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  1. Makes me think of a current tv commercial. A man reclines on a couch, ready to therapize. His female doc sits in the overstuffed chair, with pad and pen. I think he begins to say something, then the shrink/counselor hijacks his thread by going on about the problem she's had, and some product that fixed it. "But . . . what about my problem," the guy implores. You hear the counselor thinking, as she jots, "Classic narcissist," she barely mumbles. "What?" "Nothing"
  2. I'd like to be exploring benign and Earth like worlds in distant galaxies. Bulgalactic
  3. Thai rice in a cooker, then instant teriyaki beef using "Steakums", onion, and a thick teriyaki marinade. Makes a simple beef, rice, bowl. Then I made a small cake in a coffee mug. I bought a pack of four mug cakes. Just pour the dry ingredients from one pack into the mug, stirring in three table spoons of milk or water--I'm sure this is basically cake mix and you could probably do the same with any if you could get the amounts right. Cooked in a little over minute. My red velvet mug cake was very good. Bulga
  4. music, all, but esp alt.country and an even looser genre called "Americana" easy rain gentle people Bulga
  5. The gods of the market want us to maintain faith that pills can work miracles, even incremental miracles as in Frank's case. What made me smile was the name of an alt.country band I ran across on Internet radio. I didn't listen to her/their music, but they were billed as "Joan of Arkansas," ha. Never heard it before. Somebody in Arkansas must have said it to somebody to get on their nerves at the least. Great band name though. bulga
  6. Well, this actually made me laugh quite a bit. Watching a rerun of "The Family Guy." The family moved onto a farm, to be farmers. Farm failing, the dog Bryan, went off to a state ag college to try and learn something to help the farm. The rest of the family, all switched to making meth. When Bryan returned, the family stood in front of him, all strung out, and frazzled looking from cooking meth. They all commented that he'd been gone a long time. The youngest, Stewie, the football headed kid, said, "Yeah my teeth grew in, then fell out again." Always good to laugh. Bulgakov
  7. Bulgakov

    life goes on part 2

    Hi NJ, You mentioned "chair yoga." It reminded me of a couple of Utubes I've watched lately. The ones I've watched have been "selfies" but backed up a few feet from the subject. There are a number of short vids that show the film maker, sitting in a high- backed chair. Then they proceed to crawl/climb under the chair, over the back or side of the chair, then back into the seat, sitting up. None of their body parts can touch the floor as they perform this feat. They are something to see, and I think you could get a good workout trying them, if you are under thirty years of age, fit, and had some time to with no other use for. I'm glad to hear you are having some good days, and thanks for posting that. I sometimes fall asleep while at my dining table , ha. It's on a "slide out" platform in my small trailer, so it sits maybe a foot above the floor, and I'm afraid I'm going to wake up while hitting the floor some A.M. I should set up my tripod, and create a selfie of me falling asleep, then waking up. That one I could do. bulga
  8. Very good q360, made me laugh. Yeah, I'll post here too when I have a solid dream.😉 bulgakov
  9. Boost original "Very Vanilla." I'm supplementing it with Haribo gummies, the originator of "gummies." This pack contains "ghostly gummies" which means they took out all the tastier flavors including cherry, berry, and strawberry, and included instead more of the lighter yellows and oranges shaped as skeleton heads. I've recently searched the Internet and store shelves to find the best tasting and textured gummie for me, and after maybe six labels my preference is the Welche's brand fruit gummie. Most are just too chewy, rubbery.
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