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  1. It's a shame that you got the response you did lindahurt. I had a similar experience. A guy was asleep on the cement outside a Walmart, with his homeless bundle next to him. I left a five, and walked on, but he wasn't totally asleep, and waking up called "You can go to hell". I just waved. I was only a bit offended for just a moment. But, I didn't know the guy, just like nobody knows anybody when they give to beggars, homeless. I didn't know his story at all. I don't know why he responded like he did. He was down and out, that's what I knew. Anyway, I think when you give to a person on the streets, you do it a little for them, and little for yourself, and hopefully for the health of the universe a little. I don't always contribute, but I still do sometimes. The homeless and needed are so many now, and they include street hustlers, people who need a hand with reality, and people who ran into one too many bad breaks. Stuff is worse now, all stuff everywhere, so your decision to give at the office is reasonable enough. Good for you for thinking about it in any respect. Bulgakov
  2. LOL. If they're still working, what are they doing, as greeters I mean, do they nod or anything?
  3. Word of the day: "avuncular" I started to look it up today, and I thought, maybe it means having to do with an uncle. But that would be silly. Anyway, that is what it means, i.e., relating to an uncle, ha. I'm pretty sure I've looked it up before and probably ran through the same thoughts. I'm settled in my new spot in Arizona. So I went to the nearest medical office, a small one, and it's made of nurse practitioners, and PAs, no doctors. Which is fine. I saw a PA and he was great, but for a new script on my clonazepam I'd need to see one of the resident NPs. Made an appointment, and saw an NP. She was fine also, but explained she could only do a partial or temporary script. The DEA has "strongly suggested" that ongoing treatment with benzos be discouraged, and that included doctors. Doctors could, though probably would not rx benzos for long term, she said. A referral to a psychiatrist would work, she said. I told her politely--it wasn't her policy--that seemed like overkill to me. So I don't know if following this guideline is local? The DEA isn't local, it's federal. The DEA is first and foremost a bureaucracy--takes lots of money--that has flourished through a "war on drugs." It lost the war on drugs--and it will do what it has always has, clamp down on the consumer. Yesterday it was marijuana, today it's benzos. That should help solve the country's drug problems. Bulgakov
  4. Have been watching a clip of Al Jolson performing "Mammy" in "The Jazz Singer". It was the first fully synchronized voice and film movie, known as the first "talkie". I don't talk team politics here--or anywhere; but Jolson's "Mammy" is a transcendental look at some sense of white culture in the Twenties. Or white culture's take on motherly love in the black world . . . It's so convoluted it makes your head spin. During the song, the jazz singer's mom is shown in the audience, in a radiant white sequined dress, her eyes welling up, her pride swelling. Too, there is a brief look at his girl--I think--at the side of the stage. She's dressed Twenties' flapper style and she is just about to swoon as she watches and listens to the singer. That's black music for sure. It is amazing to watch, and Jolson does throw his blackface heart into it. That was 1928.. In 1927, a blues man from Texas i think wrote and performed "Going Up The Country." His name was Henry Thomas, and the song has been covered over the years, most famously by Canned Heat. Henry played some African version of pan pipes to get what is usually played on a flute now. Actually, Henry, Robert Johnson, Leadbelly, and many more blues men--and some women--were making black music that was vibrant. It's amazing to hear, or to imagine how it arrived. The paradoxes and ironies between these two renditions of music and musical art come thick and fast. I don't want to make a lot of value judgements, or draw conclusions. It's just mind boggling. Bulgakov
  5. That is one bad cat pic. "Pumpkin Cat Head", streaming soon. Bulgakov
  6. Yes, I also would like a life I could get my teeth into. Bulgakov
  7. Pretty big talk to say worst you'll ever see. People are making bad horror movies faster than I can go through them. The majority of what I watch use only a bit of the red line that indicates how much of a film you've viewed. Most get five minutes or less. Some you can tell in the opening scene or dialog that they will never go anywhere but downhill. It takes writing, and producer/directors who are willing to take chances instead of just copy cat. I've taken a lead from the current use of MMA commentators, who say now that a fight that has shown exemplary grit and skill may be "the best fight I've seen in my life lately". I like that. It works for horror movie badness, if you turn the idea around, as in "the worst horror movie I've seen in my life lately." Bulgakov
  8. Ask any enlightened race track fan if time is time or just space extended And they'll tell you like their life depended Just wait, wait, wait for the photo finish Bulgakov
  9. "Take what you can gather from coincidence." The Bob, from "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue." Bulgakov73
  10. I know many of you haven't decided yet what to get me for Christmas. I know it's early, but the news--of all kinds--keeps telling me that folks better get my gifts NOW. There will be nothing left for last-minute shopping this year. Everything but the cream of mushroom soup will be gone by mid November. Bulgakov
  11. Happy yesterday's birthday cherryapplez! 36 more and you'll be my age. Lots of things can happen in 36 years, and I hope more good things will come your way in your next 36. Bulgakov
  12. Justin Bieber, famous for being Justin Bieber, is starting his own line of cannabis products, and the brand will be called "Peaches". (This is no joke.) Can't wait until TV ads for mj are allowed--it'll happen. The Bieber will take a hit, sit back and say, "That's peachy." Other celebs, social media influencers, and whoever, will line up to become brand spokespersons. "If you're not smoking Mine Field, then hold on to your liver, because I'm coming for it." Danny Trejo, smiling. Should be fun. Bulgakov
  13. For sleep I tried counting sheep jumping a fence. I visualize that of course, otherwise I'd just be counting. Just as I began to nod off, a fracas broke out among them. All were huddled one one side of the fence, none jumping. Instead they were arguing about who should jump first. Ewes felt they should leap first. The rams claimed they had always gone first, and saw no reason to change the order. Some bleated that the aged should go, then the lambs, then ewes. There were sheep of color who claimed they had always been forced to jump last, and they were way tired of it. I don't know where I get thoughts like that, but they don't help me sleep. Bulgakov
  14. Pretty much exact same for me. Got my flu shot on the 3rd, and a flu like reaction for the next two to three days. And, like you, I've taken the flu vaccines for maybe thirty years, and never had a reaction before. I can't be sure it was the shot, not enough data , but the sequence was same as yours. Bulgakov
  15. Hope you feel better duck. Any headache that lasts over a day gets real uncomfortable for me too. I live alone so the three-day shower rule doesn't apply here. Bulgakov
  16. I can relate to the problems with multi afflictions, and trying to diagnose anything because of that. My neck on one side had a "radical neck dissection" about a dozen years ago. It's a laying open of the neck beneath one ear, then suspect lymph cells can be cut out or burned out. Maybe there is a lesser neck dissection, I don't like it when they throw in adjectives like "radical" if there's no partial. Over the years the tissue has tightened and now that side of my neck and jaw feel like someone brushed super glue over it, and allowed it to harden. I also have the shifting and ongoing effects of a moribund lower jaw on both sides from the original cancer treatment radiation. So the other day when I got a flash infection in the bad-for now-area, I just couldn't be sure of what might be interacting with what. I have so many nerve endings running amuck in my neck and jaw it's hard to tell a doc how it "feels". Hope you feel better, and do what you can to get the diagnosis right. Bulgakov
  17. I thought you might be joking--didn't doubt you, just thought you were kidding. But of course you weren't. I hope the woods don't end up full of tv trophy hunters. Remember what happened in JAWS after a big bounty was originally offered to anyone who could bag the shark. The whole shallows of the beach and beyond filled with drunk cowboys and girls ready to shoot something. Lots of radio and tv talk show hosts might be out there in camo gear trying to snag Laundrie too. Finally, some news. The media word of the day or week or long as it lasts is: "algorithim" Real meaning: Algorithm | Definition of Algorithm by Merriam-Webster Algorithm definition is - a procedure for solving a mathematical problem (as of finding the greatest common divisor) in a finite number of steps that frequently involves repetition of an operation; Anyway, algorithms are mathematical tools--computer "routines" for one--and help in lots of science. But today they are simply the media word of the moment, like many words adopted and parroted by news, like "quaqmire" and "efficacy" . For most of us the "algorithims" just remind us that understanding how things work is out of our grasp. Thanks for that info on Dog, Sober. Bulgakov
  18. Thanks Sober, for the thought, No one actually did anything wrong to me. I explained too fast. I was diagnosed with base of tongue cancer about a dozen years ago. There are a number of ways to deliver radiation to an area, to **** the "fast growing" cells that the ray guy looks for. Radiation is the most common. But, in my case, and others like me, the radiation has to pass through the bone to get to the flesh at the base of the tongue. 30 treatments, and the jawbone was just waiting to deteriorate, but it usually takes five to ten years to start, after surgery. Then the osteo (bone) gets the radiation (radio) and begins in differing stages to give way, lost teeth, etc. It's a chronic and progressive ailment, no cure--the antibiotic is strictly to hold back infections from exposed areas of jaw in the mouth. It's a mess, but the latest reaction to whatever was out of the ordinary. On the flip side, I now own 4 kalimbas, African thumb pianos. I sure you'll all remember I bought the first with two weeks of covid. One is a solid body mahogany, and the others are all hollow body. All are tuned to different keys: C, G, Bflat, and the solid one is B. My current repertoire includes lazy covers of most of what I can hear, given a few minutes. Some of the tunes I''ve spent time on, and keep going back to, to see what I can do with them include: She Used To Love Me---Stones Pretty Peggy O Don't Think Twice It's All Right Concrete and Barbed Wire (Lucinda Williams) Your Cheatin' Heart I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry When I Paint My Masterpiece Queen Jane Approximately Take a Message to Mary And others too, for fun, like Al Jolsen's "Mammy". The music rolls so that it manages to bring back some of what the original singings must've been about. "Dixieland" too, great tune, a marching to battle, eating lead, song. Best, Bulgakov
  19. Normally, I just have ongoing pain in various parts of my jaw, and stinging and numbness around areas of my mourh. I suffer from osteoradionecrosis. Areas of my jaw bone have diminished, so it's some pain, most of the time. ORN is a common side effect of radiation therapy in cancer treatment, the effects usually beginning 5-7 years after treatment. But a few days ago I got sick, pretty fast. The failing bone has never caused a fever, but my jaw became infected, and the left side of my face puffed like a marshmallow overnight. It was infected, and very sick then, I managed to get an RX for amoxicillin. By then I could barely talk, my throat was so tight. When I drank water I would have to hold my head back or it would run out my nose. Not like when you laughed while drinking a coke, but straight through into the sink. Their is no cure for the condition, but if you keep down infection around the jaw, it will lessen the pain, stinging, etc. Funny how your outlook generally looks up when the sickness or pain have abated. The world seems better overall--though this doesn't usually last long. Bulgakov
  20. One of the names it had when I recently visited a dispensary, was a variety called "Hippie Crippler." The growers give their product some amazing names, but Hippie Crippler is almost poetry. Bulgakov
  21. Children's Horror Movies: "Stickers" w/Nicholas Cage "The Big Owie" "Fall Down II" "Got Your Nose!"
  22. Was that the one with Patrick McGoohan--from the "Prisoner"--as the head of the academy? In some tv spot he played that part--maybe this one--and what I remember is how he got out of bed, rose from the bunk. It was a very direct action, and he sat straight up from the waist as he woke, never slouching his back. Perfect for the character. Either way the "Prisoner" British series is great if anyone's never seen it.
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