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  1. You do know that doing this does not guarantee positive results right?
  2. F--k f--k f--k f--k f--k f--k f--k f--k f--k f--k S--t c--t c--t c--t c--t c--t c--t c--t c--t!!!! Yes, exactly how I feel.
  3. Do you mean when you used to be employed, or have you landed new job?
  4. i feel no different from a pig's birth canal full of diarrhea Really need job recommendations for us DF folks who are being crushed by mental illnesses (and no, disability is not an available option in every country)
  5. @JD4010 in case you wanna consider disability; after all its getting paid without going thru all that workplace hell
  6. That's because 99.987% of all of humans are self-centered, sociopathic, egoists.
  7. @duck many of us fellow DFers are encountering workplace hell, can you give a guide on how to qualify for LTD?
  8. Wrong, pain tells us to avoid things that cause pain in the future. Like if you get burnt by fire, the pain teaches you to avoid touching open flames in the future. You don't "grow" (whatever that means) by touching more flames.
  9. Those are called "nepotism hires"; even the interview process is skipped prior to hiring
  10. Something called "work, at a job". Dunno if you're familiar with it
  11. If you need a laugh, go to youtube & search "Irish People Try Durian Fruit"
  12. Disastrous catastrophes happening to the individual, especially if it pertains to his/her financial situation
  13. What S4L, NJ & I need is a way to prevent situations that are overwhelmingly adverse from occurring to us. Those who are suffering from depression or other mental health issues are incapable of handling difficult challenges...unfortunately the rest of the world hasn't get that memo.
  14. Want to let you know, if nobody in those videos is complaining about the hot weather, is not accurate
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