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  1. Remember that the alternative to SSDI/benefits is full time employment. So decide which to choose carefully
  2. Side question: As like DG007 I'm also seeking a new career switch, any advise as to how to go about writing a disruptive cover letter?
  3. In my country you can go to the police to report this & they'll investigate it as a property damage offence. …but your situation kinda makes you wanna put up a "WARNING: TRESPASSERS WILL BE SHOT" sign, doesn't it?
  4. Tbf I'm so ADD I doubt I can be a safe driver. Is not really a necessity if the public transport infrastructure is good where you live
  5. Let me guess: you're not working? Because if you are, other humans only contact you to ask you to do things for them. Pull you out of ****? LOL what imaginary bubble do you think you live in!
  6. I fail to understand: can someone explain how is this wrong? Or worse than what g's ex-boss did?
  7. That's the thing: there's no industry for mental disorder sufferers, we have to compete in the same job market as high-achievers with zero mental disorders whatsoever. Jobs are for people who won't be emotionally affected by adversities regardless of how tough; do you think us DF members including yourself is capable of that?
  8. Keep your options open at least. If I were you, I'd apply to your current company's biggest competitor. If you can get in make it your life goal to see this ungrateful **** go thru complete liquidation, utter destruction. Don't stop or even pause until the company & CEO owns absolutely nothing except mounting debts & debts & debts.
  9. Are you doing this to show your family/kids/whoever that "daddy strong mentally, not diagnosed with depression illness"? Governments created disability for reason; because to be able to work productively means no adversity no matter how tough can affect you the slightest bit. How many DF members, mental illness sufferers, can boast that? Unless you're those "I believe I have so much grit, I don't need therapy" types, at least consider disability as an option.
  10. @gandolfication I tend to agree with JD more. A job should be the very last resort if all attempts at every avenue to qualify for disability has failed.
  11. Is disability/SSI/SSDI a considerable option? Not American, so don't know if one can get terminated from receiving disability
  12. @Sentinel2 and BW, which ones are recommended for depression where the root cause is financial or job/career related?
  13. So you're volunteering your time & efforts? Or maybe because you aren't a paid employee so the casual nature of the job is due to management have lesser expectations of you
  14. To be on the safe side, don't trust a word coming from anything resembling human shape/form
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