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  1. If you've had job before here's a reminder: managers LOVE to do something called appraisals either quarterly or every 6 months to go over what "milestones you've achieved" over the period of time AKA the KPI. They use this appraisal to judge whether you get a salary increment, or the sacking. So do you want the "boredom" that comes with disability, or getting appraised under management's microscope every now & again? Never heard anybody say how KPI appraisals benefit mental health
  2. Doesn't stop the rest of the world still condemning us, labelling us as "that mistake maker" Homo sapiens are the wrong species if you're looking for compassion
  3. If you've work with management & deadlines before, you'll know how impossible a good day is. My last "good" day was over 2 years ago
  4. Next person who mention the word "timeline" or "deadline" to my face should be choked & strangled.
  5. Give me enough millions so that I won't need to work another day for the remaining of my life, THEN I may have a good day
  6. Well do you need to? Are you financially dependent on being around anyone?
  7. No human WILL care about us, they ONLY care what can we do for them
  8. But seems they don't care whatever **** happens to you until Monday?? I'd reply "ok Monday you can come collect their bodies" & hang up
  9. A warning if you are considering the employment route to become financially independent, even after your foot has made a complete recovery Do you think you are ready or capable of juggling multiple "Highest Priority" work tasks/projects under pressure in a fast paced environment, for 9.5 hours a day, 5 days a week? Because that's the bare minimum hirers are looking for
  10. Then ask the lady: what's the purpose of the phone call, are they giving you free money unconditionally?
  11. Radical means you believe your pastor really needs a private jet bought with the tithe you donated to be able to preach "more effectively" Radical means really believing people getting cancer/covid/mental illnesses is justified because ancestor Eve ate that fruit.
  12. You know you're at work when it's only one hour into the day & already you feel like resigning
  13. That's still vague, "computer work" can mean about anything Programmer? Sysadmin? QAT testing? IT security? Network engineer? DB administrator? …or? Got to know what you're really interested in to start your job hunt. It helps if you have at least a diploma/certification in that field
  14. And that's why some DF forum members are on disability; ethically there isn't a "KPI" where receiving disability will be cut off Any disability receivers can say this is not the case?
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