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  1. Wow link gets taken down so fast But when other DF account makes sexist, racist posts; or spambots spamming multiple threads? Forum Admin takes zero action!
  2. Please note that this website has no volunteer certified or trained to advise any sort of solution, if that is what you're asking Also: people will only talk to you if you have something they want, or want you to do something for them. The moment you don't have or do it for them anymore, you won't be hearing a sound from them
  3. Now you've got me envious…wait, what is "snow"? I live in a tropical country near the equator, where it's NEVER below 81 deg F all year round, day & night…so I don't think I've ever seen this "snow" thing.
  4. Its January, it's nighttime & its 81 deg F ....what's this "snow" thing y'all keep mentioning about?? I live in a tropical country near the Equator
  5. Get some BIG, POWERFUL speakers, place 'em near his door, connect to a device playing the audio from porno videos, & crank that volume up.
  6. Lesson all of us need to learn: Help yourself because no one else will. Everybody else are only interested in leaving us for dead…if they aren't also the ones who kicked us down into the ditch in the first place. Stop believing that humans are kind, helpful, or altruistic!!!
  7. @Nightjar I'd ask: "you're the therapist/counselor, do you have a cure for me?" If I went to a doctor for diarrhea & it doesn't stop or even worsen, I'd switch doctors
  8. Do you also have to work with other humans(and communicate with them) & deadlines?
  9. 2 words: Tolerate colleague
  10. Something you & Sober should understand People will only be around you if you have something they want, or want you to do something for them. The moment you don't have or do it for them anymore, they gone.
  11. Here, this is where you made mistake That thing you believe in? No, it does not exist. Same like Santa Claus & the tooth fairy
  12. Except there is a possibility for a broken leg to fully heal. Has there ever been historical record of depression being cured fully?
  13. Feel like the combined wrath of this chaotic universe & every deity ever is now redirected to just me. Everybody else including rest of DF who isn't me should be having pleasant times from this second on.
  14. If it wasn't for financial reasons, I would have resigned from my current job & take a ME rest-of-life. I firmly believe some people are simply born luckier than others; these lucky few have favorable, fortunate situations (e.g. generational wealth) handed to them on a silver platter with zero effort from them. Others who are just unlucky: cancer, mental illness, job situation in ruins etc Myself? I feel like I'm top 10-15 unluckiest persons in the world for the past 3 years accumulated. Unfortunately, no one can control or alter his/her own luck.
  15. He's still around. DF mod team asleep I think
  16. So which retirement 'number' did you hit; retirement age, or the number on your bank account?
  17. Why don't you do the rest of DF a favor by going to Botswana, hang around crowded hospital ICUs and take deep breaths in
  18. LOL if you know everything you'd already be employed as a subject matter expert instead of being on disability Just tell her to seek a professional to advise her, they can do a better job (P.S. one who knows everything is not God, they are called "Consultants")
  19. But how do you put that on a résumé? That's what these reunions are: a résumé measuring & bragging contest. Frankly, mental health issues sufferers can't compete with those with no mental health problems whatsoever
  20. Fret not, Mon-Fri bored will be replaced by hours & hours of work stress per day until Saturday when 2 days of 'bored' starts again
  21. I don't mind a "saying hi" job, their work don't get audited. Worse? Try being in charge of policies/procedures documentation, then get told by the boss that external auditor is coming next Monday
  22. Because no one cares enough to understand one another, humans only care what others can do for him/her @ladysmurfif having other humans to talk to includes getting yelled at, are you willing to consider a job at an information counter or call center? All the ****ing time customers/colleagues/bosses will want to 'talk' to you
  23. Think I need a new line of work. Wonder what ghost/spirit possessed me to accept my current job. Who else absolutely detest interacting with other humans?
  24. Early morning ****ing 87.8 deg F in mid-November
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