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  1. Talking the talk. I began to talk to myself, infrequently, several years ago. But, I think it's more correctly called "thinking out loud." That's what I do. I do it to hear a voice, besides TV and music. I've never said a thing I wasn't thinking, that is, never talked to myself. If I start saying things out loud I'm not thinking . . . to myself? I'm not answering myself yet; anyway, maybe I'll be good company if I do. Bulgakov
  2. Sorry to hear your virus story Wolven. I hope your family has the mildest of symptoms and effects. Bulgakov
  3. What I've been thinking of buying, I did, I ordered yesterday. Three prisms of different shapes---one the regular globe, all about one to two inches. The sun will rise in a window above my sink and the inside of my trailer will shine like a disco palace! Bulgakov
  4. Hi June, Sounds like you did what anyone would or should. Wasn't your fault, you called and told them what it was. And, the bosses are aware that losing your brother means losing two people--so maybe the situation will improve for you both . . . probably how unions like Teamsters are born. Bulgakov
  5. I know this wasn't funny, but it made me laugh. Not to judge your mom, but, she wouldn't mind you having a sexual relationship with a trans so much, as long as it doesn't mean you're gay, LOL. It's a familiar reaction from a mom who wants to keep her 'son' narrative on track. Informing points, thanks. Bulgakov
  6. Will it be a lottery? Vaccine distribution. First Responders and medical/nursing home first. Maybe then the elderly--that's me! Then there's some argument already about who comes next, like 18-32 year olds because they are the spreaders--I heard this suggested. They eventually get to the rest of us, which will be most of us. What to help decide? Population density, COVID severity--The Navajo Nation here in Arizona. Maybe lottery then, or alphabetical, or by age . . . or maybe just more politics. It may be the coming media event. Bulgakov
  7. I had an instructor who said that the cynic has no audience in mind--in terms of narrative. The satirist or ironist for example, is speaking to the disparity between the pretend and the real. The cynic speaks to no one but themselves, content to pick at a scab. Bulgakov
  8. The dog talk reminds me of a story my mom told me about a special dog, a fighting dog. In the old neighborhood people liked to own the toughest dog. One yellow dog was famous for his fury, for sending all dogs packing. He had short legs and a monstrous snout. No one could really tell what breed of mutt the dog was though. The fastest and the biggest came at him only to turn tail and run, or worse. Finally someone in the neighborhood spotted him walking with his dog, so he asked: "Say that's one helluva dog you got there mister, but some of us have been wondering just what kind it is?" "Well," the man replied, looking down at his dog. "Before I cut his tail off and painted him yellow, he used to be an alligator." (No alligators, or alligator spirits were harmed during this joke.) My mom told me jokes like then when I was just a squid. I thought they were dumb then, but they've gotten funnier as I've gotten older. Maybe I'm a lot easier to amuse. Bulgakov
  9. I was afraid to ask. Bulgakov
  10. Turkey sniffing dogs are being considered for use at state border stops.
  11. I was thinking of something today that I saw on tv years ago. It was on the RoseAnne show, and she and her sis were working at a diner, Martin Mull was the manager. As the actors moved around the restaurant, a small blackboard on the facing wall announced : "Today's Special: Loose Meat Sandwich". It still gives me a laugh. Bulgakov
  12. Before my time, in vaudeville, they had a hook on a pole which would come out from a side curtain, loop around an actor/singer/juggler's neck and drag them off the stage, if the crowd booed and hissed enough. I wish the talking heads and their shows could use a virtual hook to snag experts, pols, and pundits who simply will not stop speaking, though they've stopped saying anything. Most of the authorities I hear interviewed, whatever their specialty, don't seem to be able to wind up a thought. Any lingering moment of silence triggers them to relaunch their mandate, their rhetoric. I was just watching Alan Dershowitz bulldoze a young reporter on Fox. After lots of time speaking, the reporter tried, I mean four or five times, to interrupt. It was at first funny, then it just seemed kind of rude of Dershowitz. Give him, and all the ever talkers the hook. Bulgakov
  13. So, one good thing, for me, has been learning to play an African thumb piano, or kalimba. I got it about two weeks into Covid, and play it every day. I watched a hand full of YouTube instructional , but mostly just hear a song in my head or on YouTube and try to play it. I've played a couple of instruments, but it's been awhile. Anyway, playing it relieves depression and anxiety. I've tried to get better on three or four songs: "Walkin' To New Orleans" by Fats Domino, "When I Paint My Masterpiece" the Band, "Man of Constant Sorrow", and the theme song from The Adams Family tv series. "I got my suitcase in my hand, and you know I'm a worried man." Fats Bulgakov
  14. Just watched on YouTube--American Bandstand. Just like you say. I barely do remember that song. But I didn't know they were Latino. It's a great video too, the style. And the audience--a large auditorium, not the regular dance floor--didn't seem to realize the were Mexicans either when the camera catches them. The "Premiers" probably didn't promote themselves as a "Latino" band those days. "Farmer John, I'm in love with your daughter," and 'we're three Mexicans from L.A.' Not in 1964. Bulgakov
  15. For where two or three are distanced together in my name, I am there among them, but if there are four, I'm out the door. Bulgakov
  16. "As a good American I'm going to do two things: vote, and buy gold." William Devane "I even like the feel of gold." William Devane Bulgakov
  17. If they were both scared, but one was petrified. Bulgakov
  18. 17th century French philosopher Blaise Pascal: "All men's miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone." Bulgakov
  19. Lemur Followup There's a ring-tailed lemur named Maki in my photo album. Someone recently tried to kidnap him from the SF zoo, and he escaped from his captors, etc. Coincidentally, a lemur documentary came on tv so I watched. Googled then a little. They're amazing primates, and some--primates--like the ring-tailed lemur and the golden lion marmoset, look like they just leapt from a Dr. Seuess page. Of 90 to 100 known lemur species, all live on the small island of Madagascar. And to a species they're all on the endangered species list because of creeping habitat loss. You could write you congressman, or have a car wash to raise awareness, but seriously nothing will help the lemurs. It seems very sad, but that may be because we're in the peculiar position of being aware of these global changes like no one before us. From Google: "Scientists estimate that at least 99.9 percent of all species of plants and animals that ever lived are now extinct." I've heard that before. That includes many human species. Most of history, the only way you'd notice if an animal species was dying out was if it had been a part of your diet, or you a part of its. We get more information than we can handle I think, more than we can juggle into meaning. "Well, I'll be a ring-tailed lemur," used to mean something to people. Bulgakov
  20. I noticed my older brother eating a spaghetti sandwich one day in the last few years. Some of the pasta was hanging from the sandwich, or I wouldn't have guessed that's what he was eating. I said, man is that a spaghetti sandwich? Yeah, it's good he said. It would have never occurred to me. Bulgakov
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