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  1. Ask your mum if she wants you to have "better" hobbies like alcoholism or patronizing gambling tables
  2. Try getting disability for your depression. In fact employment should be the last resort for depression sufferers to get money only if they've tried & tried & still can't qualify for disability
  3. Wait..are you, me?? It's EXACTLY what I'd wanna post. I don't recall having dual accounts in SF forums
  4. Any reason to do so? I see thinking positively as being unrealistically delusional
  5. Nobody will if they can get paid a Senior Manager's salary to do so
  6. I wish I have millions of GBPs, then I can quit my **** job & no longer have to face ****s in management anymore.
  7. Epic, you're not a naive, you've more than 60 years of life experience, yet you believe understanding, compassionate humans exists outside of DF's community?
  8. There, I've corrected that for you, don't need to thank me
  9. By other people/'everyone' you mean those who aren't DF members & have no mental illnesses whatsoever? I'm not doing something more exciting all the time; going back to office to work full days EVERY Saturday & Sunday EVERY week is NOT exciting.
  10. Ask your siblings, just because you're not alone on earth having crap to deal with, does that mean your crap is INVALID?
  11. You spelled "readily available resources" wrong
  12. Try telling this to someone who is having mental health issues BECAUSE of job loss then having his bank account emptied of every last cent
  13. You said it yourself. All of us need to care about ourselves, because NO ONE ELSE WILL. Other people on this world are thinking Only of destroying us.
  14. Cough a lot for almost the entire day.
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