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  1. Well said. Yah, we can conjure up our own problems, and all it takes is panic . . . and helpful media. Bulgakov
  2. Interesting. When early mass produced autos were built and delivered, usually it was the salesman showing a rural family how to drive one. He'd show anyone, as long as they could reach the pedals. There were no mechanics, and like you say, you'd have to able to fix your Ford when it broke. There were no "service" stations, only "filling" stations, that in time turned into service stations. Self sufficiency was everyone's default situation. "Get a horse," was the suggestion to people with cars they couldn't fix. Bulgakov
  3. Advice to the lovelorn: "Honey, just allow me one more chance To get along with you . . . Honey just allow me one more chance, I'll do anything for you . . . Well, I've been looking all over for a girl like you I can't find nobody So you'll have to do. There's just one kind of favor I'd ask of you Honey 'low me one more chance." Bob Dylan
  4. Very sorry Evalynn. Hard to get used to that void, especially two losses in a short time. Bulgakov
  5. Looking at a web ad for t-shirts with short printed jokes, one said: "I'm afraid my last words might be, 'Well s##t, that didn't work.'" Bulgakov
  6. Freddy Krueger had hold of that leg, and was trying to drag you into his world. Lucky you woke up!
  7. Watching a report on the current human crisis in Ethiopia. Ethiopian soldiers in a civil war are ki##ing civilians, rap### women. The turmoil has disrupted supply lines and currently 350,000 are facing starvation. A reporter interviewing an Ethiopian official, after hearing of atrocities, asked: "What can the average American do to help the people of Ethiopia?" That's always the kicker in this age of global awareness. We're--most of us-- wired to feel sympathy, maybe empathize a little if possible. With every news making heart breaker you feel a little bad again, but nothing you can do about it. The spokesperson said we can write or email to our congress person, emphasizing the dire need in Ethiopia. While you're at it, you can mention the ban on owning oxygen in Myanmar--ex "Burma". Myanmar has a growing Covid mess. But they don't really have an infrastructure with regards to finding, making, or distributing vaccines. People are stuck at the "trying to breath" stage of covid, to the point the government has outlawed private oxygen ownership. Black market prices for oxygen cylinders is crazy. You can expand the list of human-caused inhumane conditions around the world at your leisure. We have increased global awareness almost over night. But our evolution as a race--there can be only one--has not included an evolution in how we think of ourselves beyond neighbors and tribes. We can only send Ethiopia, Myannmar, and the Uighurs hugs. Bulgakov
  8. I wonder if the Chinese government knows what they're getting themselves into? I mean, mandating country wide that anyone under 18 will play no more than two hours--maybe three, but I think two--of video games a week, and no play between Monday and Thursday. That's no way to attract youth to the communist philosophy. Apparently, kids of China have as big an appetite for video games as Americans, or bigger. I see an underground video game culture coming. These youngsters are used to being heroes, to belonging to elite attack squads. The government wants them to be good communists to lay down their controllers. Could be where the next revolution starts. Interesting to watch. Bulgakov
  9. Yeah, some of the small pics used to identify users in posts are open to interpretation also because the detail is too fine. Like you, I get an impression, but sometimes it turns out I'm way off when I see the photos or icons enlarged, or someone explains what they are. They're like Rorscahach ink blots, or amoebas maybe. Bulgakov
  10. Lifestyle Expert Scrolling down a web page of Yahoo, one of those small "ad" windows came up along the side. It had a pic of a young lady, and the text was offering her services as a "lifestyle expert." I've heard of financial advisors, mental health counselors and doctors, home decorators, and specialists of all kinds; all there to help you lead a better life. But a lifestyle expert, I've never heard of exactly. It gets to the heart of things, as one of the themes of DF is that lots of our social interactions are play acting, pretend. So a lifestyle expert could tell you how to "appear" to be happy and successful. Just gets right to the point. I want one. Bulgakov
  11. I was thinking that if each person counted in recent U.S. census totals sent me just $3, then I would be a billionaire. It wouldn't change anyone's life to contribute, but my own existence would be stupendously altered. Bulgakov
  12. I ran across this item to brighten your days and nights. I clicked on a "25 Gadgets You Can't Do Without" and one of the 25 was this. "10. GlowBowl - Toilet Gadget Turns Potty Time Into Party Time!" Beneath the headline, a trio of equally spaced toilets with the lids up are pictured. The background of the page was dark, and the three toilets were lit up from the inside. Each glowed a different color: purple, blue, or red reflecting on the lids behind them. Very spectral looking. The images look more than anything like portals to another dimension to me, the kind you've seen in lots of movies and on TV. I'm not sure I want to get whisked, butt first, into another reality . . . though, if that was the only way to get there . . . Anyway it understandably makes no claims to transport you to another existence, only to "turn potty time into party time." I'm not sure I want to do that, either. Bulgakov
  13. "Eggs a la Goldenrod" I think that was the name of the breakfast in the Betty Crocker cook book she took it from, in the 40s or 50s. Hard boil 2 eggs Make a medium white sauce (3-4 cups of milk, tblsp of butter and one of flour for each cup . A little salt and pepper. When the white sauce is thickened, peel and then slice the two eggs into the sauce. Stir a few times. Serve hot over biscuits, potatoes. (Simmer that white sauce of real low, careful not to burn bottom, for 5-10 minutes. If you don't the taste of the flour might show a little." That's what I for breakfast. Bulgakov
  14. Catastrophic news doesn't have much of a shelf life today. What happened to the border crisis? Life as we know it was being threatened. For now at least, the story is on the back burner, but it's amazing how fast media virtually drops coverage of one calamity or injustice to cover the next. They have to keep the buzz going. And how about those uighurs huh? Think they'll get paid this year? That'd make the news. Bulgakov
  15. Just saw a new commercial for Die Hard car batteries, and it has Bruce Willis in his sweaty dirty sleeveless t-shirt, and Samuel Jackson for a moment. I haven't seen him in commercials before, but he's been doing a lot of bad movies lately--like a lot of other ex movie stars. Struck me as funny, but everyone has a right to make a billion. Nothing against Bruce. I don't know what he does with his money. Bulgakov
  16. Yea, I saw the commercial and did notice he said he was in a new movie. He was a teen heart throb for a while. And I'm sure at least a handful of people remember him from "Journey to the Center of the Earth". I wish he'd said the name of the movie, but , he--Pat-- was doing a pain relief commercial, not a guest spot. But he's there because of his celebrity, his image as the relief factor guy, who used to sing songs and star in teen-to-twenties romantic comedies most people haven't seen. His lawyers should have held out until relief factor agreed Pat could say the name of his movie. Given his age, and mine, any other decision would be a clear result of ageism . . . wow! Bulgakov
  17. I'd like the news, all the news, from around the globe, streamed into my brain around the clock. I'm sure things would make more sense then. Kidding. Bulgakov
  18. R.I.P. singer, songwriter Nanci Griffith, one of my favorites.
  19. I was watching a movie online. As it started the "cautions" came up. The intro warned that the movie had instances of smoking, and language--meaning bad language. And, a new warning I've not seen before, "fear". So I was forewarned that the movie included scenes with people smoking and maybe cussing. I'm not so sure about "fear." Does that mean that I will see scenes of fearful people, scared people? That's nothing new, fear is a part of the drama of action movies, suspense, horror, etc. So I guess it means the viewing might cause fear in the viewer, a warning that would be appropriate for these touchy times. I liked the movie but it caused moments of fear so I couldn't recommend it? I don't know. Gave me a laugh though. Bulgakov
  20. I'm moving from my hot spot in Arizona, to a less hot spot in another part of Arizona, about four hours away. My current park looks more and more like a junkyard. Anyway, it'll be an adventure. I have to hitch up and pull a trailer of roughly 22 ft. Which is no big deal, except I've never towed anything since red wagon days. Always was in an RV until the last couple of years. The sales lot I bought the trailer from delivered it so the drive will be learning on the hiway. It's a done deal, 3 days to go. I'm buying the next lot in an untrashed RV "resort" that only offers sold lots for travel trailers, RVs. One of my phone conversations was with the local power service provider for my new spot. The lot has a power "post", but the power company has to come and install a meter. I was speaking with a young voice, a lady, and I guess they have to ask for liability (?) purposes, or just in case; but she asked me for a name of a relative or friend. "I don't have any," I said, relieved I didn't feel the need to invent one. "Do you mean in the whole United States you don't have a relative or friend to notify?" I could tell by her tone she wasn't really accusing me of not having friends and relatives. She was a little incredulous, and a little perplexed. "Especially the United States," I said. I didn't take it personally. I've heard the same mild flabergast here on DF from younger folks who couldn't wrap their minds around not having people, family, immediately in their lives. I hope she'll think about it. Her amazement was poignant and made me smile. Bulgakov
  21. Googling "online pay mental health services" and there a number now, many serving specialties like teens and young adult, depression, anxiety, and LGBQT+. One of the browser results listed itself this way: "Get Psychiatric Meds + Therapy - Start For As Low As $11/Week Choose From Therapy, Prescription Treatment, Or Both - All From The Comfort Of Your Home! Take Our Free Assessment, Review Your Options, & Talk To A Psychiatric Expert..." I wonder what level of therapy you get for $11 a week? Maybe just a dumb look, once every seven days, a dumb look. The great demand for better mental health, and the growth of the online medical industry, should force prices down even further, creating more discount mental health companies online. The comic character Lucy Brown in the Peanuts series gave psychiatric advice from a lemonade stand for a nickel per session. Interesting trend. Bulgakov
  22. LOL, true enough, and it makes it better for the general public to know we're being treated, medicine is taking care of us. And it's rarely one medicine; it will take a combination of RXs to get us right, and the only problem is to find the right combination, and dose. I believe in medicine, Western medicine too. But many depressives search--under Dr.'s direction--for the right combination like it was the holy grail, and the right chemical mix will lead to happiness. The docs will be glad to lead you on the quest. Bulgakov
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