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  1. Are there any disability that you can qualify for? It's getting paid without being any bosses' slave
  2. At least you still have a job (unless about to lose it soon). Most of DF forum members aren't able to work even part time jobs and have to rely on disability for life…if they can qualify
  3. Our future days will only be better when our enemies get & die of cancer. Or in a burning fire
  4. Pretty obvious & self-explanatory
  5. You can ask for help here, DF is a safe space, not an office/workplace where you'll just get yelled at
  6. Have you considered being a private hire driver e.g. Uber? Heard the earnings aren't bad, and they're a godsend to folks like me with no driving license…especially when cab fares now cost arms & legs
  7. Sucks, doesn't it? I had 2 Pfizers & a booster, didn't matter, still got it. Took 2 weeks of prescribed cough/flu/fever meds & self-isolating to recover from that variant
  8. Just note that jobs means you're exchanging your NM with another set of narcs called your supervisor/management. And they may even have power over you like your NM: do as you're told or the salary goes bye-bye As long as one is alive, there's no escape from narcs. Your best option is claim benefits for the rest of your life
  9. Work, at the office, what else??? Is a weekday
  10. Anybody else feel like they're born to experience nothing but failure? Are there any DFers who have had success in your lifespan, whether in education, career, or otherwise (e.g. financially)?
  11. I can't help you as all you get is the POV of an office worker (not in tourism) because this country has no disability for the mental health sufferers. Even the autistic work jobs here. All I can say is it's rainy weeks/months now so the temperature's not that hot. And income tax? What job do you now have that pays salary?
  12. 1. Never count on anything going right in life, at least before your death 2. Your family are not those who are merely related to you by blood/DNA, but the first to respond when you're in an emergency.
  13. And @Epictetus too, what do you expect when our society is built to be a dog-eat-dog world as its foundation from ground up? A society that uses "eat or be eaten" as their primary philosophy That is just how our world is: the meek becomes food of the psychopathic ruthless. And I doubt it'll ever change
  14. Is a no choice situation for some of us, it's either get out of bed & drag ourselves to the workplace, or bye-bye to salary.
  15. Any cheaper eateries (cafes, even street food) or food deliveries near you?
  16. Haz Lindsay made an official post regarding our new mods? Like what will moderators do, & what can DFers approach y'all for assistance
  17. You're saying what you say because you haven't been employed in a work environment, so you don't know what humanity is truly like. I don't blame you Even if theoretically non-narcissists exist in reality, they'd be extremely rare...like 1 in 100 million people are not narcissists
  18. What assistance? You're never gonna get any from the human species known for being self-centered egomaniacs! The only one we can depend on for any assistance is our own selves
  19. Rather choose to be lonely than having to converse with a species of backstabbing, narcissistic humans
  20. I'll be blunt here. ANY unfamiliar territory is still better than a toxic environment full of backstabbers And yes, literally all work environments since human civilization started are toxic, if not at least 100% toxic
  21. Our new mod @Nightjar Already doing great, hitting the ground running on spam threads clean-up!
  22. Go for disability if you can qualify. Never mind being the bosses' slave, even most job interviews are not worth going thru the ordeals That's why I'm always envious of anyone on disability, I'll attempt to qualify too if it exist in my country
  23. Are you vaccinated at least 2 jabs & 1 booster?
  24. Since its a voluntary gig, is there any notice period if you quit?
  25. This is what talking/interacting with people is like. In case anybody else are still "I'm lonely, nobody wants to talk to me"
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