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  1. Started yesterday to fix a leak my trailer has had since I bought it 2 years ago. It was intermittent, small, at the joining of the hot water line and the faucet connection beneath the sink. Maybe tighten a small clamp on the line. I finished today, I think after 7 hours, including trips to find things I pushed too far. It's fixed now, and I'm sore all over. You don't want to call a plumber to tighten a plastic nut connecting hose to faucet. I'll bet a lot of Americans have learned to be more handy around the house during the Covidian. Bulgakov
  2. Talking of cats reminds me of a line Johnny Carson used in his opening monologue back in time. He was going through a divorce and had kept a running account of the process on the Tonight show. Nothing malicious, it wasn't the style then. She'd kept the cat in the split. "And oh yeah, I got a letter from the cat's lawyer," he said, "the cat wants $500 a month for Tender Vittles." Bulgakov
  3. Hello Eyes on Fire, The gears that drive our moods slip a lot. Sorry you are having trouble finding your bearings. I do the same as you in the sentence above. Sometimes things seen or heard throughout the day recall my own experiences, and they are usually negative flashes of memory. For example, when I see "Home Alone" or ads for the movie on TV it brings up a an unpleasant memory of a row I had with my brother. There's no direct link there except the one I make in my mind. Very un-clever of me. Symptoms, behaviors of labeled mental conditions shift, increase and decrease, and even come and go. Good to hear your mood has improved, that's always a possibility. How to motivate yourself when you have no motivation? That question pops up often here. hope things are smoothing out for you, congrats on finishing uni, Bulgakov
  4. Yoga today: First the wilted leaf position, then the rickety lion stretch. "no pain, no pain" Bulgakov
  5. "I thought I was gaining weight, but turns out I just had to rethink my body image." Anonymous teen pop singer on her new look.
  6. That is cold. I've lived in close to that temp for a winter. With the windchill, it was dangerous to be out long unless you were dressed to live. One day there was a local news announcement that an elderly man had frozen on his front porch after apparently struggling to pick the right key, or placing and turning it to get into his house. Bulgakov
  7. Good for you for doing something NJ., and for sticking with it. No way to be sure how it will turn out, but you're guaranteed it won't be like it is now. That's the risk, that's the reward. You've done the heaviest lifting now. Hope you find a place you like. Bulgakov
  8. If he's the maturing feisty male you've talked about, then be ready for more than dirt. Young males like to screech at each other in the night, then they fight, and you are looking at tending puncture wounds--gotta keep removing the scab--and other injuries. Bulgakov
  9. Just now, on a news banner across the bottom of the screen on FOX: "Gen Z says the crying emoji is not cool." I don't make this stuff up. Tell those crying emojis to buck up.
  10. The auto censor software is not a sharp tool. I had capitalized the word, thinking it would pass as a proper noun . . . and now it's been turned into something indecent. Thinking like this is going around. Bulgakov
  11. Good summary. I think any mainstream diet would agree with you . Too, like you said, some of the diets are controlled by proprietary diet food that are part of the package. And that's just business as usual. As you have, with some thought most people could plan a less carb/less sugar starter diet for themselves. Yours is a more structured diet because you have specific nutrient goals. The first of the only two books I've read on diet was written by a standup comic and political activist named d**k Gregory, written in the 60s. "Diet For Folks Who Like To Eat," I think it was titled. It wasn't that great, but he did relate in the beginning that he had tried to lose weight first by cutting out all meat. The public wasn't well informed on diet and the idea that the fat on meat was a major contributor to fatness was popular. He said he ate only vegetables, lots of them, like potatoes--probably with gravy since that wouldn't be meat. And he got fatter than he was before the diet. Then he started to look into nutrition. But yeah, it wasn't that long ago that most people thought cutting out meat was the best way to lose weight. Bulgakov
  12. My only trick for this is to intercept my gut level message to my brain, before the anger can make its play reflexively. Mystic forefather and cognitive behaviorist Thomas Jefferson said it best: "When angry, count to 10 before you speak. If very angry, a hundred." Google results say this notion has been "born out by science"--but I didn't click on any of the links. It seems like common sense also. It doesn't always work, and maybe shouldn't. It's sage advice, similar to "think before you act," but sometimes you just have to derail the anger for the moment so you can think. Can't hurt to try Jefferson's idea, it's harder than it sounds. good luck, Bulgakov
  13. I went to some of the tent vendors in town today. I live in a dusty town of around 3,000, but tourist season--Oct/Nov to March/April--swells the place to 1 to 1.5 million according to past records. It's several big areas around town with the vendors, food wagons and stands, etc. Anyway, today when I went to the main area, the owner of one of the large tents had pulled his double size truck up in front of his area, facing a main waking area, and big in the rear window it had big block letters "Buck Fiden." A woman, likely the wife, mulled among the passers by with her own small flag on a pole that said Buck Fiden also. I try not to purchase from people who insist on putting their politics or religion on display at their place of business. And I don't get it. I wont buy from him now because I think he's an axehole, and I know a lot of people would agree with me. Biden supporters with a sense of loyalty won't shop there either now that's its clear they aren't wanted. It's amazing. Bulgakov
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