the one who needs to change for her. Any argument we have she will always win no matter what. Ive tried legitametly working for her to be paid weekly as her assistant but that just put a strain on our relationship even more. I miss the feeling of being so deeply in love. We moved in together at 16. And moved countries at 17. Now I'm 18 and she's 19 even though were so young we've progressed so much. Ive been feeling like I'm worthless though for this life because ill never be as big as her and even then whose going to look after me and my photos and my career when all my time is looking after her career. I just feel like I'm too comfortable to break up because I like not having to worry about but does that mean I change my whole opinion and who I am so I can keep or choose the harder path of going back to school and taking a 9 to 5 that I'm passionate about maybe making 60-100k a year, when she gets that in a month. This gap between us makes me feel worthless like I don't deserve to go to these events because they are not for me. I hate going to a lot of the that she has to go, but I go because I'm supportive. Im nothing but supportive of everything she does, and now she's going a trip with other famous people to meet with execs, but I don't want to go. It makes me feel like this isn't my life that I want, I still want all the lifestyle and money that comes with it but not to be in the spotlight because I'm tired of it being my girlfriends show. I told her I didn't want to go on this trip and she said too bad, a supportive boyfriend would go, that any other boyfriend would go and I told her thats not true. And now she's upstairs again where she locks herself up most of the day and I'm here writing this just before finishing my school work online. She barely has to lift a finger to make all this money, while I do everything in the back end and I get nothing in my account; I'm free to use her card but its not my money. When/If we do marry I'm fine with signing a prenup but she would refuse to give me a single cent in the case we do breakup and I'm left on the streets because I spent my life helping her out when I should of been helping myself out. The biggest argument we had was because she kept holding this carrot over my head that she pays for everything, so I need to clean up after her and the dogs (that I didn't even want to get) and everything else because of that. The one time I left her alone she left the sink full of dishes, dog and pi** everywhere (she didn't bother to clean it up), food all over the place dirty clothing allover the floor and she calls me telling me she's starving because she didn't know how to cook anything and was too lazy towels to the grocery store 2 blocks away (5 minute walk). I feel like if I ever leave her shell be helpless and ill be broke. Were both good at what we do but I don't feel appreciated. Im writing this because of the argument we just had which I mentioned above. Should I go to this meeting with her? Should I stay with her? What should I do? Ive struggled with depression and suicide a lot in my past but now I only get episodes of depression occasionally. I just feel like this is isn't my life even though a lot of people would **** to be in my position...
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