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  1. Very perceptive. And the attitude, great stuff, and I like that you quit. You're walking through the world like The Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl. Your Duke mojo is strong now. Nothing can stop you. Bulgakov
  2. The episode of Supernatural where Dean and Sammy run into "Q" from Star Trek. Predictably, Dean wants to shoot Q when he first winks himself into the back seat of the Impala while Dean is driving. Sammy calmed him down. They were all wearing masks--though Q didn't need to but wore it anyway because he's freaky wise. Q healed the sick. and took the virus from the world. And in another wink was gone. Crazy Q. It's a good one. Bulgakov
  3. Thanks Hocico, I'll look for this. I know advising Henry was a dangerous occupation, and most did no better than his wives. Bulgakov
  4. Hi Abba, sorry to hear you've hit a rough patch for six weeks. Eight days in the hospital takes energy too. I would check with the doctor who prescribed your lexapro though. Like other long term anti depressants, it generally takes 6 weeks to start having an effect. I'm not a doc, but check with yours to see when the lexapro might start helping. Depression likes to visit when we're alone. Hope yours finds another home soon. Bulgakov
  5. I don't write poetry, but I wrote this one about a year ago. The belief that God created the world, then slunk away as Sober said, was shared by many of the founding fathers and is called "deism". Carping at Deism: There was a god who ambled, head down tween time and space He kick a clod then kicked it hard, spinning into place And spat on it saying "Upon this be my face." Then he ambled on, explaining nothing. And the spin was so fast from the god foot, that quanta slam danced as eons passed Until a pool of amino massed From it we crawled, and bawled, and whined "Who kicked this clod whose face is thine?" And grumbled too, "What good a face without a spine?" The god wandered then into the Crab nebula. It wasn't his habit to look back.
  6. Hello Tatortot, Welcome Tatortot (great name), DF has a history of people with similar circumstances in life, and the posts that came with them. Look over the site. There are many topics and most have comments, encouragement, or are maybe just venting. I live alone also, and have for over ten years. I'm fresh out of friends myself, and I try and push out the loneliness by finding interests in the world that occupy me. I'm 72 and friendly with people on day to day when I run into them, but no longer look for friends. That pretty much goes against the grain of most thought on the forum, but everyone has to find their own way. People here will be supportive--if you don't write a yard long post with no breaks in it. I wish you the best. Bulgakov
  7. I've been remodeling my 8 x 10 slide out, u-shaped dinette in the trailer. There all made for two or more, so it was all cheap box seats around, and I don't get guests. So it's becoming a small computer/dining station with mid-back exec chair. TV streams as I slowly work, and the movie "GI Jane" with Demi Moore as Jane was playing. I noticed this time that Hank Voight, of Chicago PD is her boyfriend in the film! Wow. Bulga
  8. That's one helluva lot of doe! Bulgakov
  9. "Why, when we understand something totally, but when something happens to us, we are not able to feel good?" That is a fine question Louis. As you indicate, ours is a scientific culture, we're Western. We have an unspoken assumption that totally understanding a thing will result in a solution, or a cure. So we take it apart to understand it. If we can get to the root of a thing, whether it be our psyche, a pandemic, or a riot, then that knowing will automatically generate a needed fix. That's the hope, but it's not a part of the science. Knowing all the whats and whys isn't the same as a fix, and the effort can result in an obsession to keep digging, collating, and collecting data until it becomes insane, rightly called reductio ad absurdum. Watch any news channel for examples. Bulgakov
  10. Just ReImagine: "Mother . . . Mother. I'd walk a million miles for one of your smiles my little, mu-uh-uh-ther." Did you hear about the bum who walked up to a Jewish mother lady on the street and said, "Lady, I haven't eaten in three days." "Force yourself," she answered. Bulgakov A fellow from northern Europe
  11. Good one. A mystic, fractured, heart is a nice image, and the hatcheted heart/bleeding love juxtapose leaves me wondering how that might work out. That's part of haiku if I remember, but I'm no poet. Bulgakov
  12. I just heard a news caster again compare Trump to Nero who fiddled while Rome burned. Nero is getting the short end of the deal here. Historical records agree that Nero wasn't in Rome when the fire started, but he hurried back, opened public buildings, and provided food for those fleeing the fire. There is speculation he might have had the fire started, to clear room for a building project he had in mind the Senate was blocking, maybe, but Nero shifted the blame onto early Christians, in around 60 or so AD I think. Nero kicked off the persecution of Christians, torturing and martyring lots, but it's unlikely he fiddled while Rome burned. Bulga
  13. Snow cones, popsicles, frozen pretzels. From "Play It Again Sam", Woody Allen. As a 'single' guy. Linda : My God! Can't you cook anything but TV dinners? Allan : Who bothers to cook them? I suck 'em frozen.
  14. Hello Johnnie Walker Blue, sorry to hear you're having trouble in the midst of what sounds like a working social life. You don't say, but I think you're asking how you can fix yourself/things. DF forums comprise a history of of answers and suggested answers to your question. If you want suggestions, just plug a few few key words into the search---it's a good search engine. Not trying to dismiss your question, and people here are willing to help. I've had what Michelle Obama calls "low level" depression--and on occasion 'not so low'--for half a century. Funny as it sounds, be wary of all the name changes and re-definitions of your condition. Try not to identify with the diagnosis too literally. The only way I know to fight it is to make myself do those things, and appreciate those things, it would take from me. I get up, though I don't feel like it, and start to clean, or cook my meal, or play the kalimba, tv, read a book, survey the clouds for lotto numbers . . . For me, it's always a matter of moving, of picking a thing and involving myself in that thing. The stopper here is usually "But, I don't feel like doing anything," and the circle never ends. Best luck to you, take time to be anything, Bulgakov
  15. 94 degrees Far. was the low last night. We keep tying or setting record daily highs. Southern Arizona, USA
  16. Just saw this product ad on a Walmart retail web page: "Wilson Headband, One Size Fits Most, White" Did someone complain that the elastic headband didn't fit? Or what. Bulgakov
  17. Not a Political Statement. I'm not a political pundit, but it is easy to see why the Biden side resisted naming a VP as long as possible. They knew that soon as announced, the nominee would face a barrage of condemnation for whatever anyone could think of or dig up. That's politics. It's not interesting, and the way it's practiced hamstrings human evolution. George Floyd, Covid, The Poors' revolution against human history, Afghanistan, etc.; all lost in the meanness that can never be satisfied. Bulga
  18. "If it's not on the store shelves, LOOTERS may have it!" Shop At "Looters"
  19. Leftovers for dinner: brussel sprouts, last bowl of tabouli salad, and just yesterday's spaghetti.
  20. Glad to hear it Tymothi. Your wrap up gave me a laugh because it's a perfect summary of a movie, "Pee Wee's Big Adventure." Bulgakov
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