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  1. Then there's the yellow snow. Avoid the yellow snow. Bulgakov
  2. News of the Near Future: "Good morning, you are listening to John Hunter News, news from around my house, to around the world. News around the world is quiet. Essential shipping remains steady. In the U.S., there was a ruffle that one of the old political parties might attempt to re-form, breaking from the Monocratic government. John Hunter could never get clear on what was happening on that, but will get back to you as soon as raw news data is announced on TV and online for interpretation. John Hunter news is broadcast and rebroadcast throughout the day. John Hunter's positions on everything from toys left on the floor to Middle East War, are available for download, and updated daily by me, John Hunter. If your Truth is exactly like mine, you should watch and listen to John Hunter News. Dozens of people listen to John Hunter News." John Hunter
  3. Media, politicians. I think some of them don't get a big picture of anything. The impeachment is particularly hard on my brain. Forget for a moment whether someone is innocent or guilty. What in the raging world would indicate that congress could manage one, carry one out, without the process descending into challenges, into the rancorous minutia of litigation. So yeah, I would discourage the prosecution because the effort will fail, in all respects. Bulgakov
  4. Sounds like a good new way to try Atra. Better maybe to pick your battles, as opposed to the opposite. I know you believe change happens, that doing something is better than settling for nothing. Me too, so yeah, keep the faith. Bulgakov
  5. There's this one commercial that's stayed around much longer than most commercials on TV. A slim young brunette in a slinky clingy top walks toward the camera saying something like: "Have you been told you can't get fast Internet? Well now you can." I must have watched it a hundred times . . . what's that commercial about anyway? Bulga
  6. From The Matrix: This is father. A human battery pod has been diagnosed with Covid. All other cells in the mind gobbling fields of pod people will continue to isolate-- AI joke. Stay in your pod, and live virtually. Also, some of the political programs have gone rogue and developed attitude.
  7. I'm glad you pointed out that the advisement to keep the functional alcoholics in the fold came from considerations after 9-11, but applies to most cataclysms. The idea is way too reasonable and realistic to fly steady in these hysterical times. People think you are either calling Americans drunks, or you're pandering to losers who need to feed a weakness of character. I could list some famous functional alcoholics--not the celebrity train wrecks--but it would be a long list. It's a interesting consideration though. Bulgakov
  8. Luca Brasi : "Don Corleone, I am honored and grateful that you have invited me to your home on the wedding day of your daughter. And may their first child be a masculine child . . . if that's cool."
  9. When you hear a story, a narrative, daily news, is your first reaction to approve or disapprove, judge, or take issue personally? Is that your reaction to most things you hear? Resisting that urge is how you begin to think critically, allowing you to begin hearing what is being said. You can always get moral after you have a more objective view, but you're not as likely to. (No that doesn't mean that Hitler's view was as valid as anyone's, which is morally repugnant; but that reaction is a good example of what I'm trying to say.) I'll call the therapeutic discipline "Nogginism". You have to learn to use your Noggin. Bulgakov "Life's always tough sloggin', when not using the Noggin."
  10. Reminds me of an episode on South Park. The gang was at an amusement park, and a line was growing for a ride with a sign saying it was the "Line Ride." Kids asked each other what the attraction was about, and all anyone knew was that it was the line ride; but they stayed in column. Maybe we're all in the big line ride, and waiting is all there is . . . (tz music) Bulgakov
  11. Just started watching "Baby Driver" but I've watched it in the last 6 months, so I'll wait to watch again. But, if you've never seen it, Baby Driver is a classic of some sort. It's a basic bank heist/love story, but it has a ton of style. The cinematography, direction, characters, music, all richly colored. Excellent fun. Bulgakov
  12. Leaders who don't know Shakespeare's tragedies, run the risk of reliving them. Bulgakov
  13. Thanks JKD, interesting idea, 7Cups. From just a look, it sounds like people often wish for here: therapy chat. You can browse potential listeners to ensure a good fit, like a dating site. The volunteer listeners are all trained in "active listening"--Atra knows about this. The chat is one-on-one and all anonymous. Sounds like a quagmire waiting to happen. But, also sounds like one of the futures of mental health treatment. Bulgakov
  14. There's this guy among those storming Congress that I can't help laughing at. It's a sad event, no doubt, but there is a guy they keep showing wearing a ski cap rolled up like Where's Waldo. He has a big smile, and he's waving at the cameras like he's glad to see them. The portable wood podium he's carrying still has some of the mic cables attached, and he just looks excited his moment is being captured, by the cameras. And I have to laugh and wonder what the hell he's thinking. Bulgakov
  15. I read a while ago about the inauguration ride. The president and the newly elected traditionally have ridden together to the ceremony. I don't know if that's been true in contemporary times. They rode first in carriages, then in cars. A handful of revolving presidents have refused to attend before. But a number of others have shared a very frosty ride. Wikipedia reports that in 1933, Hoover and Roosevelt, didn't utter a single word to each other during the drive. Bulgakov
  16. Politics, as practiced everywhere, cold cocks human evolution at every turn. Bulgakov
  17. News of the Near Future: "Today, a restaurant drone, delivering pizza, collided with an air car."
  18. Hi Canerican, Sorry about your tinnitus. I've had it--high whizzing--for about ten years, now. I was never prescribed any of the treatments you mention for it. As you're aware, they won't stop the sound, only desensitize you to it. I don't know how long you've heard the maddening rush. My brain adjusted after a couple of years or less. It's still there. I just don't notice it. That's probably the most common "cure" that occurs. I hope this will happen for you. Sounds like you have the effects of clonazepam understood well enough. It's not "taking a bit more" that will get you, it's that process, that can be repeated in small sips that seem harmless; and you're just fine, until your body is so used to the amount that decreasing it causes withdrawal. You'll have to be taking it on a regular basis of some sort to get dependent. Best on both issues, Bulgakov
  19. Cooking helps me a lot also. I started learning to cook when I was 12. There were no fast food venues then, and I enjoyed it. As you say though, always learning to cook. I got an air fryer oven for Christmas, smallest I could find and am having a great time with it. Bulgakov
  20. My social life hasn't changed a whisker since Covid. Things around me have changed, and I've changed things within my reach, so between the two, I stay involved and mainly entertained. I don't miss ongoing personal contact--I'm friendly though--because of the pandemic. I'd already given that up before the virus. All in all, I'm able to feel right/happy anytime if things line up right. Depression sometimes comes and goes with a thought, or sometimes it spends the night and hijacks my dreams. So really nothing new, nothing to see here. You can't count on things getting worse, that's just the way it is. Bulgakov
  21. Me also CJ70. Lots here with their own diagnosis, seem to share the wish that their brain would give up racing to a bad ending. "Catastrophically" is a great word here, catastrophic thinking. Bulgakov
  22. For those of you in the U.S. of A. who are eligible, my covid relief check showed in my bank account today. Bulgakov
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