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  1. Can I swear over on that site? It is crucial for me to accurately express how I truly feel
  2. What do you expect when the mod/admins/owner has abandoned their own forum site?
  3. Wonder what situation on DF is driving sober off?
  4. What we need is to learn from other people who have more than once given a presentation to a medium-to-large number audience, how they dealt with the anxiety Unfortunately people like them don't have DF accounts
  5. Thanks for letting us know that DFers can still pass job interviews & get employment!
  6. Well unlike us employed folk with jobs, you have more free time But did Lindsay say whether a forum moderator needs technical knowhow? After all is different from the requirements for a site webmaster
  7. Nothing we can do when even the site admins/owner herself isn't giving a **** about it
  8. Those are spambots And they will stay since DF has literally no admins or moderators. IT admins will offer their services to whomever pays the highest basic wages so DF's site owner might never get one. Then again, DF does get donations to pay for website hosting service, shouldn't that include spam account/thread prevention or removals?
  9. What's wrong with that? a phone just entertains you, it doesn't "Watalife DO THIS" or "Watalife DON'T DO THAT" or berate you for whatever reason (or no reason at all) for 24 hours every day
  10. Are you saying you want to return to the workforce? Sure, salaries do pay more that any LTD, but… Let's just say: I just had a meeting with my management for more than 2 hours. Over Two PowerPoint slides. Two.
  11. Are you referring to within DF or out in the real world? Because the reality is our existence only matters to those who wants us to do tasks for them
  12. Try getting employment Especially customer service at the Information counter of any building. Everybody wants to ask the information counter staff things, nearly all the time. If that's not enough, your boss will also drop by every so often to dump more work on you.
  13. Constant sweating. Everyday, you feel you need to take at least 2 showers Also all year round is the 82% humidity EDIT: 81 F is the Lowest temperature of the year, in December. June-Aug it's more like 96.8 deg F, day and night
  14. Be careful of wanting to live in sunny places; living in one (Southeast Asia) and the temperature has NEVER been lower than 81 deg F, ALL YEAR ROUND, DAY AND NIGHT
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