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  1. I hadn't laughed all day until I pulled this up from a google search I did "how to turn raimen noodles into fried noodles" Some site links came up, and a subtitle that read "People Also Asked" for related questions and linked answers google had logged. "People also ask: Can chow mein noodles be used for ramen? Are ramen noodles the same as chow mein noodles? What kind of noodles are used in chow mein? How do you make Chinese instant noodles?" It reminds me of the news. There's probably more information here than I need. Some one needs to get to the bottom of it. First two questions gave me a laugh though. I use the dry ramen, broken up, as the noodle in my quick easy version of Chinese chicken salad, but would like to try them re-hydrated and lightly pan fried . . . do chickens come from China!? Bulgakov
  2. Yeah jkd, 45 years ago, I saw this one etched into the gray paint of a truck stop bathroom wall. "Support mental health, or I'll k*ll you." I guess it had been around awhile, even then. Bulgakov
  3. At 10:30 a.m. it was 104. 109 now at noon, and 118 forecast. 116 predicted for tomorrow, then seven days of 110-111. I was resting the ac for at least two hours, but had to reduce it to 1-1/2. You could fry and egg on Khrushchev's head, . Bulgakov
  4. High today 116, tomorrow 118. A brisk thirty second walk in 118 degrees, is another way to forget Covid. To get up early enough to beat the heat, I'd have to set the alarm to wake me two months ago--bada-bump. bulga
  5. Next they'll be telling us Genghis Khan didn't look like the Duke. Crazee talk. Leave history alone. Bulgakov
  6. The future of mental health treatment . . . crowd control. How to calm a mob. Bulgakov
  7. Nice insight Atra, and thoughtful observations. The physics of depression: What doesn't go up, never comes down. Bulgakov
  8. It's103 degrees f, and it's 11am. 103-106 for the next six days. Everyone here isolates this time of year. One or three 100+ days are ok, until you get to the heavy wavy air of 110-115. I rest the ac a couple of hours or more every day. The stale recycled ac air and constant low hiss of the blower--always a problem in rvs, trailers--will eventually turn you into a canned ham with excess water weight. It's a dry heat, Bulgakov
  9. Yeah, a plot synopsis might make it sound like a slap dash Bonnie and Clyde. It's smart and well written, satirizing a load of current cultural problems--our current problems I mean. Though violence is a main subject it's not a violent movie, people are dispatched cleanly with only a splat of blood. The main character explains that it's kindness, or more correctly the galling lack of it, that motivates him--like the Grateful Dead "mean people suck" motto. For me, it's also hilarious a lot, but it is a comedy, and a fantasy. Thanks for looking it up, Bulgakov
  10. Just rewatched a movie titled: "God Bless America." It's free on tubitv. It's a fantasy, a dark comedy, and it's about a depressed person who's taken your advice to heart. There's also a nice twist on romance. Bulga
  11. I was watching an old Naked and Afraid. It's the one where the gal and a long haired guy take down a big nest of fledgling "storks" I think. The lady knocked the nest down and dispatched two or three of the pigeon weight birds, and her partner had to smash a couple. Neither liked to do it, but both were very hungry as the Naked and Afraid often are. They interviewed her back home at episode's end. "Now," she smiled, "when the kids tell me they're hungry, I just tell them to go k ill something and eat it."
  12. "There are two kinds of people in the world, those who divide the world into two kinds of people, and those who don't." Anonymous 🤠
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