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  1. I had a lot of difficulty finding a therapist, it took me over 2 years and I'm on my 5th one. I gave up for months at a time because the therapists that were getting paid to help me, routinely made me feel like everything was my fault because I didn't try hard enough. I always felt so much worse after a session, I actually became afraid of going to them. One of the therapists was a vile women who refused to talk to me when my neurological disorder caused difficult speech and little to no memory recall. She just wanted to talk to my mom and asked her questions, the answers in which she would never know. She told me that I needed to get more sunshine and I would be so much better. I fired her pretty quickly and that was the only good therapy I got from her. Eventually I found a place that had animal assisted therapy, I decided to try that and it's been great. Animal assisted therapy is great in many different ways. Animals can make you feel safe and relaxed when you are in session. The therapists are more lively and attentive as well. They can break up tension during a session when you are trying to express difficult feelings so you can relax more. My therapist's dog farted during session this week and it was hilarious. I think light hearted animals are exactly what all individuals deep in darkness need. It's easier to relate to a therapist with an animal because from my perspective they seem to be just human like me. Most therapists just stare with dead eyes and don't listen, no one needs to see a therapist like that.
  2. Most of Icon for Hire's songs are about depression and Fireflight's Resuscitate is a really good one.
  3. As long as there's pizza, ice cream, and sandwiches, you'll still have a pretty good meal 😊
  4. I feel like life is a buffet but I'm on a liquid diet.
  5. A common side effect can be anxiety which can cause a fast beating heart. You should be ok because it's not in a constant state of your heart pounding. If it persists for more than two weeks or you ever feel like you are in any danger, contact your doctor if you continue to experience panic attacks. I had to stop it when my anxiety became unbearable and I was in a constant state of pure fear. I hope this is just a temporary side effect for you and you can continue treatment with little to no side effects 😊.
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