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  1. I know I’ve been given a lot of blessings that I probably don’t deserve. Often I lose sight of all the blessings I have given and I focus on what I want and what I don’t have like a spoiled brat as if I am entitled to everything that I want immediately. I often cause my own misery for losing sight of all the goodness I have been given.
  2. If you don’t mind me asking, what is what is the spirit life coach that you mentioned? I think I saw you mention in it before too.
  3. Thank you . It’s still a process and often it’s difficult to have a better perspective when I’m going through rough times, but I believe with consistent practice I can get better at seeing things with wider perspective and even using rough times as opportunities to grow as a better person. When I’m more calm and feeling better, sometimes I can see how I have benefited from some of my toughest times and even cherish those moments. But often when I’m slammed down hard, my mind is reacted by bombardments of self pity, doubts, hopelessness and etc. But I’m hoping to change this, so in the future when punches are thrown hard, I’ll eventually learn to shake em off quickly rather than dwell on the pain for days or even weeks.
  4. Thank you. I mostly write blogs for myself and especially when something stimulates me or something that needs to be reminded so I won’t forget or so I won’t get caught up if any negative forces start creeping. It also helps to relieve my tension and feel some peace at least momentarily. I think it’s also been helping me not to completely lose my balance. And it’s also great to see that you are on a very positive path as well. And I do appreciate your feedbacks and your suggestions as well. Thank you. If I sound a little scattered I apologize, I have a bad flu so with cold meds, tiredness, and brain fog..My brains lacking a bit of clarity. Much love and peace to you and many others
  5. Thank you for all the hardships, heart breaks, confusions, and despair. I know these are given to me so I can grow up to be a more improved version of me. I know I had to go through these for a reason and more of what’s waiting for me. Thank you.
  6. JJayy

    Guidance from the Universe

    For me i have to find what works at the moment. What used to work for me may work for me and what didn’t work for me may work at me at the moment. For LOA, I first discovered it through secret by Rhonda Byrne. I was just waiting at the airport for my plane and had some time to **** so I decided to go to a book store and for whatever reason the book stood out. And I started reading it and it just clicked. Then I watched the documentary and got into Esther Hicks LOA. This was back in 2008. And I was very absorbed for about 7 years and it just resonated with me wonderfully. Recently Ive been getting more into Christianity. I was repelled by Christianity most of my life and even resented it. But for whatever reason, it’s been resonating quite well with me a week or so. So I’ll see what happens.
  7. I’m prepared to face oppositions over and over again. While stones are thrown at me consistently I will use this great opportunities to work on finding peace and smile as I fend off these attacks. With the strength and guidance given from God, I know I am and will do great in this amazing life. I’m ready. Let’s get it.
  8. May God guide us and provide us love and peace tonight and ever after
  9. Dark clouds may come clouding my head with anxiety, doubts, pity, and etc. Heavy rain may come blocking my visions. Slippery ground may make me fall over and over again. But it’s okay. It’s okay clouds. It’s okay rain. It’s okay wet grounds. Because I’ll keep going and I’ll keep going. I’ll keep going as long as I’m still breathing. I’ll shake off the mud and water and I’ll move on. And thank you for giving me the passion and desire that reignite over and over again to keep going. Thank you
  10. I know this may or may not be temporary. And I know there may be more ups and downs and some downs that may fall a little too far that’ll leave me questioning all my ups, but I really wanna thank you for this moment of joy and hope. I wanna thank you for bringing me out of the darkness and out of fogs and letting me know that I still have the ability to feel joy and intense emotion of happiness. I wanna thank you for letting me know that I still have the ability to have a very bright visions that gets me excited, happy, and shed tears of joy. I’m not the one to decide on my fate but I feel like...at least at this moment that things are going to be alright and that you will guide well. I’m in good hands. Thank you.
  11. Been off caffeine and weed ever since. I’m slowly picking pieces back up and trying to get back to where I left off. There’s been hiccups here and there. but I’m trying to remind myself and tell myself that I still have the best life and all I need is to do is dig in and look for evidences and angles. If I fall, I just need to pick myself up and keep going. And continue to refocus, because a lot of distractions may come my way and fog my vision. But it’s alright, because I’ll keep wiping my lenses and refocus.
  12. I still feel the negative energy and I’m still in a negative space right now. It still lingers on from yesterday. Pain anxiety guilt self pity anger hopelessness feeling lost. Feelings of all these are still lingering on from yesterday. This morning I tossed out all my weed and caffeine pills, and pre workouts. I don’t know where to start and The anxiety and fear of future what might happen gives me anxiety and fear. Tomorrow how will I handle it? what should I do now? afraid to take steps because of the hopelessness and pain that comes when I fall hard.. ill somehow managed to get through this day. Today I have all to myself. It’s hard to move but I guess I will. I don’t know... i wanna get back to Eckhart Tolle and maybe even try a short meditation again. I read and heard from ppl how it helped with their chronic anger. At this point I just want to have a better handle on my anger and have ability to see things from more calmness and clarity. I feel very unbalanced and lost right now.
  13. Anyone that used to have severe anger problems or chronic grumpiness but successfully overcame the problem? Especially without help if prescribed medications?
  14. I was wondering if anyone is into Eckhart Tolle and if you are can you share if his teaching had an impact in your life and made some great improvements? I personally discovered him around 2007 and had on and off “relationship “ with his teachings ever since.
  15. JJayy

    Guidance from the Universe

    Do these come and go randomly? Or they can be a part of your life with your own effort? If so, how? there were moments in my life where everything was lined up perfectly and I felt like I was the luckiest guy in the world and felt like I was on the top of the world. Along that time I discovered law of attraction and made sense to me. But now they don’t work as effectively as then. Also a couple of months ago I discovered black seed oil and I felt like my old me and finally I found a cure to get me out this darkness and I felt so damn hopeful and for a couple of weeks I was making progresses at a rapid pace but then it ceased as well. Also around those times when I looked at time, often I was noticing 4:44. But now these moments faded away. Do anyone have ideas on why these come and go in my life? And what to do about them? Thank you