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  1. Today would have been my parents' 42nd anniversary. I'm grateful that I turned out like my dad. Waking up in my own bed, in my own room, with the sun shining in my own window, behind a locked door. Putting chocolate chips in my shredded wheat at breakfast and eating a calm, quiet meal. Finding surprises under the rocks in art therapy. I don't have to throw out the baby with the bathwater. I like to climb. So what if he's the one who taught me how?
  2. And after waiting, fighting patiently on my knees, all the other stuff tired itself out first, not me. And in its wake appeared the touch and call of a different breed. One who set to get me wise, got me there, and then got me. -Fiona Apple (Oh, Sailor)
  3. Sunshine. A clean room. Things and people that remind me that I'm not alone or odd because of what's happened to me. Motivation to get well. I have it right now. Thank God, because this assignment is tedious. A fuzzy cat to greet me at the door when I get home.
  4. Aspirin. Perspective. Hope. Rare women who support other women.
  5. Have you had your thyroid tested? These are signs of hypothyroidism.
  6. Take a bath Drink a cup of coffee Watch a movie Listen to music Cry Write Go for a walk/jog/cycle/swim Window shop Yoga Find a class to take Eat a healthy meal
  7. Figures - Jessie Reyez Love Yourself - Justin Bieber (Please don't laugh.) Firebreather - Laurel
  8. I think my guardian angels heard me talking about them. I found another person with whom to cocoon myself. Loud music therapy in the car. I can feel some people's voices climb around inside before curling up to keep me warm.
  9. Forgive them even if they are not sorry.
  10. Affectionate cats. All the progress I've made with my core beliefs, even though I have a long way to go with a couple of them. My support team. The capacity to love, even when it isn't returned. Dreams coming true. I'm being grateful in advance here. Grateful for the chance to try. I'm lucky to be alive.
  11. Scared. I have no floor underneath me right now. I'm working on building one, but... I hope I finish before a flood comes and washes me away.
  12. I think I really needed to read this today. It helped me to make a decision. It's thoughtful of you to be concerned about your intentions. It sounds like the group is lucky to have you there. It also sounds like you were stating out loud feelings that many of you had, and really, there's nothing wrong with advocating for your preferences. An interesting question is a distinction between that and manipulation. Hmm.
  13. I hope I can talk myself into feeling better by finding silver linings with gratitude. I have a roof over my head, even though I'm struggling with my roommates. I found someone with whom I relate and can speak openly about my depression, if not the full cause of it. So far, my classes are going well this spring, and I'm looking forward to one class in particular this fall. I know I can be content with my life, even if it doesn't turn out how I planned. I've survived other deep, dark crevices.
  14. Petrified that nothing will change, so I'm here in the hopes that this group will help.
  15. I know exactly what you mean, evalynn. Back to reality... Who needs it??
  16. Hi nirah! I hear you, and it's hard for me to fit in as well. I try to remember that every human being has the same basic needs and emotions. When I talk to people, I ask questions and find one or two things in common on which to focus. Fitting in? Not so much. I think fitting in is more about people-pleasing than anything. Connection might be a better term. I'm glad you posted this right now, because it's forcing me to think about my own circumstances. My life recently changed drastically, and I'm meeting a lot of new people. It's tough to find a connection and to trust that I'll be safe and treated well in spite of differences. The people who are meant to be in your life will understand that you need more down time than most. Have you heard of something called a Highly Sensitive Person? There's a book by that title, written by Elaine N. Aron. Highly recommend it. Nice to "meet" you, by the way. Hope you have a good day, nirah. Cheers, june
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