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  1. So this technique can cure depression once & for all, to the point where relapse will no longer be possible?
  2. DUH. The only cure for depression is for day-to-day to go smooth-sailing.
  3. Like what, breathe air? Walking on both left & right feet?
  4. Try doing it at your workplace, against the management...see if it's still "a wonderful thing"
  5. If you want anything, don't wait for it to be handed to you; snatch. Either be ruthless or be a loser in life.
  6. Curious: how do y'all define "help"? If by help you mean 'applicable solutions', then I don't think I've gotten from DF. Anyone wanna put to the test: create a thread listing all your current stressful problems, see if any of our fellow DFers advise any solutions you'll be able to put into action
  7. Is there any job/career/industry where the management allows this?
  8. Sadly these aren't achievements I can put on a resume, or highlight in an annual employee performance appraisal.
  9. Likely because the same **** depress/frustrate/anger us all. We probably shout & scream about (and at) similar things.
  10. The f*** when a counselor, a stranger, is a more decent lifeform than one's own father. Anybody still think this is a beautiful world, and humans are nice, decent species?
  11. What narcotics are you taking to give you the impression that life is beautiful & offer many beauties?
  12. It is not possible to have rational discussions with control freaks, @JessiesMom.
  13. Sadly we all are in the same ****ing **** boat, epic.
  14. You're working somewhere where the management don't have single-digit IQs?
  15. Is there any way we can convey this to our employers, or in interviews? Unless you also think the only job a sufferer is suitable for is LTD…
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