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  1. Curious; how would you define 'alone'? Because it's more than just not having anyone to talk to (and even that ain't true when you have the DF community) Alone means abandoned, left for dead. Having no one to help you.
  2. Well being transgender is not a determining factor whether one is a good or horrible boss. Actually, there are in fact heterosexual bosses from hell
  3. I hope your new career is a good one. But I find it funny when people say they like working, personally I find it a necessary evil for the sake of having income in order to survive. Working means dealing with nasty clients & worse, colleagues doing personal attacks towards you. It also means having to multitask two, three, or more NUMBER ONE TOP PRIORITYS concurrently, for 48+ hours every week. Then those clients will email you, follow by a phone call immediately after with "HELLOOOOO Any updates???" every 15 minutes.
  4. The only pro that employment has over disability is that salary pays higher
  5. So do you recommend friend RverLight try to apply for disability, or continue with her job seeking? @RiverLight do you have a medical diagnosis for your mental health affliction? Is disability available in your state/country? If you ask my opinion, getting employment should be only considered as a last resort if all else to qualify for disability has failed.
  6. I need to get out of this ****ing ****. I need to get out of this ****ing ****. I need to get out of this ****ing ****. I need to get out of this ****ing ****. Repeat until end of the day.
  7. Is there anything to hope for that has even 0.001% chance of happening? Anyone think that everything will just stop going disastrously wrong for even 1 millisecond when that has been ongoing nonstop year after year?
  8. Well said. Now, anybody still believe in hope??
  9. In the first place, is it my own fault for not being able to foresee the consequential outcomes of my choices & decisions?
  11. Neither mental health subreddits nor DF have even a trained volunteer who can advise/recommend help to those in need, be it crisis or non-crisis situation.
  12. You mean there aren't ANY solutions. The only possible solution is to be able to choose or control what situation/circumstance has possibility to occur to us That's why medical science never speaks of a cure for mental illnesses i.e. to the point where relapse can no longer occur.
  13. No human can be trusted. None. At. All. Don't want to be lonely, get a pet like @JD4010 suggested.
  14. This is only possible in a world with no humans.
  15. I envy you @Epictetus Must be nice being retired; no more dealing with b*****d clients, f***ing backstabbers, & management
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