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  1. Welcome Rich W, sorry to understand you're a veteran of these battles. Your list of "How to"s covers a lot of the questions DFers ask themselves. How come I can't fit in? And why does that depress me? I think bad as it is, it's better to have these questions, and look for answers, or at least be open to them. That's not much I know. Looking at posts here can sometimes offer new ways to approach depression and anxiety. You can always try Bob Dylan's advice as it applies to individuals in your life though. "And if anybody asks you if it's easy to forget. Just say it's easily done, you just pick anyone and pretend that you never have met." Good luck, Bulgakov
  2. I went to see my latest doctor. He's a "maxillofacial" facial, jaw doctor and surgeon. Which means deals with the medicine and dentistry of jaws and faces. I liked him, east Indian, and his staff. Though nothing looks abnormal I have ongoing necrosis of the jaw bone. Caused by radiation therapy for cancer a decade ago. I got a break for a few years, then the jaw problems started, and have lost some teeth as many have here. No plates for me, they won't work, or I would. Feels good to have someone who has the skills to do something. He's going to be pulling some teeth and putting in crowns--not a candidate for implants--and a couple of bridges. He said I was like a miracle because I lived through the cancer I had, which is a tough breed called squamous cell carcinoma. The people he had treated that had the strain, have not fared well he said. Several young ladies did assigned jobs, one to make a temporary bridge for me. She was a cute sort of near Asian. We were both waiting for the doc to come back after numbing me up. She asked if I lived near Blythe, CA. I said, yeah just sixteen miles from me. She then told me about a serial killer from Blythe, who was caught, and how he was just about to redrum his wife and children when apprehended. It happened within the last few years she said, he was in the pen now. She pulled out her phone and showed me a photo of a guy, his wife, and two young kids. "That's him," she said, pointing to the guy in the photo. I was thinking about asking why she carried that photo on her phone, but the doc returned. Maybe just her hobby. And I'm not into serial killer books, but it was nice to have a bit of conversation out of the ordinary. Bulgakov
  3. Mork from Ork: "I always try to take responsibility for what I do . . . sometimes I'm just not sure if it's me doing it." Bulgakov
  4. Dana Perino, just now, during a short interview. "I know I sound skeptical, but I've been doing this for two weeks and I'm tired."
  5. Reality is still in beta testing, lots of bugs. Bulgakov
  6. Like your new cat Wata, not too sweet, not too gnarly, well composed too. Bulgakov
  7. Leland Vittert, Fox reporter on the scene with the celebrating crowd in DC: "There's a very pungent smell of marijuana here, in the capital."
  8. Biden wins. Will Durant Quotes: "One of the lessons of history is that nothing is often a good thing to do and always a clever thing to say."
  9. The unfinished states are all snake bit, I bet. I would be. Nevada's deciders maybe have decided that their state shouldn't be first. So my idea for the future would be install those nifty casino cameras in the counting rooms. Keep them unobtrusive. They can zoom right down to a hand of cards, so since I don't know what I'm talking about, maybe they could be programmed to check signatures, post marks. They could be viewed and reviewed until eyes glazed over. Bulgakov
  10. Things haven't changed much yet. I was used to listening to experts and politicians detailing the minutiae of Covid, scandal, and culture. Today I'm listening to election officials detailing the minutiae of balloting, and the politics of balloting, and of observing balloting . . .
  11. LOL, hadn't heard that one JD. Bulgakov
  12. First couple of times I saw this thread, before I looked around a bit, I assumed that your parents had been narcotics agents, as that's the only way I'd seen the word shortened before. And I just thought it was an odd situation, but it sounded like it could be stressful. Bulgakov
  13. Me neither, not a tricker treater in the mobile home park. And I bought a big bag of mini Muskateers, Twix, Snickers, and Milky Way. Dang, did the same last year. Bulgakov
  14. Currently famous model EmRata, twenty weeks pregnant, on her expected child's gender, from Fox web. "Ratajkowski penned an op-ed for the outlet where she explained that she won’t reveal her child’s sex because she wants to respect their gender expression." There's something profoundly twisted up in that statement. Bulgakov
  15. Watching the president in PA again today, delivering speech. Today is the first day he's sounded tired. Way less than the explosive deliveries he's been doing, volume down. He's my age, so I'm personally amazed at how much he goes and goes. No dog in the fight, Bulgakov
  16. I moved from house/apt living nine years ago to a 22 ft RV. I rarely need anything I don't have. If I need that little kit that has a teeny screwdriver and screws for eyeglass hinge repair, I know where it is. Beyond my needs, I'll pick up things I like very carefully. I have a bit more storage room now with an older Jeep Cherokee, and a small travel trailer. Still, like you say, I get to a point where I have too much stuff, and have to sell, give, or throw some things away. Bulgakov
  17. It's bad, real bad, but it's still one of the most interesting times in my history. I watch a lot of news politics. It doesn't make me mad. Funny thing going on between the president and Fox. They were tight, but there's friction now. The president said there were good guys and bad at Fox now. Within a few minutes he took time to acknowledge Laura Ingram of FOX in the audience. "Oh, look, she's wearing a mask. Never seen that before," the president added. I'll try and catch Laura's show later to see if she says anything. Maybe I'm imagining things. Yesterday's rally in PA--I think--the only thing I noticed was a blonde lady behind the president with a "Love Melania" sign, trying to get her hair right. Bulgakov
  18. I like our current spam better than past spam. They provide perfect facsimiles of id, including driver's license, and passport. Their fabulous fakes are being used all over the world, the post says. And "rrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaapido". Bulgakov
  19. True that, jkd_sd. Here's one of JD's signatures that says similar: "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society" ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti The U.S., along with other countries, is losing confidence in it's leaders, politics of any stripe, it's choices, worth, and dreams of better days. Those are keys to national depression, to what's sometimes mislabeled as PTSD. Many people will simply remain terminally outraged by any notion of cultural shift. Bulgakov
  20. Yeah, yesterday on regional TV from Phoenix, one of the news givers used the phrase "trending up" to describe the recent increases in Covid numbers. Made me laugh, I've only seen and heard this once before a month or so ago. I laughed because I'll bet she doesn't say it that way again. Seems like you would just hear it sounding wrong as it came out of your mouth. I first noticed the presidential election when I was a kid and Kennedy won. I remember there was a little about Kennedy being a Catholic, but not too loud or long. This will be the only election I've ever watched where both parties claim that their loss will result in the end of life as we know it. Have to hope they're both wrong. Bulgakov
  21. Last night watched "House at the End of the Street" a psycho horror from 2012, and the earliest film I've watched with Jennifer Lawrence. The story does a lot of borrowing, a little teen romance, but she was the best part of it for me. She was always good enough, and I saw a few of her mannerisms I recognized from later stuff. Bulgakov
  22. Hi Faithful, Sorry you are both going through what sound like abrupt changes. I'm not a doc of any kind, and have no expert knowledge of anhedonia. I don't know if it generally happens over night, but If your fiance has been working 65 hours a week during the pandemic, then who knows how that might be affecting her. Good decision to talk about it to a mental health professional. Best to Both, Bulgakov
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