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  1. Hi Tatlez, Sorry to hear you're not doing well. Like most here, you sound like you have at least the minimum conditions for a happy life, yet you're depressed. Being aware of that is necessary, to try and fix it, to help yourself. If you're new to the idea of depression, then typically you're supposed to seek help. Broadly, the choices come down to medicine, talk therapy including groups and all manner and level of mental health professionals, and self help books. A talk with a professional or counselor is always a start. Look over the topics here and click on them to see the conversations relating to the subject. Lots of good stuff, ideas. Best, Bulgakov
  2. Hi Emiel, welcome. Toward the bottom of the topic page is the "DF Water Cooler". There's a music thread there called What Are You Listening To. And people often post the singer, song, etc., and sometimes something of interest. Have look, and if you have a different music topic in mind, you could probably start a newly named thread in the Water Cooler. Best, Bulgakov
  3. Rock, that's one of the roughest problems I've ever read on the forum, and sorry it's yours. Like the above have said, please see a doc. Until then, I'd go with TID's suggestion and put yourself in a position where you pretty much have to follow through. I do that a good bit, with lots of interests and projects. I'll neatly pile up the tools and pieces to do a small job, then walk around it and stare at it until I can't stand it anymore, then I make a move. Not joking, you might try getting undressed, and getting in the shower or tub. Hope relief finds you, Bulgakov
  4. "Fear The Walking Dead" tv I've been reluctant to look at it, because I thought the first few seasons of the original Walking Dead had the most creative horror/sf (for tv), I'd seen. I figured "Fear . . ." would be bad, but I was surprised. It was worse than I figured. It's geared obviously to a young market, and if you were 12 a lot of it would look new and different. It's Lord of the Flies in Never Never land. Bulgakov
  5. Like that new Sisyphus icon, JD. From Ancient History Encyclopedia online: "Sisyphus is a figure from Greek mythology who, as king of Corinth, became infamous for his general trickery and twice cheating death. He ultimately got his comeuppance when Zeus dealt him the eternal punishment of forever rolling a boulder up a hill in the depths of Hades." Always a current theme. Yah, last binge I did was The Americans. I'd only seen the first episode, and watched the rest in less than a week . . . it was about some Russian spies. Antigens Be With You, Bulgakov
  6. A google told me that you maybe have Craigslist in Slovakia, Mikayala. I don't know about there, but here in the U.S., a personal ad in Craigslist could well attract any number of available female Syrian hamsters. 😉 Bulgakov
  7. Covid numbers are way up today. Talking heads and expert heads are re-stressing the need to wear a mask. The mask's effectiveness is an ongoing messed up debate. But the mask, distancing, and washing hands are for now, still the most hopeful--and only-- prevention methods we have. The far side of the argument is that we won't control the virus until everyone wears a mask. I have to hope they're wrong. I live in a desert town of about 3,500. When I go to one of our two dollar stores, or our local small grocery store I'd guess roughly half don't wear masks. And the non masked usually don't look like they'd appreciate any friendly civic advice. Nearby, Blythe, CA at 35,000 population has an Albertsons and a Smart and Final Iris--both large chains. When I go there to shop, everyone is wearing a mask. And I know there are tons of towns with roughly the same size and attitude as mine across the country
  8. Thank you Jar Jar Binks, A traveling salesman pulled into a rural town selling smart pills. One townie bought some, started to swallow a couple, then abruptly spit them out. "Why, these are nothing but rabbit droppings," said the local. "See. You're getting smarter already!", said the vendor.
  9. My new icon is in the news today. He's a 21-year-old San Franciscan who was apparently kidnapped, then got free, got lost, and humped it five miles to Daly City. Who is he--and what--and why was he in the news? Also, for a more relaxed pic of him, see my photo gallery, which has two pictures, and the other one's a rabbit. Bulgakov
  10. Excellent way to pose the whole question. It's not the kind of thinking they get in class. I mean, I figure they are reminded here and there of the Hippocratic oath, but everyone agrees with the oath, and that's just one of a thousand details they have to remember. When you put it as quoted you add a real life yardstick to caring and it does make you think, so right on for telling them. I have a medically based cynicism. I can't help but think a lot of the thoughtful, and the nodding students were already considering ways of reducing that time, and nobody gets hurt. Bulgakov
  11. Didn't have a comment to make Sober, only for here, just laughed at the wording of the closure notice. But, I didn't know other forums were doing that, which means there are other forums out there that have shut down online public discussion to promote social harmony. 🤠 Baluga
  12. Wata, I think it means you should get someone out of your life, or limit contact, or call them on it. I can hear someone glibly throwing that attitude out, but that's not concern, that's mean thoughtless BS. better daze, Bulgakov
  13. This message followed an article featured on the Yahoo site. A reader can make posts after lots of their articles. The following was at the end of a financial article, but I guess it would apply to lots of online forum discussions lately: "Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions. In order to improve our community experience, we are temporarily suspending article commenting." I wonder if people read over what they've written. I do know what they mean though, because I'm a Covidian and know lots of forums are mean streets right now. Discussion of the article is on lockdown. Bulgakov
  14. Good thoughts NJ. People do carry on like that for years, or lifetimes, and they don't question it, most people. Making a move in any direction is risky always, but never moving, never trying something will eventually . . . I'm not sure what it might do eventually, or I'd write a fortune cookie. It's definitely a good way to stay in depressed cycles. If a citizen doesn't notice a problem at all, then, welcome to the Matrix. Good for you for noticing your life, and good luck on the house thinking. Bulgakov
  15. Sober, if there's an answer or punch line, sure I'd like to hear it. Be easy to jiggle or rig the google machine maybe. A smart-phone connected cult, or fan club, could bombard google with a question like "Can a full grown Malamute live inside a Leghorn chicken?" By being specific, google will look hardest for "Malamute" and "Leghorn/Leghorn chicken." All you need then is to have your online minions keep posing the Malamute question until it echos across the net, then people looking for either a Malamute, or a Leghorn chicken will gaze in wonder at "other questions people ask." Bulgakov
  16. LOL. Sometimes those "people also ask" results that come up when you google something are bizarre. Bulgakov
  17. Lots of players in the pro contact sports are confused now. They used to think clearly about the importance of money and celebrity and good PR, but now they have to factor in their own stand on social injustice. Maybe that's one small step for mankind, but pro sports are backing themselves into a corner. Bulgakov
  18. A talking head on TV announced to her two colleagues that she'd recently been able to work the phrase "philosophical fart" into her nightly commentary. She'd always wanted to say it, she said. "Brain fart" is the more popular phrasing as repeated in recent talk TV and in the streets. This casual pairing of scatological and cognitive functions is of course just for giggles, but it sounded witty to her. A second panel member agreed. She too loved "philosophical fart." A third, a young man, said he found the marrying, jolting. He was shushed, dismissively, by his partners. He was probably just a stuffy old philosophical fart himself. I enjoy a good fart joke as much as the next guy-- maybe not; but when the closest the American intellect can get to using the word "philosophical" in a sentence is when applied as an adjective describing flatulence, then fart jokes are in real trouble. (I do enjoy the elegance of 'She who smelt it, dealt it,' though).🤠 Bulgakov
  19. Your last line is the most telling for me. Like others here, I've become cynical about medical practice, fast food medicine, the referral game, the insurance rackets. As I read this post, before I read the last line, I immediately thought, hell, that's why most of them are entering the field, that and the bags of money, and prestige, as you note. But it's just that attitude that enables all those other weaknesses in med practice. That's the "systemic" part, the part that according to one protest theme, needs rethinking. It's very difficult to ask people who have all the stuff to reimagine a kinder world where they have less stuff. We had the same problem in the 60s. Bulgakov
  20. Excellent movie for me also. I was glad to see Sam Rockwell get an Oscar, he's been great in The Green Mile, and others. By movie's end, his corn bred character becomes a full-fledged, aware, human. Bulga
  21. No doubt as the Grateful Deadheads say, "mean people suck." This example doubly sucks. She delivers a sucker punch, that's bad. What's worse is it might not have been personal. If she sat down, then just asked how much money you made, it wouldn't work. It sounds like she was just shuffling the deck, and calling you--anyone--a loser in this play will always cause a person to fold. And she can start a fresh deal. Bulgakov
  22. Very good description! I have to agree with your conclusion though. The more doctors I see, with some exceptions, and I include mental, physical, and psychical doctors, the more mechanical they seem. Most seem to have leaned on the business model of medicine, after graduation. I just visited a maxillo facial dental specialist--still the ORN bringing me down Atra. The doc was tall and young. He has a system that runs so smooth it's oily, too much. He has too much self confidence at this point. He has his main nurse do the get-to-know-you talk, he doesn't do it. She reports to him ,her impression of what I'm like, besides my medical info. "My nurse has told me all about you," he said once he stood in the door way--bet she hasn't. Good to leave that tricky first impression to someone else I guess. Bulga
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