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  1. I was trying to watch tv and and listen to my iPod. I have really bad agoraphobia I barely leave my house which makes it worse. I have nothing I’m interested in nothing that’s a hobby.Part of me don’t want to stop liking him because I feel sad but also it gives me meaning. What I really want is a guy like him but I kno realistically they aren’t going to look like a video game character.
  2. I don’t really play the game I watch the cutscenes on YouTube. Today I tried not to check tumblr for anything about him but it didn’t help. I love him a lot. I spent yesterday crying that he liked the girl in the game. He is the guy I want in real life but I know real guys arent like that’m. I feel sad that i can’t be with the kind of guy I want. I don’t know why I’m this into him something about him. I already felt bored not looking him up too. I don’t know what to do I feel like I’ll never enjoy anything and I’ll always be sad.
  3. Poetic- I’ve been to a few therapists don’t have one right now but I’m on Effexor right now. I was looking for online therapist to talk to about this character. I tell people I know about him and they all think it’s a joke they don’t realize I feel real feelings for him. I noticed he’s similar to me our personality types are similar and he definitely a introvert. I definitely want a guy like him but I feel it would be hard I admit I think he’s gorgeous and i couldn’t expect real life guys to be exact like him but that makes me sad. I cried yesterday because he liked a girl in the game which I’m ashamed to say it really bothered me. I just do not know what to do. lovehappy- yea it would be great.
  4. I seem to get obsessed with my crushes it’s something that always bothered me. If I like a guy which always someone I can’t be with I get obsessed which takes the fun out of the crush and I have to stop liking them or I’ll be upset. I’ve never been in a relationship I’ve liked many guys in real life and either it didn’t work out or they rejected me. Since I got anxiety depression and ocd when I was 17 I haven’t really been out and liked anyone maybe some celebrities that’s it. There’s a video game character I always had a crush on since game came out years ago but now there’s a new game omkngnout of this series and I’m into it again and my feelings for him have grown. I think he’s amazing he gorgeous and I love his personality too. He’s like a male version of me I relate to him a lot. I feel like I love him which sounds nuts but that’s how I feel I’ve never felt like this before. I’m obsessed with him I spend my days looking up stuff about him. All I think about is him and it makes me sad that he’s not real and I know I shouldn’t be into him but I feel like if I stop I’ll feel empty. I feel like I want a boyfriend that is like him which is never going to happen since real life isn’t the same. I don’t know what to do anyone have any advice?
  5. I’ve had depression since I was 17 since then I’ve lost all interest in everything. I barely leave my house I have no friends no boyfriend. Since I turned 30 I’ve been more depressed than ever. I feel life is over I feel old and that even if fixed my life its too late now. I really feel I have nothing to look forward to. I missed my 20s and that is a woman’s best years supposedly. I worry life is going by too quick and. I don’t know how to handle it. I’m told that age is just a number but it’s not I still feel the way i did in 20s like the same things but it don’t feel the same now because I feel old. I don’t know what to do therapy never helped I’m on Effexor now and it doesn’t help. I don’t think I’ll ever get over this and I want to cry everyday. I came here hoping to talk to people who understand and could help I lost person who doesn’t know what do. Any advice would be great
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