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  1. LOL, yeah, I forgot that possibility. Maybe he's strengthening his brand by getting his face out there. I would rather think he just came up with a not smart statement, allowing politics and media to feed. I just need to be a bit more cynical maybe. Bulgakov
  2. Prince Harry's alleged attack on the "idea" of free speech as bonkers, is a good example. My impression of what Harry said was that the way free speech is being defined and redefined, questioned in the courts, and under attack by large corporate types like Facebook and Twitter; that's what he called "bonkers". That's my take. I don't know what's in his heart. I don't think that Harry meant to say that free speech was a bullshi* idea, which is what most folks will react to, with media leading the way. Brits have their own history of working toward freedom of expression. And, Harry may be a hothouse Royal, but he's not stupid enough to say the first amendment, itself, is bonkers. The media, and popular fealty to media by us, are major obstacles to critical thinking. No one needs to agree with me, just try to think for yourself before somebody does it for you. Bulgakov
  3. Good Job of riding the waves of papers and procedures. I am also looking for another spot. I never intended to grow much older here. I'm looking at deeded lots, to buy I think instead of leasing, somewhere with less sun and more trees. I always felt like a space alien when I was moving; neither place seemed like home for awhile. I have a moving tip though. If you already know it, that's good. If I've already posted it, that's not as good, but it's o.k. Make a moving box for you first night or two in your new place. Take what you'd take with you to a motel, then add plate cup utensil, bathroom towel, paper towels, a pot if you want ramen . . . The things you will need for the first night or two. I used to just settle for going crazy looking through boxes--even if labelled generally--looking for a can opener, or a corkscrew, or a bath towel or toilet paper. You're very close to something now! Bulgakov
  4. It's a thought that can show up. Reality, I think, holds more than one truth, and paradoxes. It's the bigger picture we all hope to be a part of . Homo sapiens tend to think in black and white for lots of reasons--it can help solve problems, or not. I recently ran across a typed page with quotes of definitions of intelligence, ones I liked. It was dated because I had the header set to include the date, page, etc; and was from "4-22-1993", at 4PM. Not my own definitions, but quotes from the famous. Here is something close to your idea from F. Scott Fitzgerald: "The test . . . is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and sill retain the ability to function" In this case the challenge is to resolve two antipodal propositions, thereby blasting your way to a new awareness, or go craazy." But--I only typed four definitions--my other favorite, and one that especially reflects the frantic spirit of the times, is by a guy named Immanuel Swedenborg, an 18th century theologian and sometimes psychic. Intelligence can be measured this way, he said: "To be able to discern that what is true is true, and that what is false is false." And this was a long time before TV, PC, and global information glut. Wacky stuff, Bulgakov
  5. I stocked up on sanitary napkins. They are multi use. I don't know if having them will ease my depression. Bulgakov
  6. "When you got nothing, you've got nothing to lose You're invisible now, you got no secrets to reveal How does it feeeel, to be on your own, a complete unknown Just like a rolling stone." The Bob Transience can be a metaphysical idea, but if the idea is true, then it might be that you can feel it. Maybe it's the other way around. Maybe our feelings have been projected into a metaphysical notion. bulgakov Bulgakov
  7. Finding Jimmy Hoffa remains a popular subject, and now they are narrowing in on the metal drum that contains his remains. I remember when he disappeared. I happened to be in the Teamsters at the time. I wasn't a truck driver, but a worker in an ag chemical plant that was Teamster unionized. There were a lot of metal drums, as most of what they made was shipped in 30 and 55 gal drums. It was a running joke to tap on a drum as you passed asking, "Jimmy, you in there?" In News of the Near Future: Watch the upcoming special, "Reconstituting Jimmy Hoffa." Bulgakov
  8. Yah, haven't trusted politicians since they "citizen" shamed Socrates into drinking hemlock in 399 BC. Bulgakov
  9. The photo shown on FOX'S "The Five" of Joe Biden and his wife visiting ex pres Jimmy Carter and wife Rosalyn. I think it was the first time the Five--only Four today--saw the photo. I saw it, and they saw it too. Somehow the camera shot makes the current president and the first lady appear to be twice as big, as they flank the former first family. Jimmy and Rosalyn look more like overgrown ventriloquist dolls. Maybe google, "Bidens visit the Carters" to have a look at it. Made everyone laugh. Bulgakov
  10. Hi Amsa, Thanks for maintaining your healthcare job during covid! Good job of describing what brought you here. You've also done a lot to try and improve your outlook. But I get that it doesn't always help. Stress, depression, and anxiety are all joined at the hip. If you mentioned talking to a mental health professional I missed it. There are talk therapies and medicines for all three. As you probably know, lorazepam, is short acting and often prescribed for panic attacks, but isn't a treatment for depression. Maybe talk to a specialist in these areas would help clarify what your going through. Because the three maladies are connected in fluid ways, it will be difficult I think to get going on treatment if you save 'anxiety' as a separate thing. Best in your effort, Bulgakoov
  11. Don't know if I should laugh; it could be real. Either way I should laugh. True: There was mention by a tv analyst within the last week that some group had objected to the use of "master" bedroom. I do think though, given that recent news that ET-type aliens are very likely among us, that the CDC should decree that we should all wear those pointy, tin foil hats to ward them off. Bulgakov Bulgakov
  12. I know this is no joke. I've seen tv reports on similar methods used to smuggle expensive song or other cage birds, usually from S.A.
  13. Andy: "Barney, Goober, come on out here. I've got something to tell you.' "What is it Ange, what's going on?" "Mayberry PD is being investigated." "Golly, Sheriff," Goober said.
  14. I agree with all that Wata. Competent dental care for all would be a thing to think of for someone. Eating isn't a cosmetic event. The availability of dental resources varies by class . . . I mean, money. Bulgakov
  15. Jerry Seinfeld's buddy George Costanza tried to solve this. In one episode he told Jerry he would like a way to combine his two favorite things, sex and food. So he went to bed with a girl, both were under the covers; but George stuck out his head and one arm to have a quick bit of his favorite desert, before darting back under the covers. I wouldn't try this at home . . . maybe. Bulgakov
  16. Best Luck In2--"free" and "different" always get my attention too. Thanks for playing. Bulgakov
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