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  1. That sounds like every job that's not a sinecure..In fact the 'official' term of watching, judging you is "performance appraisal" ("how else do we gauge if you're ready for promotion?" LOL) Even Deputy Directors have the CEO & the board watching them But I do get you: don't stay in line? KABLAM! Warning letter for 'insubordination' Honestly, the only reason why any of us are working is because it pays more than disability does
  2. I don't get how it's possible for others to get depression when the universe has designated, targeted me as its punching bag
  3. Devil Trigger by Ali Edwards and Cliff Lloret
  4. How many people that you know to be depressed are doing this? Try applying for disability. Working is the last resort for those with mental illnesses who are unable to qualify for disability
  5. Then how the **** do you learn from mistakes/failures to grow better if you don't even try?!
  6. The answer? Millions of Euros, or at least enough to quit a ****ing job. What we did to deserve? Nothing, some people are just born to have luckier lifetimes than us
  7. Only normal people i.e. with no mental illnesses whatsoever can accomplish this. What's goals for these normal people are unrealistic expectations for depression sufferers. Making it to the grocery store four blocks from your home, and back without suffering an anxiety attack can be achievable for a depression sufferer, but getting a grading above 'average' or 'fair' in a performance appraisal at your job is unrealistic Unless there's a DF member who, despite battling severely crippling depression, still managed to make it to senior management in an office job?
  8. I wish I can fully control what situations can & cannot occur to me.
  9. I'd like to nominate this as QOTY contender. Remember: it's only in DF that we view each other as possessing actual value. Out in reality, the world sees us as nothing more than expendable objects. gandolf, know what happens should you fall? Your boss will just shrug & say "oh well, guess we'll hire a replacement"
  10. Only those born to wealthy parents have easy day. I need advise: if the primary cause of my distress & frustrations is my current job As in I communicate now in shouts only for example Should I quit before landing another job first?
  11. Air Supply - All Out of Love "And what would you say if I called on you now And said that I can't hold on There's no easy way, it gets harder each day Please love me or I'll be gone, I'll be gone..."
  12. Except some of us still dunno if our lives can ever be okay anymore. Do you know why we don't think "it's only a breakup"? Because I've been there. What I posted about the other 50% of you just leaves the relationship; really did happen. Heck, many of us will give thousands of dollars to "just feel burned out". @Sophy I hope your PTSD episodes remain just that: episodes. Not even the best glue can put one who has been torn to pieces back together again.
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