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  1. The below stuff is from a site called wealthygorilla. They do other lists, odds and ends and reviews. I've googled best series to binge on, and this is one is my favorite. The movies include drama, comedy, all the kinds of fantasy, and animation. Some of these I never watched, and a few I'd never heard of. I've watched a lot of them, and I pretty much agree with their rankings. But it's a useful list to pick from anyway. I also think the "Sopranos" was the best. My honorable mention, "The Americans". (their website has summaries of each of the series) Bulgakov "The 50 Best TV Shows of All Time The list of TV shows and figures mentioned below have been compiled from various sources around the web, such as IGN, IMDB & Empire. The Sopranos The Wire Breaking Bad Game of Thrones Mad Men The Twilight Zone The Simpsons Seinfeld Lost Saturday Night Live The Office Star Trek: The Original Series Doctor Who The West Wing Twin Peaks Boardwalk Empire All in the Family Battlestar Galactica South Park Fawlty Towers Band of Brothers Friends Deadwood Arrested Development The X Files Peaky Blinders Buffy The Vampire Slayer The Tonight Show Starring Johny Carson Curb Your Enthusiasm Parks and Recreation Sherlock 30 Rock Better Call Saul Orange Is the New Black NYPD Blue The Walking Dead The Shield Blackadder ER Six Feet Under Fraiser 24 Sons of Anarchy Roots Stranger Things Fleabag Only Fools And Horses Fargo Oz House"
  2. Marketing plans--unless otherwise imagined--are drawn with an eye to profit. Even large corporations are motivated at every level to find new methods to get the most from consumers. I mentioned, I think, Amazon Prime as a primo example. If you've gone to rent an Amazon movie, and found that you'd joined Amazon Prime, that was no accident. But today I'm talking about the pc virus software "Avast". When my year's subscription ended, I was auto renewed, butI hadn't chosen to auto renew when I'd signed up last year. When I first purchased the virus software I missed a small checkbox--and it is small, and not at all obvious--that is "pre" checked to enable auto renewal in a year. Why not leave it blank, make it obvious, and allow people to choose, to check their own boxes? I'm sure they make a lot of money doing it the way it's done. So I wrote them a short email. I don't rant or call names. I did say though, that their marketing practice was "chicken####". I didn't ask for a response in my email--I'd cursed so didn't expect one. I think they've heard the complaint before. I'll paste their quick reply below. "Thank you for contacting Avast. We understand your concern. We would like to inform you that many of our customers have benefited from the autorenewal option which is turned ON by default during the purchase. We want to make sure that the computer is protected at all times. We appreciate and welcome the fact that you wish to renew the Avast product. We would like to transfer this case to the concerned team who will help you in the purchase of the Avast product and immediately turn OFF the auto renewal option as you wish. They will contact you via this same email address. Best regards," They were looking out for me, and you, but we would rather look out for ourselves maybe. Even large corporate entities look for profit in every direction, at all levels, by even chicken#### methods. I'm not a commie. It's just a problem. Bulgakov
  3. I haven't Applez, but if they have it at Baskin Robbins, or Ben and Jerrys, then I'd be willing to try. Kidding. Bulgakov
  4. Hi BallZ, It might help if you would try and not swear at your mom when the next argument starts. You wouldn't be allowed to swear at an unknown office worker. Best, Bulgakov
  5. From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Tune, in your head. Lyrics below. "Just whistle while you work And cheerfully together we can tidy up the place So hum a merry tune It won't take long when there's a song to help you set the pace . . ." Has anyone tried to perk themselves up by whistling or humming at work? Try it. Encourage your boss and coworkers to whistle with you. I'm joking. It reminds of a quote from late, great Alt Country singer/songwriter Townes Van Zant "There's blues, and the rest is just 'Zippity Doo Da'." The Disney lyrics, contrasted with today's work issues made me laugh, not cynically, just funny how different. Written today it could raise social issues about how the Man wants us whistling, humming and singing in the fields, through our lives, while we work. A person or a coalition would sue to be able to whistle on the job. But it wasn't meant that way of course. It's written and sang in Zippity Do Dah. Both blues and Zippity are sang at DF. Bulgakov
  6. Careful, you don't want to end up looking like Popeye the Sailor Man. Bulgakov
  7. Thanks for sharing. Haiku consists of three short lines. Best, Bulgakov
  8. News of the Near Future: "Mr. Cheops, Tear Down That Pyramid!" The top stone of the Great Pyramid came down today, commemorating the first step to deconstruction, flattening, the structure. Once known as one of the remaining "wonders" of the ancient world, proponents of deconstruction have emphasized it is a monument to elitism, built for one person, and its grandeur belies the fact it was the largest slave project in history.
  9. I drink Coke Zero. It has the best taste of the diets for me. I don't want to know what makes it sweet, but I drink a lot of it. Bulgakov
  10. Lann, sorry your girl feels so worthless. To change her attitudes you need to move both of you to a culture that is not so ruthlessly patriarchal. You say you have accepted her in spite of the (cultural) fact that she's not a virgin. That's male dominant sexism speaking. Bulgakov
  11. Gangs of New York--1938, Charles Bickford (free on YouTube) This was known as a "B" movie then, and the writing and acting haven't gotten much better, but, the story could be the first of its kind. It's also fun to look at what the camera/direction was like for the still early talkies. Most all scenes just cut away to the next scene. A scene with several people in a room still generally shot from the front using the room as a frame, to film a play. Seniors here may remember Bickford as a gray haired senior, nominated three times for Oscars. Lots of quality early gangster/crime movies can be watched free on the net also.
  12. Hi Mrrd, Sorry you are stressed from this, but from what you've said, I agree you can't blame yourself. Writers I think, have come up with this stuff, for a long time, and movie makers, lots of stories on the subject. You were caring enough to live with your grandma, to help her and make her feel secure. And you're caring enough about yourself to change the situation. If grandma had a lot of daughters, then some of them had daughters--like you--so there should be others to help. If grandma was raised to cater to men, then maybe you were raised to cater to elderly kin--many women, especially, have been. "Catering to" is a different concept than "caring for." Grandma needs to learn to care for you a bit maybe. Keep your head up, Bulgakov
  13. Sorry Epic, Jesus, I've had a couple, and dreaded is the word. I'm having a dental surgeon (maxillofacial--I think he's generally called) work on my jaw and teeth now. In the last decade I lost a couple of teeth, and I made sure the dentist sewed up the cavity while it was healing, to prevent a dry socket, which can put me into a fetal position. Hope it makes things better, Bulgakov
  14. Looking through my trailer's owner's manual. One page, an empty page, had this at the top, in brackets: "This page left intentionally blank." Usually they don't announce a page's blankness in writing, they are just blank; or they have something like "Personal Notes" written at page top. Maybe I'm supposed to leave it blank, since it was intentionally left that way? Bulgakov
  15. My negative thoughts are different than yours, otherwise my experience is much the same. I try to regain perspective, knowing I'm just one person thinking too much. I try behavioral tricks to wish repetitive negatives away. That's a pretty rational approach of course. I like your icon, ha. I've made tea out of it. Hope you find something helpful here. Bulgakov
  16. On Yahoo news today an article of a weightlifter who competed until 2013, as a man. She's transgender now, and the Olympic committee has o.k.d her to compete in weightlifting as a woman. I don't make moral judgements on that. I do agree with Kaitlin Jenner who said simply, "It's unfair." Course, that's when the headaches begin, considering what's fair and what isn't. That's all interesting, but what I was thinking of recently was mixed martial arts, the UFC, in the same respect. There's a good chance someone will give it a try given the money the UFC is bringing in. By try it, I mean get the surgery, train and hit the octagon. I think there are a few wannabes out there who would go through reassignment for fortune and fame. I watch UFC matches on TV and computer. I'll risk sounding sexist and predict the change will be in the direction of male to female, like the Olympic lifter. And you can bet there will be female mma fighters willing to take the fight, and the money. I first saw Bruce Jenner on a TV ad for Wheaties cereal, a champion Olympic decathlete--I think it showed him pole vaulting. All incredible stuff. Bulgakov
  17. Me too. The nearest village with Walmart/Safeway, and assorted retail is 40 miles. Amazon is the closest store to me for most items besides food.
  18. I've watched TV--on and off--since the mid 1950s. There were only a hand full of organizations that asked for your cash donations then. There was no global overlook, no global network. All the needs of the disadvantaged around the globe was lumped into a CARE package. Only one ad asking for your help for the world. A very skinny and sun baked villager from a desert land looks up, and a cargo plane overhead drops a 6-foot rectangular box that parachutes down close to him. I think he wore only a turban and and short white pants or wrappings, like Gandhi wore. So he would open the box, and inside were a rake, a hoe, a shovel and maybe another item or two, and seeds. The man looks up at the plane, with gratitude. That was it. I know it played for several years. The problems of the disadvantaged of the world were being taken care of. That was how easy it was in the Fifties to feel good. Bulgakov
  19. Why did the spiders cross the road? I believe you because I've seen spiders--tarantulas--moving across a road in a loosely spread herd. It was a foothill road heading into the Sierras, narrow but paved with two lanes. From a distance, I saw first what appeared to be a lot of fuzzy brown things littering the road. That's what your mind sometimes does when you see something you've never imagined, from a distance. Tarantulas didn't occur to me. They covered twenty to thirty yards of the road in a loose mass of spiders. And, this is true--there was a sign as I slowed to stop, one of those signs that warns that animals cross somewhere along the roads. Regular white rectangle with a simple representation of a tarantula crossing the road. I'm sure there's a natural explanation, but never googled it. Bulgakov
  20. "Psychoeducation," great word! Keep an eye out for the woke police. (I'm anti political, but the extremes on right and left are often laughable . . . maybe.) Bulgakov
  21. Will the Aliens Help Us, or What? When the UFOs start flying Might be a sign your culture's dying One final false hope to heal the schism The first last gasp of millennialism
  22. That is the trick isn't it. Most people will turn themselves inside out and upside down to avoid it. Bulgakov
  23. Oh, I´m constantly feeling like I´m heading for a breakdown nowadays.:) I sometimes think of a song by Amos Lee, when breakdowns loom, called "Violin" "Lately I, I've been headed for a breakdown Every time I leave my house Well, it feels just like a shakedown" Bulgakov
  24. There's been a wash of bad movies made in 2020-2021. The writers barely have time for a title, "A Scary House" is the name of one of the movies recently offered on Netflix. I look at online reviews from IMDB or NY Times to try and narrow the field. So I read about "I Blame Society" and watched it. I streamed it for pay, but it's another "small" movie and should be available all over soon. It's written, directed and starring a young lady. She plays herself, a person trying to write and sell a movie idea. The opening finds her speaking over a patio table talking to an old friend, and I think he just got married. She is explaining to him that she'd like to come to his house and film a documentary showing how she would "hypothetically" **** his wife. The guy is dumbfounded as anyone would be. She tells him that his wife's a bitch and always has been, and it's hypothetical, etc. The movie is about her perseverance in pursuing her film making dream, though the movie she's making evolves over time. It made me laugh more than any film in a long time. The actress has Woody Allen's timing and sensibilities, and she can write. Bulgakov
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