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    Staying low. Staying humble. thankful for many little things that I am granted happiness shhhhhh
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    CardioTalk -key

    The key is to keep going no matter how far you fall back. Even if you get pushed miles away, the key is to keep going.
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    Do your own thing. not what the world expects. not how the world measures. your own thing.
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    Don’t do anything give it some time give it some space... forgive forgive
  5. Thank you epictetus. I’ve also checked out Aaron beck’s video you have suggested. As he had stated I am trying to somewhat make it my priority to recondition my mind to become positive. Decades of negativity may not be overturned in a couple of days but this is my pursuit now. Theres one thing I’ve thats been emphasized in Fred luskins forgive for good book which is somewhat related to what you described as a realist psychology. When you are able to realize all negative experiences are not so personal, you can look at things from bigger perspective and reduce your grievances. For me I easily fall into traps of thinking things in extreme and negative ways and get caught up with them which I hoped to ease up one day. letting my thoughts flow in and out and not think and act in such extreme ways. Black and white. Over exaggeration. And so on. Anyways. thank you
  6. I noticed you do a lot of gratitude practice. Are there any specific books or materials that’s been the most effective to you?
  7. Are there anyone that’s into positive psychology or anyone that had been successful with it?? Ive been reading Fred luskin’s forgive for good and had experienced changes a couple of times and been getting more interested in positive psychology. Anyone who’s familiar with positive psychology, any suggestions or recommendation I’d appreciate it.
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    I hate myself

    To me these negative voices, feelings are like drugs. Especially to depressed people. You know they are bad for you and want to stay away from them. But one little wrong step made, you are engulfed by them and back to full addiction. It takes lots of dedication and commitment to keep yourself “sober.” It May never go away and unconscious craving will be there. The trick is to stay alert and keeping yourself from relapsing.
  9. And don’t forget, we do a lot of goods and right too. 🙂
  10. I’ve been doing this exercise daily for a couple of weeks. I’d take 5 minutes to either write them down or do it in my head. Along with forgiveness practice, it’s been pretty effective so far.
  11. I think my experience was similar. It didn’t do much but got me more irritated. That’s why I decided to leave it on the shelf.
  12. Not always but sometimes it helps me sleep better. I’ve been having insomnia problem recently and I don’t have it anymore so I use two blankets weigh me down and it’s same as having one heavy blanket.
  13. Are there anyone who knows a lot about psychology of forgiveness? If so, please recommend me some good ones. Video links, books, or any type of materials I’d appreciate it. Thank you.
  14. I read Siddhartha when I was in high school and it was my favorite book of all then. I somewhat modeled how I live my life based on that book. Tell us how ginkgo Biloba goes. I’ve tried it before but I didn’t notice much difference.
  15. Jumping

    Day one

    The drive and the speed. Hopefully your mind doesn’t take control too much and start dictating your action. I’ve crashed hard a couple of times, trying to speed and power through over and over again. Had to eventually step back from everything and slow down to investigate and figure out what to do with my mind and my life in general. Because shit went out of control eventually. Hope all goes well for you sincerely.
  16. Thank you. I think this had been my challenge all my life. I know storms are a part of the process whatever my destination is and I know for sure I can get to the place I desire as I keep going but whenever storm comes I tend to freak out and go 🦇 poop crazy. Ever since I started getting more into reading bibles, it’s been a bit easier to manage my temper. Something seems to stop me before I lose my sanity and become a 🦍 and start smashing things. Its still work in progress, and I hope I continue to stay on the path and make further progress.
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    @lonelyforeginer and @allalone6 I've read a couple of posts and blogs of you guys and I can relate to some of your stories especially when it comes to being lonely. I became more lonely around this year when most of people in my life drifted off and I became more isolated. I mean I guess it still helps since I have a child but when he's not around, I don't have anyone to talk to. I feel like I've became an invisible ghost over the years. So if you guys don't mind, feel free to message me. Just to chat. Talk about daily stuff or whatever. Thank you.
  18. When I was buying them I wouldn’t buy flowers but either edibles(gummies) or oils(vape) because they are more convenient for me. I didn’t want myself or my place to reek like marijuana. Plus oil concentrates you only need a hit or two to get high and doesn’t reek as much. With a vape cartridge and 2 grams of oil usually cost me around 100 and would last me pretty long time and they’ll add some extra bonuses(edibles or a joint) if I purchase around 100 at the dispensary that I used to go.
  19. Also I think I enjoyed it more when I was in middle school and high school because it was illegal and being a kid just doing bad things seemed more exciting. Once it’s legalized and you became a grown up, i sort of lost interest. So I was just medicating myself mainly for my anger issue for awhile, but it really bothered me that I was getting lazy. And ever since I started reading more gospels, I don’t even crave it when I get so stressed. And it’s only been about 3 weeks into reading gospels and being sober( no weed and no caffeine), despite of heavy stressors, I haven’t yet to explode in anger. So I’m pretty content with how things been going so far. Also I just googled and it says in Kentucky CBD is legal as long as it has less than 0.3 percentage of THC. I believe isolates have 0 percent of THC, if I’m not mistaken. I’ve heard good things about green mountain CBD (they have a website), not sure if they send it to Kentucky as well but that’s where I have purchased before.
  20. It may change soon I believe. Here in California it’s like going to a liquor store and buying a beer. It has helped a lot of people. Personally, I like that it eliminates my anxiety and anger and I enjoy music, movies and food more. But I just get too unproductive and I still prefer being productive and having more clarity. But how marijuana is being legalized more and more, other states may adopt in soon as well.
  21. Can you tell me how CBD oils helped you? And we’re they isolates? And how did you take them? And what effects and dosage? For me CBD did not help immensely to curve down my anxiety or anger, but gave me urge to start smoking(weed) again. Weed does help with anxiety and anger but comes with a price(brain fog, unproductivity and etc). I never vaped CBD but just orally with oils. Then it gave me the urge to get high so I’ll start dropping high dosage and get high and soon or later I’ll be back on vaping oil(weed) again.
  22. I was never a chronic smoker besides in high school days I was smoking a lot. After that maybe here and there when I got really stressed out. But the last time I was extremely stressed i tried one and I was really grossed out I just took a few drag and threw it away. For me, even when I used to enjoy it what prevented me to keep going was cardio. I hated that how it affected my cardio when I am exercising. I was gasping for air more when I tried to run or do any type of cardio when I started smoking again. but then I see some dudes that can run like a gazelle right after smoking a cigarette and finish off another cigarette during the cool down after the run lol. I just couldn’t fathom how these guys do that.
  23. Recently I have been vibing well with gospels in the Bible. Christian movies. I don’t want to yet label myself as anything. But in a few weeks i definitely see some changes and been feeling more stable and balanced. We’ll see.
  24. Yes. For now, things have been turn out good. There may be more things to face or may not. But I feel a bit of relief and peace today. Even if I feel like I don’t have anyone in my life. I know I have my kid that I love and care very much. At least I had someone I could call and speak to today. And I can feel somewhat of comfort and reliance on the Bible that’s laying next to me or a movie or gospels on YouTube and the wooden cross necklace that’s on my chest. Todays been a hectic day but I’m grateful that I powered through and things hadn’t turn out so bad. 🙏 please continue to guide me and provide me with inner peace despite of what’s happening on the outside.
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