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  1. Retirement number is not your age, but how many dollars you have left in your bank account. Even 1 million USD will last you a mere few years at best
  2. In the current economy, the only way one can even get a chance of a job interview is if you already know a manager inside the company who can recommend your name in.
  3. Lucky cat, more people cared for her than any DF member, ever.
  4. I'm also busy, multitasking multiple MOST-URGENT priorities at work one after another after another, nonstop…so you too, huh?
  5. Good stuff happens only to those born lucky enough to have good stuff occur to them
  6. @sober4life basically just described human nature: a selfish, self centered species. We need to help ourselves because no one else will. Other people are only interested in kicking us till we're down, then stomp on us to keep us down
  7. I'm done being nice, all its done for me is receiving abuse. Fellow DFers: from now on, please excuse if my post come across as nasty
  8. You can stop here & it'll be even more accurate
  9. Can anyone able to advise how to feel better??? Especially when expected by my employer to multitask the works- no, MOST URGENT PRIORITIES of 3 employees concurrently & independently Because disability for mental health sufferers does not exist in my country
  10. **** (word too obscene for DF forum) Microsoft Outlook
  11. I'm still amazed that other people get depression When every second of every single day the Universe is F*** <my real name>, just <my real name> specifically, in Particular
  12. What do you mean "get rid of" & "be free from"? Do you mean cured to the point where any relapse back into depression can no longer be possible?
  13. Only deluded people believe silver linings exist The only thing in my life that I feel grateful for: the air I breathe has oxygen in it, & not 100% chlorine or sarin gas
  14. Let me guess, are you still young i.e. not old enough to enter the adult workforce? Newsflash: to this world, only the lives of those who can multitask work tasks under extreme amounts of pressure; are precious!
  15. See it as she has left the world of pain. She will never feel suffering ever again.
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