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  1. Feeling like my brain is soaked in stress chemicals Really need a financial windfall so huge I'll never need employment anymore
  2. It's call getting a customer facing job. Everyone wants to talk to the customer service rep, including the supervisor/manager too
  3. Does this book advice on how to deal with things that look like human but likely have cacti sticking inside their rectums?
  4. You could've summarized by saying today is a normal day just like every other day. Fyi everyone of us need to help & support ourselves, because the rest of the human species are too selfish to.
  5. Guess it's time to update that ol' résumé then! But with your career experiences, I bet headhunters will be calling you soon
  6. If you believe in the god of your denomination, that whichever church shouldn't matter. In fact tell your family to be careful this one isn't the Brainwash Church of Making The Pastors Obscenely Rich
  7. If one isn't employed, is he/she still required to perform the work of 3-5 people, concurrently…alone with no help? (All of them PRIORITY LEVEL: MOST URGENT)
  8. Overwhelmed. This is something those not employed don't experience.
  9. Then you can't be one of the clients' persons of contact I have to work with for the past 2-3 years, as my employers don't do US projects…so why should I hate you?
  10. Why??? Only naive people are optimistic, the kind who don't believe seat belts, fire extinguishers, or antivirus are necessary
  11. This is a really familiar scenario to me. Have you worked somewhere that does government projects?
  12. Is it same for aquatic aquarium pets like fish or opae ula?
  13. Keep this rule in mind: "people will talk to you only when they want you to do something for them." Try getting a customer-facing job or one in client support. You may even get added to a work team WhatsApp group, & there's always double-digits new messages no matter the time of day....mostly about management/supervisor infuriated at how the team aren't bending over backwards to customer/client demands promptly.
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