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  1. Hi everyone and happy thanksgiving!!!!here is the update.today is my second day taking zoloft 300mg and 3 mg risperidone.so far the anxiety is gone but the depression is really present.just going to live through the next four weeks to make sure this treatment will work.still very worried and scared but will c.pray for me:)
  2. Vega57 I truly hope everything works out for u:)
  3. So here is the update!september 27 2018...well I did see my psychiatrist and after talking we ended it up with increasing my zoloft to 250 mg for two weeks and then up to 300mg.i know it’s a high dosage but I used to take cipralex before with the zoloft which both did the same thing.today I didn’t take any clonozapen and thank god no anxiety.lets see what’s going to be the end result!!fingers crossed
  4. This past week has been an anxiety free week!my mood is still depressed but a step at a time.im seeing my psychiatrist tomorrow so I will let u know what’s the next move.this is my journey of finding my old self.
  5. For now I’m off Wellbutrin for the fourth day.what a relief but we had to increase the risperidone to 3 mg 200 mg zoloft and 1 mg clonozapen for a week.next Wednesday I’m seeing my psychiatrist to determine the next step.i do feel more relaxed bad thoughts still there but not as present as before.figures crossed.
  6. I pray to go God for my sake!!!!find my old self again!
  7. My meds haven’t changed yet I just stopped taking the Wellbutrin.we increased the risperidone and added clonozapem until things settle down and then see which is the best way to go.
  8. Well this is my third day without Wellbutrin and what a relief!!!!i still need to find the right combo but my doc wants me to wait for a week until Wellbutrin is out of my system.clonazapen works wonders;)
  9. September 19 2018:so I saw my psychiatrist and we decided that Wellbutrin is not for me.i knew it!!!!all that anxiety wasn’t normal.so now I have to take one extra mg of risperidone and 1 mg clonozapin twice a day for a week and then I go back to see him.wish me luck on this journey of recovering the old Kate:)
  10. Day 19: still feeling the anxiety.i am going to see my psychiatrist tomorrow maybe Wellbutrin it’s too stimulating for me.i hope he will change it and not increase it.
  11. Day 18: lots of anxiety in the morning.went to work still my bad thoughts are present.trying to be patient until and if Wellbutrin will kick in.
  12. Annette I’m so sorry u feel this way.i share ur pain.did u do good on 300mg?and how fast u felt the meds kicking in. I’m desperate
  13. Day 18: lots of anxiety in the morning.went to work still my bad thoughts are present.trying to be patient until and if Wellbutrin will kick in.
  14. I’m am on combos.zoloft 200 mg risperidone 2 mg and 17 days Wellbutrin 300 mg
  15. I understand that I need to be patient but what freeks me out is if this doesn’t work what am I going to do??i am sooo scared.
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