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  1. Jumping


    Staying low. Staying humble. thankful for many little things that I am granted happiness shhhhhh
  2. Jumping

    CardioTalk -key

    The key is to keep going no matter how far you fall back. Even if you get pushed miles away, the key is to keep going.
  3. Jumping


    Do your own thing. not what the world expects. not how the world measures. your own thing.
  4. Jumping


    Don’t do anything give it some time give it some space... forgive forgive
  5. Thank you epictetus. I’ve also checked out Aaron beck’s video you have suggested. As he had stated I am trying to somewhat make it my priority to recondition my mind to become positive. Decades of negativity may not be overturned in a couple of days but this is my pursuit now. Theres one thing I’ve thats been emphasized in Fred luskins forgive for good book which is somewhat related to what you described as a realist psychology. When you are able to realize all negative experiences are not so personal, you can look at things from bigger perspective and reduce your grievances. For me I easily fall into traps of thinking things in extreme and negative ways and get caught up with them which I hoped to ease up one day. letting my thoughts flow in and out and not think and act in such extreme ways. Black and white. Over exaggeration. And so on. Anyways. thank you
  6. I noticed you do a lot of gratitude practice. Are there any specific books or materials that’s been the most effective to you?
  7. Are there anyone that’s into positive psychology or anyone that had been successful with it?? Ive been reading Fred luskin’s forgive for good and had experienced changes a couple of times and been getting more interested in positive psychology. Anyone who’s familiar with positive psychology, any suggestions or recommendation I’d appreciate it.
  8. Jumping

    I hate myself

    To me these negative voices, feelings are like drugs. Especially to depressed people. You know they are bad for you and want to stay away from them. But one little wrong step made, you are engulfed by them and back to full addiction. It takes lots of dedication and commitment to keep yourself “sober.” It May never go away and unconscious craving will be there. The trick is to stay alert and keeping yourself from relapsing.
  9. And don’t forget, we do a lot of goods and right too.
  10. I’ve been doing this exercise daily for a couple of weeks. I’d take 5 minutes to either write them down or do it in my head. Along with forgiveness practice, it’s been pretty effective so far.
  11. I think my experience was similar. It didn’t do much but got me more irritated. That’s why I decided to leave it on the shelf.
  12. Not always but sometimes it helps me sleep better. I’ve been having insomnia problem recently and I don’t have it anymore so I use two blankets weigh me down and it’s same as having one heavy blanket.
  13. Are there anyone who knows a lot about psychology of forgiveness? If so, please recommend me some good ones. Video links, books, or any type of materials I’d appreciate it. Thank you.
  14. I read Siddhartha when I was in high school and it was my favorite book of all then. I somewhat modeled how I live my life based on that book. Tell us how ginkgo Biloba goes. I’ve tried it before but I didn’t notice much difference.
  15. Jumping

    Day one

    The drive and the speed. Hopefully your mind doesn’t take control too much and start dictating your action. I’ve crashed hard a couple of times, trying to speed and power through over and over again. Had to eventually step back from everything and slow down to investigate and figure out what to do with my mind and my life in general. Because shit went out of control eventually. Hope all goes well for you sincerely.
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