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  1. I was 14 or 15, and a guy I worked at a grocery store, older guy told me a joke that's always stuck with me for no good reason. It borders on cheesy I think. "And Baby, she was all right until they turned her head around," is the punchline. I've lost the exact beginning in my mind, but a biker named Charlie--motorcycle-used to ride around with his girl, Baby, seated behind him. The riding wind caused Baby to chill, so she was in the habit of wearing her leather jacket backwards, to block the wind. They had a wreck one day on the hiway, Police and ambulance came. Charlie had only minor scrapes, but Baby was still down. When asked about Baby, Charlie replied with the punchline.
  2. U-Dawg comes only to save the day. It would take Thor or Superman to actually save the world.
  3. Laughing At The Little Moron I'll often laugh at tasteless jokes before I can make a decision whether I ought or ought not laugh, if they're funny. Which is a funny thing because jokes that pivot on dehumanizing elements shouldn't be funny. Mind you this doesn't apply if I understand that an offensive joke is on the way. That is, if a story starts out, "Did you hear about the fag that . . ." or, "This bimbo walks into a logging camp and says . . ." then I can just walk away, or explain that I don't care to hear any AIDs or racist jokes, thanks anyway. But if I'm caught off guard I'll laugh at about anybody or anything. I've laughed at jokes about farmer's daughters and salesmen, about blacks, yuppies, Mexicans, elephants, Pollacks, Aggies, rednecks, WASPs, morons, Bohemians, women, children, priests, Popes, and Jesus Christ. To my chagrin, it seems that nothing is sacred to my funny bone. My sense of humor often outstrips my sense of propriety, which is for the most part a good thing, because I wouldn't want to sacrifice my sense of humor for a sense of propriety--the former being more necessary for survival than the latter. That is, you can get along in the world just fine without a keen sense of propriety, but you'll never make it without a sense of humor.
  4. That's right, the 15th is national Discount Candy Day. It's easy to remember because it comes every year on the day following Valentines. Romance fades; the love of chocolate not so much. Bulga
  5. Thanks for tipping. My mom raised two boys by herself, more on tips than salary. But, the subject reminds me of Steve Buscime's argument with the big boss at a group lunch out, from "Reservoir Dogs". He doesn't leave his portion of the tip, and the boss--50's star Gene Tierney--calls him on it. It's YouTubed I'm pretty sure, and short and funny. Bulga
  6. Hi Hendricksbrock, These are hard situations to work through, for each of you. It's admirable that you consider your friends' welfare; everyone should. The idea that's it's your responsibility to fix people/friends emotionally is complex, but with respect, not real. There are professionals who do that for large money, and they still generate more questions than answers. I'd put more energy into healing yourself, and helping your mom and dad if you can. Best, Bulgakov
  7. The Bunny Hop Thirty feet from my trailer window, brand new rabbits are coming and going from a spot beneath a fence. The space between me and them is clear, and so is the view, but the rabbits don't notice me at all behind the window. Five showed last week, quintuplets. They don't appear to have anything in their brains beyond DNA these early days. Each is a bundle of instinct, energy and sensations. They sprint a short distance, stop for no reason, and practice smelling the dirt and gravel, moving their heads like mine sweepers over the ground. The ears stand erect always, and work independently to watch while their eyes and nose are on the ground. Running like hell in loose circles, they sometimes almost collide, and that's the funniest. They never run into each other, but in a instant are able to stop, and jump straight up in the air, often both bunnies at once. Maybe developing their skills at detection and evasion with the play, since those tactics will be the meat and potatoes of their survival game. Maybe not, but it's the best show on when it airs. Bulgakov
  8. Honestly, as a long-time single, I do best when I don't struggle, deal, or cope with days like Valentines. I don't want to feel bad because I'm supposed to in my situation. I only want to feel bad if I feel bad . . . for personal reasons, not from advertising barrages. I pretty much don't notice the holidays, but they don't make me sad. Bulgakov
  9. Best of possibles JD! I've got a cyst/growth on one kidney, and it's been there for 12 years. I need to have it measured too. MRI is the loud one, right, where someone stands right outside the chamber and bangs the metal with a rubber mallet? I'll be rooting for your kidney. Bulgakov
  10. "Angel From Montgomery"--John Prine "How can a person go to work in the morning, come home in the evening And have nothing to say."
  11. Buttered sourdough bread, broiled light brown, and topped with apricot preserves. I may just stay there.😉
  12. Good observations. It's another example of fast food medicine being served by practitioners from dentists to mental health counselors. Not to bang on the "have-mores" but the wealthy have options like concierge medicine, and tailored counseling. We of the huddled mass will see longer lines, and shorter face time with medical professionals. The wack-a-do world of constantly streamed global crises and tragedy wears on us all. There is nothing we can do about hundreds dead and thousands injured on the other side of the globe; it's hard to empathize with hundreds dead, again. PTSD, a diagnosis reserved until recently for soldiers returning from war, has gone mainstream. I think that may be partly the result of ongoing low level trauma piled on us by media of all kinds. That's just a thought. But, it's the malady of the day and should send more looking for relief from a world in crises. Keep up the worthy effort Atra, there just needs to be more of you. Bulgakov
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