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  1. That's a good thought. Thanks. Bulga
  2. "The Boys of Everest," released in 2017--though the narrative ends in 1985--written by Clint Willis. I just finished this about a week ago, then picked it up to answer a question, in the middle, three days ago, and finished it again. So, I've read it 1-1/2 times, ha. It's a loosely termed "biography" and history of mountaineering from the 60s through mid '80s, following expeditions mainly in the Himalayan range. I've been reading books and watching movies and Internet vids on high altitude climbing stuff for a year and a half. There is a startling similarity between the emotions and ruminations of high peak climbers, and those of us who suffer from depression. That's fascinating, and this book is especially well written. Bulgakov
  3. Nice Hocico, did you write the summation, or a quote? Nice either way. Also, what is a "coin clipper"? I know what a "cut purse" is, but have not heard coin clipper. thanks, and thanks, Bulgakov
  4. Post script. I just googled, and the McDonald's "swizel" spoon shaped like a spoon is a "banned vintage item" on Ebay, ha. You have to have some clout to dictate to Ebay. Bulga
  5. When Mickey D first started using the drive through window, the window area protruded from the wall of the buildings, maybe by two to three feet. I was idling in line one morning and a box-shaped delivery truck was a couple of cars ahead of me. Too many windows were involved, and the truck just pulled up straight, shearing off the service window all the way back to the wall. What a mess of shattered glass. Soon after, McDonald's redesigned, putting the pull up windows flush with the wall. Somebody missed something on the original design. Another bygone mistake of Mc's was to offer coffee stir spoons, that were in fact shaped like very small spoons at the end of the thin plastic handle. I would imagine that anybody snorting anything at the time had a glove box full of those coffee stirrers. That lasted two or three weeks and the spoon ends were replaced by flat, paddle--shaped models. I wish I had a bunch now, as they would probably go like hot cakes on Ebay as collectables. I do not endorse using McDonald's utensils as drug paraphernalia in the past, present, or future. later, Bulgakov
  6. I think they learn that, or pick that up, as part of some servile understanding of management. And maybe some just see it as their turn to make someone miserable, like people who were abused sometimes become abusers later. It's a poor way to live, and a worse way to manage. I didn't know anyone still used SQL databases. That's a good skill. Better daze. Bulgakov
  7. Reality will always outstrip fantasy precisely because fantasy is hamstrung by the human imagination, and reality is not. Breakthroughs in "metaphysics", the ultimate nature of reality offer imagination to expand; not the other way around. You sound fine to me. Sports "visualization" is another type of imaginative "dialogue". Now, if you're "seeing" the people your conversing with at the table with you, and you're the only one, well that's when you begin to skirt the bonker world. Bulga
  8. Read, wrote, a little Internet, ate this and that when I felt hungry. 99% of my days are the same, like today, and I like it. Oh, gave myself a hair cut. For about a dozen years I've used a "Flowbee" to cut my hair. They used to do a lot of commercials, but it's the oldest of the "vacuum cleaner" hair cutter brands. Always works great and it's impossible to screw up. IRL I have full head of hair. Bulgakov
  9. Yeah, also that electric red stuff gets pretty hard to take after you've used it a few times. The only time I use the "R" syrups now is when I want to/need to, throw up. I think about drinking them, gag myself, cringe, and will usually hurl with little effort or strain. This often relieves my stomach as well as my cough. But as usual, I'm not a professional at this, and wouldn't attempt it without first consulting a physician, and maybe a plumber if you can afford one. Gak, gak, gak.
  10. Thanks Evalynn and Atra, for your help. I think I had it. One time I looked up some history of riddles. What I read said that in antiquity, riddles were kind of an on-the-spot I.Q. test. Lots of mythical heroes had to solve riddles to show they were smart, and you will find them in stories of Ulysses and others. "Riddle me this," impressionist Frank Gorshin used to say as the Riddler himself in the Batman tv series. Here is a classic I just looked up to pose it correctly. It's from an Athenian play, put to a hero before he can move past a monster in his quest. Probably you've heard this: " What walks on four feet in the morning, two in the afternoon and three at night?" Answer: Man, crawls in youth, walks on two legs at maturity, and with the aid of a cane in old age. "What's the difference? jokes and riddles would probably be considered to be in the same category. Bulgakov
  11. I didn't think there was anything to get. Which makes me think I didn't get it at all. Has it to do with "less" and "*ss". I still wouldn't get it if it does. Maybe tonight when I can't sleep. 😴
  12. What if God was one of us? Just a slob like one of us Sang--but not written--by Joan Osborne
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