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  1. Hi Not_Sure, Sorry you feel like screaming. Welcome to DF. Thanks for your candor. It's not so unusual to be a bit more silent as you grow older; experience will do that. But if you mean the cork is about to blow because you can't release, that's different, and you might consider talking with a counselor or a mental health pro, if you can. "I hate when I drink, but I got issues sober to." Ha, I recognize that song lyric, and it qualifies as an insight of sorts. Read some posts for awhile the general areas. You might find some ideas there. Best to you, Bulgakov
  2. Lakeside Drive covering the Kinks, "Lola." YouTube--the show at Red Rock--there are several live video and studio performances of the song. They've been around almost a decade, but I just discovered them and will look online and get a few earlier cds binge a bit, and see what's to hear. Helluva "Lola." Bulga
  3. "Hello, I'm William Devane, and I'm here to talk to you today about gold, and Rosland Capital." William's had a respectable acting career for those of you outside U.S. He's been pitching gold investing with Rosland on TV for several years. He's a solid, recognizable face to people in their forties and above. An insecure stock market historically brings out the gold and silver sellers, so on Fox, for example, his commercial is coming up considerably more than usual. In a way that's just business. Today's ad had some changed language I'm pretty sure. "Protect your future from the problems of the world," he said today. I would hate to think the company is playing on the global pandemic to boost sales. Right. The pitch comes and goes between viral news . Thousands dead and medical supplies are on hiatus. People are worried about food and William is advising gold. The ad is ironic in this "all-together" time. It just hits me the wrong way.
  4. Chrissie Hynde and Pretenders, "Back On The Chain Gang." --YouTube
  5. Your dark times are echoed here on the forum. People do understand how you feel. Don't worry about sharing your thoughts. You're anonymous here. No one knows where or who you are. Sometimes it helps just to write things down, expressing your fears, like you have. Read some of the topics on the forum for ideas that might help or support you. Best, Bulgakov
  6. Sorry choices are ganging up on you Dev; it sounds really unpleasant. Maybe you can make it to Thursday. I don't know about your area, but most hospitals and personnel are over run, with Corona. Thursday you can reset with doc visit and meds filled. Better Daze, Bulgakov
  7. I think I saw one of the earliest efforts. No one cracked, but there was a long, awkward stare down. I was waiting for one of the two to laugh. How long can you maintain a malevolent gaze, with no fans sounds again, without getting out of character. Probably the producers directors must have told them to just do what they always do. An evil guy with extra belly fat slammed his opponent, kicked him, etc., then he walked over to the ropes on one side, flapping and flopping his gut, gesturing and scowling into the air. He just looked a little insane. They need to play to the camera now, growl into the lens to demonstrate your disdain for all things decent, not a blank wall. Good for them for providing some fun. Bulga
  8. Tabouleh. I made it yesterday, and it's usually good for 3-4 days. Basically starts with bulgur wheat/bulgur with minced parsley, mint, lemon juice, and a bit of olive oil. I add well drained kidney beans, tomato, green onion, sliced black olives, and radish; all chopped pretty small. I chopped up a peeled apple to experiment. I eat it as is, with a little ranch dressing, or with chopped lettuce and a dressing. And it's fun to say, tabouleh, tabouleh, tabouleh. Bulga
  9. Channel flipping, I stopped on World Wide Wrestling. The national broadcast with Wrestlemania. They're doing the show and matches without an audience. It looks more like a play. I've looked at pro wrestling over the years to see what's new. The call outs, cat calls, and stare downs just seemed weird with no screaming fans.
  10. Say what! I appreciate all the media is doing to cover things. No sarcasm intended, mistakes are made in crisis, and sometimes bias rules; but in an age of too much information, the pandemic has interviewers pushing for simple answers. I didn't realize there were so many ways to deflect a question. I've watched Martha McCallum, and two others, ask and re-ask the government person or the expert questions which could've been answered by a yes or no. Martha even made a face responding to one blatant evasion. I don't blame most of them, the evaders I mean; I'm sure they all feel like they're walking a slack rope. Remember a couple of weeks back, and the short doctor who stands and speaks virus with Trump, Pence, and the media. His first appearance or two had him emphasizing that we weren't at all prepared for what was coming. Someone spoke to him, and he softened his tone noticeably, though he does remind us that the worst is still ahead. Of course he was right to sound an alarm, but if you're ringing the bell alone, you may well be labeled an alarmist. Bulga
  11. Hi Steve, Welcome! I took pain meds off and on for fifteen years. My experience was always that the meds were more of a distraction from the pain, than a symptom reliever. Long time pain med use can indeed invite depression. But, I don't know your pain, but you say it's chronic. If you want, you might check with your doc, or pain doc, and see if you can take a bit less, then less. Have a look around DF and read a few posts if they look helpful. Feel Better, Bulgakov
  12. On the Yahoo site today, an analyst at Bank of America said: “Our checks across North America were consistent: regardless of region, cannabis purchases have accelerated,” analyst Christopher Carey said in a note. “While likely on pantry loading, it’s not unreasonable to think there will be some boost to per capita consumption as people stay at home longer.” The headline was something like , Pot Use Soars As More People Stay At Home. I don't want to start a marijuana fight. Every dispensary or rec use menu I've checked online describes their product as more or less for anxiety relief, sells it with that thought. I don't know of any science with that, but it's also commonly advertised as a pain and depression killer, according to the copy written about it. I don't know if it's all that, but it reminded me of a comic, a graphic novel popular in late 60s to early 70s I think. The comic was called "ZAP", and it was a counter culture comic, an absurdist satire featuring recurring characters like "Zippy the Pinhead", "Mr. Natural" "Angelfood McSwine" and "The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers". I thought of the comic because the three Freak Brothers had a slogan, a mantra that lots of people read and shared. It was "Dope will get you through times with no money better than money will get you through times with no dope." I'm not advocating mj, but I did half expect to see a rise in use as people were increasingly house bound. And most of the mj stocks in North America went up with the news. Bulgakov
  13. Went to the nearest big town to make sure I had enough stuff if I need to self quarantine for two weeks. I went to Blythe, CA, with a 20,000 population and two chain groceries. My town is 3,700 in off tourist season, and has two pocket-sized grocery stores with prices that are laughable year round . I went to an Albertson's--medium size chain--in Blythe, and was dreading it based on news reports. I was pleasantly surprised to find it busy, but certainly no lines to get in. They had most everything, with some shortages of bread and gallon water, which I drink and make coffee with. Soup, dry and cooked cereals were running low, but employees were filling the gaps here and there as trucks arrived with more product. The produce was also abundant, though an employee was emptying the greenest bananas I've ever seen into the empty banana space. It looks like they are running out and restocking in successive waves at the moment. I didn't need much, I already had rice, pasta, non perishable food, and all the paper products required. So if you're close to Blythe which I appreciate you aren't, the two chain grocers there have lots of stuff, for now. From what I can tell from the media, the experts, and the politicians, I've done all I can at the local, state, and federal levels. Have I done all I could? That's a very good question! And since I don't know the answer please allow me to tap dance around it for 5 minutes. But it's only natural, to try and not tell it too hard or too soft either way when asked questions without answers. I guess I'm ready. Good health to all DF members. Bulgakov
  14. Probably won't show on the general news, but like Disneyland, Everest has been closed because of the virus. Entry to the mountain will be blocked on both the Chinese and Nepalese routes. It's not so much a virus risk if climbing, but risk from base camps that have swelled in recent years, with teams and people from around the globe. Bulga
  15. I've done the same. Probably my favorite cover of any Roy song. She also has a few performances of the song on YouTube.
  16. Sam and Dean followers, For those of us who watch and sometimes re-watch" Supernatural ". I was channel flipping and ran across a "Hallmark" channel made-for-tv movie. I stopped because of the actress on the screen. She was one of the most gorgeous of gorgeous young ladies the brothers left in their wake as seasons passed. The episode she was in was about an old man who came out of a painting to do harm to whomever acquired the painting, I think. She was the art dealer and she and Sam almost had a romance. Producers must have liked her because they brought her back for a later episode. She still looks great. You never know where actors who've guest starred on very long running series like Supernatural or SVU might turn up. Bulgakov
  17. Great dialogue, and some folk wisdom. Bulgakov
  18. True that. Stocks are a good example. Meeting quarterly earnings projections has become all important. Stock performance, and the normal stats on productivity, have taken a back seat to making that number. The number becomes the goal, as JD said. And some entrepreneurial types like the Wolves of Wall Street, aren't concerned with how they get to the magic number, corporations too. Bulga
  19. And real life and bad people make up most current horror movies. I like horror movies, but in past decades the threat in the movies was often monsters, creative monsters like The Fly or Godzilla. Horror movies today, most feature the extremes of human monstrosity, or else zombies. Even the zombies don't torture people, they are simply mutants who want to eat your brain. That's horror, that's entertainment. Watching another drooling, overallled psycho hang and field dress a young gal, that's not scary, it's more of a way to de-evolve as a person. Bulga
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