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  1. Yah, haven't trusted politicians since they "citizen" shamed Socrates into drinking hemlock in 399 BC. Bulgakov
  2. The photo shown on FOX'S "The Five" of Joe Biden and his wife visiting ex pres Jimmy Carter and wife Rosalyn. I think it was the first time the Five--only Four today--saw the photo. I saw it, and they saw it too. Somehow the camera shot makes the current president and the first lady appear to be twice as big, as they flank the former first family. Jimmy and Rosalyn look more like overgrown ventriloquist dolls. Maybe google, "Bidens visit the Carters" to have a look at it. Made everyone laugh. Bulgakov
  3. Hi Amsa, Thanks for maintaining your healthcare job during covid! Good job of describing what brought you here. You've also done a lot to try and improve your outlook. But I get that it doesn't always help. Stress, depression, and anxiety are all joined at the hip. If you mentioned talking to a mental health professional I missed it. There are talk therapies and medicines for all three. As you probably know, lorazepam, is short acting and often prescribed for panic attacks, but isn't a treatment for depression. Maybe talk to a specialist in these areas would help clarify what your going through. Because the three maladies are connected in fluid ways, it will be difficult I think to get going on treatment if you save 'anxiety' as a separate thing. Best in your effort, Bulgakoov
  4. Don't know if I should laugh; it could be real. Either way I should laugh. True: There was mention by a tv analyst within the last week that some group had objected to the use of "master" bedroom. I do think though, given that recent news that ET-type aliens are very likely among us, that the CDC should decree that we should all wear those pointy, tin foil hats to ward them off. Bulgakov Bulgakov
  5. I know this is no joke. I've seen tv reports on similar methods used to smuggle expensive song or other cage birds, usually from S.A.
  6. Andy: "Barney, Goober, come on out here. I've got something to tell you.' "What is it Ange, what's going on?" "Mayberry PD is being investigated." "Golly, Sheriff," Goober said.
  7. I agree with all that Wata. Competent dental care for all would be a thing to think of for someone. Eating isn't a cosmetic event. The availability of dental resources varies by class . . . I mean, money. Bulgakov
  8. Jerry Seinfeld's buddy George Costanza tried to solve this. In one episode he told Jerry he would like a way to combine his two favorite things, sex and food. So he went to bed with a girl, both were under the covers; but George stuck out his head and one arm to have a quick bit of his favorite desert, before darting back under the covers. I wouldn't try this at home . . . maybe. Bulgakov
  9. "Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner"--Warren Zevon
  10. Best Luck In2--"free" and "different" always get my attention too. Thanks for playing. Bulgakov
  11. Soarsie18, I agree, there does seem to be something else going on with that wealth gap!
  12. It's a time of change for movies, actors. Big movie companies are moving online to distribute their films. Actors lucky enough to stay in films used to move into character roles as they aged. Now they're lucky to get roles in commercials. What were big names are showing up in some pretty funky action movies now too. What was part of our cultural conversation, movies and movie stars, will fade. Bulgakov
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