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  1. You can't choose your colleagues. You don't know what douchebag (or charlie-uniform-november-tango) you'll gonna work with from the job Ad/description even interview; until you step foot into the workplace.
  2. You are aware people will talk to you ONLY WHEN they want you to do something for them, right?
  3. There is no such thing as "support systems". Humans are a selfish & impatient species, the ones in any workplace only know how to say "deal with this asap".. Depressed or not, a person needs to help himself/herself because no one else in this world will! I kinda agree with @watalife POV more & more
  4. Asking because disability for depression don't exist in my country So if one is depressed, can he/she still achieve competent work performance under workplace pressure? (like multiple service-level agreements that must be fulfilled concurrently, & they're measured in minutes) P.S. in many offices workplace competence are appraised for management to not just consider eligibility for salary increment, but whether to terminate employment contract also. Whether an employee has any mental illness is never taken into consideration
  5. To describe exactly how I feel Is today "Frustrate a DF member day"??
  6. To be sure @sober4life did you get any job offer letter stating salary & what date/time is your first day of work? Also regarding "small town nonsense", are you willing to trade that for the stresses in a city's business district?
  7. So are you willing to consider the only alternative: employment?
  8. A peta-ton of work tasks, some of them concurrent even
  9. I'm almost at this point I just wish, for the first time in 3 years; just ONE THING to not result in a disastrous catastrophe
  10. Command & Conquer Remastered. This game is brutally hard
  11. I hope you're not blaming Nyla for doing what she did, ESPECIALLY since you didn't know what she went through personally. Besides, why are you even necro-bringing this up again? Skye probably wants to put this chapter behind
  12. @gandolfication is right: positive my ****ing ****! Saying the bible is positive book is like believing depression sufferers deserve it because our ancestor Eve ate a fruit
  13. This is why I don't understand when others gripe they have nobody to talk to. Go get a customer facing job then! Currently I only support clients over the phone but already is making me hate interacting with humans
  14. Is there difference between hopeful optimism & delusion? I'd like to hear from an optimist: do you still need seatbelts, fire extinguishers, fire brigades, antivirus softwares? But we really do not have total control, we're more like the pinballs of the universe.
  15. Before covid, you could get employed as a customer service personnel. Everybody wants to talk to the customer service person, since everybody looks for help. And if it's not customers/clients, your boss/supervisor will come talk to you; they tend to like to do that. Only time you have no one to talk to is when it's yourself that needs help.
  16. This world indeed is. Is like I'm punished for the sin of being born, being alive
  17. Bad things happed to those of us born cursed/jinxed. Just this morning: - the Bluetooth earphones I bought less than a month ago stopped working - my work email **** the **** up And is not even 8am yet In this universe whether you're born lucky or not is Everything
  18. But I live somewhere that's 18-hours flight from United States, in a year-round-hot-weather tropical country...still wanna meet in person? 🤣
  19. Most of conversations involving me: 1) takes place outside of online forums/fb; moreso on WhatsApp & phone 2)Back & forth talking only began when I started looking for a job So if you're still jobless, this is where it can start. Recruitment agents talk to me, of course interviews involve talking, & once you're employed you're talking to customers, colleagues, your bosses...ALL THE TIME. ...well you can say the first step for me did take place online, which was uploading my resume on various job portals
  20. Feel like I was born jinxed, cursed. Feel like a painless de@th will be the best thing that can ever happen to me.
  21. That's just how society structures humanity: a person's worth is valued by serving other people. That's why butchers, locksmiths, doctors, nurses & electricians are valued But not people suffering from mental illness to the point he/she can't perform work (if you aren't contributing to others in society, you have no value nor deserve any worth)
  22. By advice do you mean feasibly applicable solutions like "here's what you can do: Step 1...."?
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