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  1. Oh, and "The Witch" was anti climactic, not anti climatic, i.e., generally opposed to climate, ha. Please extend "editing" time to one hour for members 70 or older--or two if it's already one. Bulgakov
  2. "The Witch". First saw this as part of my ongoing blur of five-minutes-worth of horror films. I let it go quickly as it was slow, and I'd not heard of it. Then I saw it listed as a "best of horror" for the year, then further down in another list as simply one of the best for 2015 or '06, so I watched it all. Very good movie. It's spare, almost stark, but the dialogue is fresh when needed. Gives credit to writing and quotes from the time setting of the narrative, and really does a good job there. The end is anti climatic, the conclusion of a story that reaffirms the mediocrity of a life of faith, and the comparative brilliance of the supernatural. Bulgakov
  3. Bulgakov

    Once a screw-up, always a screw-up

    Hi JD, Sounds like your daughter has a right reaction to this one. And, as Atra says, as long as you remain upright, it'll happen again. On a tech writing job, my boss editor/lady used to occasionally say of my efforts, "This makes absolutely, no sense, at all." "Sounds like a mistake," I'd answer. No more. Your daughter still loves you; the rest weren't involved. (And don't get me started about biting the inside of my mouth.) best, Bulgakov
  4. Hi Regular, You sound like a thoughtful and prudent friend. I think Mark has the idea here. You're concerned that you get your friend back on track, head him in a direction. Always risky stuff when considered such-a- ways. You sound genuine, and good for allowing yourself to interact, and even try to help. Great idea also to get your own course plotted better, though we all have to slam dance a bit hear and there to overcome inertia. Very tough to identify that time which finds us "good to go." best to you
  5. Bulgakov


    ". . . cocooned in a tightly bound wicker of climbing roses." very nice ". . . cocooned in a tight wicker of climbing roses." better Bulgakov
  6. Bulgakov


    ". . . cocooned in a tightly bound wicker of climbing roses." very nice
  7. Bulgakov

    Writers and writing....

    Hi Twenty, Thanks for sharing your passion. Only passing familiar with Doom, but did play the heck out of the original game, lo those many years ago. If I remember, one of the oft used "sound" effects was the word, "splat". I've watched Supernatural for years. I haven't seen one I've not seen, in a while. My participation is strictly as a viewer, though I get there is an endless amount of "fan writing" that suggests itself. For me, Supernatural is the best, long-running fantasy series since Duncan McLeod and "The Immortal". Between Sam and Dean, most of the fun writing--from show's writers--falls on Dean's side. He doesn't make excuses for his unabashed and funny "poon hound" approach to life for example. Castiel has more dimension than the boys, and I think I heard he's the one who's gotten a couple of Emmys. Like other series I've hunkered down with over the years, I like to try and identify the episode in my mind after just a brief second or two when tuning in. Way back-back-back-back, there were print equivalents to your online prose called "fanzines," but they were mainly generally written prose and articles, and not odes to a series or show. And the ladies . . . I think possessed females are the sexiest females ever, though my favorite of all was Dean's free willed wife, Lisa(?). She also wins the "overwhelming smile" award. The Internet is the perfect vehicle I think for "fanfiction." Keep writing, it's "all" that's required to be one, yeow! Bulgakov
  8. Bulgakov

    Why I picked my username

    Mikhail Bulgakov is a favorite Russian writer of mine. I use his photo for DF, and he was also Premier of the Soviet Union. . . nyet. Bulga
  9. Bulgakov

    Finding a therapist for OCD

    Hi Grounded, I can offer a few basic ways to proceed, which I'm thinking is what you're asking for. First, do what you're doing. Look online, in the OCD thread, for therapists in your area that list the OCD as a specialty. Look at comments by patients who've worked with the doc or counselor. Usually a bio will give you educational background, years in practice, etc. I recall there is a resource that might tell you whether, and how much, the person you've picked has been sued. Just google the name, and malpractice might work. As far as picking, there is no certainty, just be ready to change your pick if you're not comfortable on first consultation. Pick three or so if you can. Call their office, and ask if the person you've picked it accepting new patients. That's why pick a few. If they are, ask if he or she takes your insurance. These are probably the first questions you have to answer to start. Have a first meeting, and see if you're compatible. If you've not been officially diagnosed as having OCD by a pro, then you'll need to confirm that, or see if you fit into a "multi diagnostic" area, another area with OCD tendencies, etc. Again, any personal reference from someone in the OCD forum from your area could be very helpful, but these are first steps. Good luck, keep after it, I know you will, Bulgakov
  10. Yes, "The Shape of Water" is an excellent film. Director Del Torro--I don't think I can spell Guellermo--is one of film's foremost practitioners of "magical realism", a genre critics had to invent to describe the books of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Bulgakov
  11. Bulgakov

    The Post Anything Thread #3

    "And how about another round of Jalapeno poppers for me and my friends." Have you seen this commercial? The speaker is in a Disco. He wears a blue cotton jacket, and a vaguely checked shirt. Friends fear he's becoming like his father. He's presented as a caricature, he's too open. Funny thing, I've known guys like him lots of times, and I always liked them, and their attitude. This guy is genuine, gregarious, and introduces himself around the dance floor with a hand shake. He's only mildly put down in the commercial, and that's good I think. We can always use more Richie Cunninghams, and less people wanting to be the Fonz. Bulga
  12. I just ordered five pounds of Thai sweet sticky rice for me. If you've never tried sticky rice, and have gotten by on the long grain white from Chinese restaurants and mom, you're missing a treat. Ever wondered how the hell millions of east Asians have eaten the stuff you've been served with chopsticks? Like chaff in the wind it flies everywhere and chopsticks are just a way to spread your serving around the table and floor. Many ate, and eat, short grained, "sticky", rice of one type or another--Thai being easiest to find and standard. You can't make rice balls with long grain white, that's how you get "rice falls." Eat rice that sticks to your ribs, your chopstick, and your fingers, the barely sweet smart rice that stays on the wall when thrown. Bulgakov
  13. Bulgakov

    Third Ketamine Infusion – 6/13/2017, 50mg Part 1

    Hi Atra, excellent tell of the second experience. I'll look at the third now. Thanks for continuing to share this. Yah, mystical experience or awareness is by definition ineffable. But you do a good job of poeticizing when relating your experiences in that direction, and those lyric stabs are also appreciated. Please keep up the good work on yourself, and the blog. Bulgakov
  14. Bulgakov

    The Fun Never Ends....

    Hi Beyond, You do a thoughtful, very useful job here, and I thank you for that. Like Atra, I commend you for raising three people and giving them a sense of purpose. That's the best legacy you can provide your children. It's always hard for me to advise people who have clearly done a better job of breathing, working, and repeating than I could manage. You, along with most here including me, do have trouble giving yourself enough credit. It's going around and I hope you feel better soon. Bulgakov
  15. Bulgakov

    What did you drink last?

    "Little Will drank from a glass, little Will is no more, for what he thought was H20, was really H2S04." (I may be remembering that right) Folgers. "Something something something, with Folgers in your cup" Bulga