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  1. Soarsie18, I agree, there does seem to be something else going on with that wealth gap!
  2. It's a time of change for movies, actors. Big movie companies are moving online to distribute their films. Actors lucky enough to stay in films used to move into character roles as they aged. Now they're lucky to get roles in commercials. What were big names are showing up in some pretty funky action movies now too. What was part of our cultural conversation, movies and movie stars, will fade. Bulgakov
  3. Suzuhara, problem is, many of the people who post here on this problem, don't have the money to afford them. They don't implant them free at dental colleges or public health care. They are expensive. Bulgakov
  4. Nice remembrance. Your perception of what makes a perfect day, or an imperfect mosquito day, has gotten bigger. Bulgakov
  5. Personal Ads To Come "Moderna male, seeking a Moderna female. No wackos or weirdos."
  6. Hope you feel better soon Sober. Fatigue is a symptom of most ailments, everywhere. Likely you have what used to be called a "bug," a temporary reaction to something, but even bugs last 3-7 days. Bulgakov
  7. Riot on NJ! Being alone is being alone with your thoughts, so you have to have an outlook, a perspective that somehow allows light to shine through sometimes. Many "Survivor" contestants fail when, left alone, they feel their past thoughts beginning to gain on them. You need to still find reasons to laugh when you're alone, and reasons to think straight. Sitting Bulgakov
  8. Age increases steadily from year to year, but 'aging' happens relatively fast. In the words of Warren Zevon on his last album, "The s### that used to work, don't work now." That's aging. Another part is memory. I have a good memory for events I relate to narratives, or stories. I'm familiar with short term memory loss all the way from "chemo head" that occurs--and normally clears up--after a course of chemotherapy to, the classic but short lived effects of cannabis. (Yes, if you stay stoned you can end up with ongoing short term effects.) I noticed my age-related short term tricks only two to three years ago. If you multitask, you might think it's like that. And well, kinda it is. In the case of classic multitasking, you are actually holding in mind several or more things or tasks to do, while focusing on one at a time. Nowadays I sometimes forget what task or thought I'm considering; and I move on to something I can work at until I remember what I was thinking about. It's like multitasking in the dark maybe. Bulgakov
  9. News Alert "Please be warned that the following footage contains violence and may be unsettling . . . for the first ten viewings anyway."
  10. (Here is first paragraph of last post---DF software had a glitch.) Joined Amazon Prime . . . again. Anyone have web access to Amazon movies? How many have accidentally joined Amazon Prime movies? It only takes one click to join if you use Amazon for purchases, they have your cc number, had mine. If you are sleepy and sometimes forgetful, you might hit the play button on a film selection, and you have effectively joined.
  11. Amazon Prime plays the movie straight away. Then you get an email congratulating you for taking the free thirty-day trial . . . which will automatically sign you up for regular pricing at the end of your trial. And if you go to unjoin from the free trial, which is never made easy, you have to navigate several pages trying to "stupid" shame you into changing your mind. A final email said they were sorry I wasn't happy, but I was welcome back anytime. Why does a retail empire still conduct business like a used car lot? I bet you've seen versions of this old marketing technique. The language and linkage of the Amazon Prime pitch is the most insidious--creepy like the movie--of all. I like Amazon overall though and have purchased stuff for years. It's just playing the Amazon Prime shell game I don't like. Bulga Prime
  12. Farmer John took my bacon I've mentioned that two of my favorite market brands are "ends and pieces" and "reduced for quick sale." For a couple of years I've been going to a Albertson's--big chain grocery--and getting excellent bacon ends and pieces produced and packaged at the store. Over the time, popularity grew, and they increased the amount of their ends and pieces packages. Yesterday I saw that Albertson's scrap bacon was gone, and new Farmer John brand packaged ends and pieces had taken their place. I don't know if that's good or bad, and didn't check the price of the branded bacon. It struck me though, that I've seem Farmer bacon everywhere I've traveled in the U.S., and this is the first time I've seen them pack and offer ends and pieces. Regular packaged bacon is stupid expensive, and the cheaper brands cut strips so thin you could papier mache' with them. Bulgakov
  13. Hi Ljj, Sorry to hear that your thoughts are rercycling . The complaint of overthinking has been posted lots on this site. I listed "thinking too much" as one of my hobbies in my profile. My intrusive negative thought usually show as negative flashes of past events that showcase my lack of response or resolve, but most of them come from when I was just a kid; so I always encourage myself to give the kid a break. I don't know what kind of relentless thoughts you have. Maybe you are going over details as a lifestyle, and that may be a different kind of over thinking. If you want to drive the thoughts away, the quick answer is trying some form of cognitive therapy. If you want to get to the root of yourself and your current state, then some therapy can be helpful. Meds may or may not help either effort. If the hotline is your first brush with counseling, then counseling --from your college if available--would help you decide what direction you want to take. It's a helluva time to be graduating. I'd be freaked if I was graduating during the Covidian. I graduated in 1975, gas was less than a dollar a gallon. I could always afford to run. best luck to you, Bulgakov
  14. Olympic History The classic Greek states would call a halt to wars among them, to hold the Olympic games. Athenian and Spartan athletes could be stabbing each other one day, and running a foot race with them the next. You would be competing against regulation citizens, and those of royalty, or high office. The practice predated the Athenian revolution and democracy. Historians believe the games contributed to revolutionary sentiments by allowing people to see they were the equals of their rulers and governors. So "ironic" fits here when looking at the cancellations of the games over modern years. It's the athletes at the highest levels who pay for the problems. Not that social and moral issues should be ignored, anytime, around the clock, around the globe. Bulgakov
  15. Best of possibilities for you JD. Going back under probation as you've described, would be a lot more stressful than it's already been for you, I think, and things around the office would likely get awkward. And if something happened after you returned, would you lose the retirement they've offered you today? But if you really feel like you're being railroaded, then check with legal aid if possible--can't recall if you are union. Find out what it would take to challenge them, and what your chances would be to win a case. Not to influence, but I was thinking about your situation. If you choose to take their offer, take time to enjoy a few days or a week, reminding yourself that you don't have to go back to a job that's agonizing, that you're not there. Don't forget to enjoy that reward. Bulgakov
  16. For new DFers, I'm old, retired, no friends, family or pets, and I try and entertain myself. My interior monologues are sometimes responses to tv news of political skullduggery, with both parties accusing the other of of profound hypocrisy, and of trying to cancel their America. Most of my musings start with "god dammit, why the hell . . . . ........... And end with ".... "mothra forkers" I think others are having similar conversations with their TVs. I've had one covid shot, and that's enough for my icon to take the mask off safely. best, Bulgakov
  17. Just watched and listened on YouTube. Very good band. I don't know if the Cossacks played bagpipes, but the band has a lot of sounds, different percussion. Reminds me of a traditional folk melody, with little touches of country western, sung by the Kingston Trio or Gorden Lightfoot. Bulgakov
  18. I've used cannabis on and off, more on lately, for forty five years. My experience is that I never felt I needed more and more. I'm sure I use less now that when I was younger. Bulgakov
  19. Started yesterday to fix a leak my trailer has had since I bought it 2 years ago. It was intermittent, small, at the joining of the hot water line and the faucet connection beneath the sink. Maybe tighten a small clamp on the line. I finished today, I think after 7 hours, including trips to find things I pushed too far. It's fixed now, and I'm sore all over. You don't want to call a plumber to tighten a plastic nut connecting hose to faucet. I'll bet a lot of Americans have learned to be more handy around the house during the Covidian. Bulgakov
  20. Talking of cats reminds me of a line Johnny Carson used in his opening monologue back in time. He was going through a divorce and had kept a running account of the process on the Tonight show. Nothing malicious, it wasn't the style then. She'd kept the cat in the split. "And oh yeah, I got a letter from the cat's lawyer," he said, "the cat wants $500 a month for Tender Vittles." Bulgakov
  21. Hello Eyes on Fire, The gears that drive our moods slip a lot. Sorry you are having trouble finding your bearings. I do the same as you in the sentence above. Sometimes things seen or heard throughout the day recall my own experiences, and they are usually negative flashes of memory. For example, when I see "Home Alone" or ads for the movie on TV it brings up a an unpleasant memory of a row I had with my brother. There's no direct link there except the one I make in my mind. Very un-clever of me. Symptoms, behaviors of labeled mental conditions shift, increase and decrease, and even come and go. Good to hear your mood has improved, that's always a possibility. How to motivate yourself when you have no motivation? That question pops up often here. hope things are smoothing out for you, congrats on finishing uni, Bulgakov
  22. Yoga today: First the wilted leaf position, then the rickety lion stretch. "no pain, no pain" Bulgakov
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