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  1. I live in tropical equatorial part of Asia where it's never below 89.6 deg F all year round, day AND night. You have winters, over here it's heatwaves. So wanna swap places?
  2. But what would be preferable, single-party despotism/absolute monarchy?
  3. Mental illness is an incurable curse for life. Do you know of any depression sufferer who gets 5-year long service awards & promotions to supervisor/management…in the history of mental health?
  4. Am not surprised many of our fellow DFers are on disability, probably for life. Employment is really only suitable for people without any mental health issues whatsoever since one is required to multitask multiple responsibilities, each with its own tight deadline, 10 hours daily, 5 days a week. Unfortunately not every country has the availability of disability for mental health
  5. If any DFers manage to not only be currently employed but stay so for more than 3 months, kindly share how you manage to accomplish this.
  6. Could it be she sought certified professional help elsewhere? Is limited what we are able to get from DF
  7. Are you sure it doesn't take much effort? Every person who needs help that I know, what they meant is they need help with their list of very specific demands
  8. Because we live in a world that rewards bad people the MOST.
  9. I've been thinking: is there still any point to go on posting here anymore? DF does not have any trained volunteers, never mind certified ones, to address what we're going through & able to offer help/solutions we are able to put into action.
  10. Recently been made unemployed. Fellow DFers: are there any organizations that you have powerful influence over?
  11. Only the 0.1% luckiest of the world population experience this. The rest of us at best get maybe 1 good day per every year or 2 years.
  12. In the 1st place I live 7 hours by flight from the UK, 12 hours by flight from the US. So how do I even get to where you are?
  13. This goes to @Depressedgurl007 too. Jobs/employment are for people with zero mental health issues whatsoever. If you have been diagnosed with depression, apply for disability! Unless disability does not exist in your country for mental health reasons, only for physical disabilities?
  14. Welcome @APFSDS to the world of hating your clients, managers & also some coworkers!
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