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    You don't have to be Sherlock Freud to figure this one out.  Someone has exposed part of the brain on driver's right, and sprinkled that gold glitter used in craft projects over the area.  It may look fashionable, but will indeed cause a host of "abnormal activity of neural circuits," as mentioned.  Even the regular, "breath in . . . now let it out," request from your doc can cause slight B.B.D., "ballooning brain disorder", followed by D.B.D., "deflating brain disorder."  Only try this under the supervision of a trained cosmetician. 
    Early data mining indicates the practitioner had a heavy hand on the glitter/snow shaker on operation day.  The result, increased activity in the frontal lobe, and a heavy dusting of fake snow, subject announced he felt cold.  Conversely, when gold glitter is decreased in the parietal and temporal areas, subject asked that a window be opened.  

    (People, this is a joke.  Please don't try it, anywhere. B)
  2. Bulgakov
    Friends, this is different than the forums.  One person only needs ONE blog.  They can come back to it and keep adding to it forever.  You don''t need to start a new blog, every time you have something to add, you just need to make a new blog entry.
    But, I'm not the boss here, and maybe there is reason for some to need two or more blogs.  Just be aware of the difference because if everyone starts a new blog every time they want to add content, it's going to get unmanageable fast.  Now, no further from me on that. 
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