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  1. I can understand you have difficulties growing older even though I am 74. I hope Knitter responds because I like the information Knitter wrote.
  2. Hello Bulgakov: I am so sorry for your losses and that you have gone through so much. You sound like a very brave person and I admire that. I am 74 so now 70 sounds young to me. I wish you the very best. Helen
  3. Lonely Hiker: I am sorry you have suffered from depression for so long. It is a terrible illness and I am trying to get over it. When you are 74, as I am, 50 seems very young as you still have a long life ahead of you. I wish you the best.
  4. And I would like to hear from anyone else who is finding it hard to grow older and suffering from depression. Only those going through the same issues can understand.
  5. Knitter. I can relate to what you wrote about how hard it is to grow older. I hope you are still checking this site so you will see my message. Helen
  6. I would like to hear from other members who are over 70 and dealing with depression and the difficulties of growing older. I would especially like to hear from Knitter who wrote about this a few years ago. Thank you.
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