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  1. But I live somewhere that's 18-hours flight from United States, in a year-round-hot-weather tropical country...still wanna meet in person? 🤣
  2. Most of conversations involving me: 1) takes place outside of online forums/fb; moreso on WhatsApp & phone 2)Back & forth talking only began when I started looking for a job So if you're still jobless, this is where it can start. Recruitment agents talk to me, of course interviews involve talking, & once you're employed you're talking to customers, colleagues, your bosses...ALL THE TIME. ...well you can say the first step for me did take place online, which was uploading my resume on various job portals
  3. Feel like I was born jinxed, cursed. Feel like a painless de@th will be the best thing that can ever happen to me.
  4. That's just how society structures humanity: a person's worth is valued by serving other people. That's why butchers, locksmiths, doctors, nurses & electricians are valued But not people suffering from mental illness to the point he/she can't perform work (if you aren't contributing to others in society, you have no value nor deserve any worth)
  5. By advice do you mean feasibly applicable solutions like "here's what you can do: Step 1...."?
  6. What brought on this change from your pessimism? Do you have some kind of insider info regarding development of cure or vaccine? Anyway in my country it's resembling a lockdown more & more: McDonalds is shut (not even takeaways or delivery), non-essential businesses e.g. boba tea are shut...heck now it's against the law to be outside your home without a mask on. I'm fortunate my job is considered 'essential' so there's still income.
  7. Yes, Mr. pharmacist, I'd have whatever powerful prescription @sober4life is taking Fyi Nothing has gotten better since 4-5 years ago, way before this pandemic was even a thing, so apologies if I don't share the delusional optimism.
  8. Jose Conde y Ola Fresca - El Chacal Been getting into Cuban music lately.
  9. This is what happen when governments all over the globe think mental health therapy is "non-essential"
  10. Alex Torres & His Latin Orchestra - Travesuras, de la Vida
  11. @mmd are you unemployed, you haven't had a boss/supervisor yelling at you to do work tasks since a long time?
  12. The covid virus really brings out the true colors of religious pastors & clerics, with their claims of "virus is Magic Sky Wizard punishing humanity for not making homosexuality universally a capital crime" & "Magic Sky Wizard is punishing non-Muslims with the virus for consuming pork & alcohol".
  13. You forgot to mention how all what you posted can translate to steady, basic income for samadhiSheol. And @samadhiSheol, have you considered disability welfare/benefits for your mental condition? To be frank employment should be the last resort when all efforts & attempts to get disability welfare/benefits have failed.
  14. …The 'good' ones aren't invented from in your imaginative mind?
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