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  1. At least you can take nap on a weekday. If those of us who are employed do that we'd be fired
  2. Reply to him that you didn't know marriage comes with KPI
  3. Sometimes I wonder: is there a real person behind DF accounts? I've never met a person in real life that isn't toxic, especially in office environments People posting on DF seem too nice to exist for real
  4. Will you tell that to friends of PraiseBrownies, to forgive her abusive ex-fiance?
  5. Not sure if do so violates DF forum policies
  6. Looking forward to my enemies & abusive bullies getting the Wuhan virus
  7. Nobody will help you, nobody will care I have yet to be proven wrong
  8. If you have even a few good days in your entire lifespan, you're amongst the luckiest 0.1% of DF members.
  9. Good day?! What good day?! Haven't had a single day that is good for the past 2 years. Every day feels like surviving Bosnian War+Fukushima Disaster combined. Every single day without exception, no lying.
  10. Had lunch with colleagues Got angrier & angrier at work
  11. Hope is not something reliable. What we DFers need is suggestions, recommendations of any actions we can take with our own hands
  12. Kinda agree with @CoffeeAddict103 : Nice people end up getting trampled on. In fact if you observe, it's always the Machiavellian type of people who succeed at life.
  13. I wonder why all these **** keeps happening to us. Is it because since Mark has passed, so the universe needs a new punching bag?
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