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  1. Bipolar disorder is complicated collection of behaviors characterized by extreme highs and lows of emotional moods. It juggles the delusional states of mania and depression, and fosters the tragedies of both. Like you say, the Lisa you describe doesn't sound bipolar. She is abrasive to all the people all the time, except the one's who've called her on it. That's "bullying" behavior. Bullies often want to be pals after people stand up to them. It doesn't sound like your friend has been seen my a mental health professional. A diagnosis would help hopefully. Best to you, Bulgakov Like you say,
  2. Ralph would make a fist, and gesture toward Alice, "To the moon Alice," he would say. I don't think he could do that today. Bulgakov
  3. Lots of reasons for that today. I would think that 100-150 years ago that would have been more normal. Not just to express concern for example, but to visit, to say Hi, and socialize. They had no radio, no tv, no Internet, so they had to interact with each other to communicate, to live long and prosper. Boy, I got sick Monday. I don't get sick often. I have a deteriorating jaw that causes me pain in creative ways, but I rarely get sick in the standard fashion. I've had my flu and the currently recommended Covid trio shots. It's the flu though, not anything that hasn't make me sick as ***t before. They say Covid can start with flu-like symptoms. But I know this illness like the back of my hand, and it's not Covid. Puke, dry heaves, can't get around, and my body feels like it's been worked over by Pinhead. I watch TV, drowse off, and another movie altogether is on. Medicos have always said the the flu vaccines were not 100%, that some strains won't be stopped. Like Covid it's a mutating virus , even as a flu virus. Flu can come on fast. Two days ago I woke feeling a bit rough, and I got worse as the day wore on. That night and yesterday were a slurry of bad movies. I didn't even feel like using the remote to hunt for a less bad movie. Today I feel much better. Things seem better. The world seems not so dark. Just being sick with a decent case of the flu fuels depression. No Flu to You, Bulgakov
  4. Hi John, Interesting post. It sounds like you feel guilty for over reacting, and for getting someone in trouble by doing so. That's just normal stuff, normal life. The normal--healthy--reaction would be to remember your action and make an effort to do it less in the future, or apologize to the person you feel you've treated unfairly--even if you feel they won't take it right. That's the healthy reaction. The normal reaction, for DF and non DF members, is to turn your awareness off, and turn yourself inside out and upside down before considering changing your response, your behavior. To me, you noticing that you might have gone overboard is the first step toward any kind of change. Good job. Bulgakov
  5. On CBS streaming news just now this headline, "Japanese turn to robot pets to combat lonliness." There is a pic of what look like the robo dog toys from a decade or more back. I didn't click on it. The Japanese culture out-Americas, America sometimes. They will take a wacky idea, and wack it some more. I want a robo goldfish. Bulgakov
  6. A date with Hedy Lamar. An intelligent conversation. Speaking only with native English speakers when calling "help" numbers. Drink more water. Bulgakov
  7. In April of 2020 I bought my first kalimba. I have four now, all tuned to different keys--C, A, B, and B flat. Covid had just started and I wanted something to add to my daily life. Lots of people here go back and forth, needing people in their lives, and hating people--or saying so--in their lives. For lots of reasons, I live the life posters here wish for sometimes, the life with, really, no friends or family. I'm as friendly and easy going as you'll find, but I'm not looking for amigos. Point being, I have no distractions--people or fur--and enjoy playing something, by myself. The kalimbas are perfect for the pandemic. One has a solid plank body, so I bought a stick-on pickup and a small amplifier so you could hear it. How much time though, have I spent? How many hours have I entertained myself since April 2020. I've played a couple of instruments in my life, but like everyone, I started with practicing scales on one kalimba. The more you play, the more your brain makes connections between thumbs, notes, and melodies. It's slow going at first. I figure I've been at it for about 18months. Except a few days sick, I've played every day anywhere from one to four hours. I average at least two hours, thumbed out over the day. So, averaging to 30 days in a month, times 18 equals 540 days of playing at average of two hours per day, and you get 1080 hours, call it 1000. That's a thousand hours I didn't spend worrying about myself or others. The playing takes "me" out of it, and that's the kind of "hobby" you need to help fight depression. There are still the other twenty or so hours to deal with. If I can remember the melody, I can pretty much play most of the songs I can think of now, with a few minutes prep. It only took a thousand hours. I'm eclectic in my tastes and lately have been playing "Mammy" by Al Jolsen, "He's Not A Rebel" by the Crystals, and "When I Paint My Masterpiece" played by The Band. Bulgakov
  8. I got two Pfizers, and recently requested and got a Moderna booster. I usually try to follow the latest scientific scuttlebutt and one bit was that by mixing the booster--maybe the first two also--you might be providing added resistance to the vaccine/s. Kind of like hybrid antigen effects. I don't know if that's true. The scientists announcing it are speculating a little maybe. It was what I could snag from the news. Arm a little sore for a day, otherwise no side effects. So now I'm holding a double Moderna with a Pfizer booster, and a flu shot kicker. The latest scientific scuttlebutt is that I may soon need--as a senior--that 2nd booster, or maybe some of the new Pfizer pills. I may just put it on hold and wait for the Gummies vaccine delivery. Bulgakov
  9. As regards "PGAD" (Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder), Any serious medical emergency, is serious, not something to be hidden and ignored. Coincidentally, females have long been aware of this malady, and know it as "EGAD!". Bulgakov
  10. That's home cooking to me also Sober. Tonight I'm having three taquitos, broccoli, and half of an extra large russet potato, with cheese and butter melted on top. Desert will be 3-4 strawberry newton cookies. You just can't get meals like that if you dine out or take out. Bulgakov
  11. NJ said: "Just watched Nomadland again. It's growing on me." Haven't watched it, but want to. I like Francis a lot. Parts of it are reported to have been filmed in my old home in Quartzsite, AZ. BLM lands and dry camping are close to town north and south. The summer heat is unrelenting with 110 degree-plus days. It's definitely full of nomads of all sorts though. Bulgakov
  12. Hi Regina, That's some rough stuff Regina, and I hope you find a little peace. Our country, and I guess most, don't have adequate medical systems or paths for the disenfranchised. The treatments you've received border on incarceration. I was in jail once, over fifty years ago, for 60 days, county jail. It was for disorderly conduct and the reasons are uninteresting. One of my cell mates was a quiet young Mexican in for strong armed robbery. He'd been having sharp abdominal pains, so he was taken to see a doc. The doc said he had a kidney stone that needed treatment. The next day after his visit, he was told he was getting set free. Remember, this wasn't the Big House, just county jail. He was told, indirectly, that the county didn't want to foot the bill and didn't want to be held responsible if no treatment was given. He was free. Reminds me of your story. The current social upheaval worldwide is, in the sense of social equity, headed in the right direction. But it won't really change until hearts change. Congratulations on a year's sobriety! I quit within recent years too. That's an accomplishment. Stick with it. Best to you, Bulgakov
  13. Thank NJ, That did the job. Not that the honors mean anything. We're all equal. Only I'm gold. But it's no big deal. Bulgakov
  14. "1 point until your next rank" I thought I was close to gold when I got to 1000 posts, but the number is 1100. I'm not sure how to get a "point". Posts are posts, points are reputation points I guess, and I'm not sure how that's calculated. I hope this post gets me that point. That's the point of this post. Bulgakov
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