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  1. You don't have to be Sherlock Freud to figure this one out. Someone has exposed part of the brain on driver's right, and sprinkled that gold glitter used in craft projects over the area. It may look fashionable, but will indeed cause a host of "abnormal activity of neural circuits," as mentioned. Even the regular, "breath in . . . now let it out," request from your doc can cause slight B.B.D., "ballooning brain disorder", followed by D.B.D., "deflating brain disorder." Only try this under the supervision of a trained cosmetician. Early data mining indicates the practitioner had a heavy hand on the glitter/snow shaker on operation day. The result, increased activity in the frontal lobe, and a heavy dusting of fake snow, subject announced he felt cold. Conversely, when gold glitter is decreased in the parietal and temporal areas, subject asked that a window be opened. (People, this is a joke. Please don't try it, anywhere. B)
  2. A note to your dysfunctonal family Kimmi. "Rosa's Law. as mandated by Mr. Obama: Under the law, “mental retardation” and “mentally retarded” will be stripped from federal health, education and labor policy. “Intellectual disability” and “individual with an intellectual disability” will be inserted in their place. The rights of individuals with disabilities will remain the same. Though not specifically addressed by the new federal mandate, "tard" and "retard" used to refer to the intellectual disabled, are also to be avoided. I had an uncle who was intellectually challenged, and he never much liked being called "Tard" or "Retard." Nothing personal. Bulgakov
  3. You game is hard E. Another switch: From the cuddly, fanciful "Winnie the Pooh" to the flip side, the more sinister "Penny the Woo." As in "I PENNY the Woo who . . . " Mr. T trying to wake up, Bulgakov
  4. Hello Lyceile, I too am very sorry to hear of your battle. And also troubled to hear your cancer has returned. I hope you're doing everything your body, spirit, and mind will allow to get your cells to slow down. I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the base of tongue about nine years ago. The state handbook for disability coverage I was looking over at the time characterized my type and location as a "very poor" prognosis--gotta love those unnecessary intensifiers. I was stage 3, spread to lymph nodes on one side. Took the regular regimen: infusion, radiation, and clean up surgery. Got a number of late arrival type side effects working on me now, but, I'm o.k. I don't go for check ups now, I just do the finger scan of armpits, along jaw line etc., and try to keep an eye on myself, so hold off on asking us to start keening for you just yet, we're still rooting. I certainly don't know the score on how your brother died, but you sound like someone blaming themselves for something they were not actually the cause of. I think your brother would want you to stay with us as long as you could. When in treatment I only had one thing hanging on any of the walls in my small apartment. It was a blow up of a epithelial cell in the base of tongue area, a healthy one. I meditated on it twenty minutes a day, saw it making more like itself. I don't know if it did any good, it was my idea, my medicine, and it relaxed me for twenty minutes a day at the least. Do the best you can, as long as you can, or can will. Like with me, things do happen, and you have to be ready to happen with them. I'll be thinking of you, Bulgakov
  5. Bulgakov

    I Got To Go

    Right on Floor! One of my good habits is getting out of bed the moment I wake. I may only move to the small dining table, but it moves me toward making coffee, visiting the bathroom, and sitting upright. It's easier then, for me, to start to do something. Bulga
  6. "Eddie G" for one of the wolf fish, short for the stout pugnacious face and jaw, and bare smile, of actor Edward G. Robinson. Bulga
  7. My Thoughts, by Me. Accompanied by Roof fan, and occasional Cars, Passing. Bulga
  8. Alto's Adventure on android tablet. It's a gorgeously simple game. Bulga
  9. And then there are guys like this guy, and Brian Wilson: "You can stand me up at the gates of hell, but I won't back down." Tom Petty, who I just found out died last year. He was in fact known for stubbornly fighting for the little things in his industry, the little things that supported the humanization of recording practices. Adios Willbury Bulgakov
  10. I have some mid-term goals, but honestly, what you describe is the only way I get anything done at all. Bulgakov
  11. "Harvest Snaps" "Green Pea Snack Crisps" says the bag. It also says, "The Original" which I appreciate because I hate those Green Pea Snack Crisp knockoffs? "Harvest Snaps", the brand. Don't get them, absolutely tasteless.
  12. Bulgakov

    R Stands for Regret

    It's what I'd do JD, go outside to converse on the cell, especially in a book store, and I wouldn't invite my daughter or anyone else to accompany outside to listen to the conversation. I wish I had a pill for you buddy, or some wise words that would help. I think you've watched "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind." It sounds like you need erasure, more that closure; same for me on some snippets of memories. Keep on Truckin', Bulgakov
  13. Thanks Ratvan, for the detailed information. I'll have a look when next at Walmart, and see what they might have. Bulgakov
  14. Hi CrazyEddie, Nine or so years ago I developed tinnitus after cisplaten was used in my chemo mix for cancer treatment. Drove me nuts for some time. I studied and went to several docs, ending up with a well known wizard in the field in Stanford, CA. The death of what are commonly called the "hairs" in the pool in the inner ear had died in my case, causing some hearing loss and lots of tinnitus. I never did find a cure, though many are sold. The rejuvenation of the cilia of the inner ear was not something that could be done at that time. Hopefully you have another cause, or there has been a remedy found. I don't know how long you've suffered from tinnitus, but over time my brain adjusted, tuned it out. I can still hear it clearly in a noiseless environment if I attend it, otherwise it's no longer a concern. When it was unhinging me, I used "masking" to sleep. There was and still is I imagine, a great website I can't remember the name of, that offered a number of masking sounds that you could adjust in timbre, tone, etc., into white noise, brown noise, green noise, lots of colors of noise, until you found one that worked for you. I then paid a buck for a sound snippet of it, loaded it onto my computer and looped it so it played straight through the night and I could pretty much get to sleep. Good luck in finding a reliable treatment, could be out there now Bulgakov
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